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Entire_Case7685 t1_iycwv0j wrote

Y’all seriously need to do you own research instead of relying on some Reddit post. 🤦🏾‍♂️ smh


FrankTankly t1_iyd0m2g wrote

Are you implying that Josh Hawley voted for the Respect for Marriage Act? Because he didn’t. It’s all public information, there isn’t really any “research” to be done here.


huscarlaxe t1_iyepui9 wrote

I suspect he is using research too mean OANN, Fox, and r/conspiracytheory


elevationbrew t1_iyd8oox wrote

Hawley doesn’t believe the federal government has the right to make such laws. As in; it’s none of the government’s fucking business who you marry. Which is a much healthier way to look at life.


Spackleberry t1_iydbk0d wrote

Without laws like this, many states will ban marriage equality.


elevationbrew t1_iydcejf wrote

If that’s what the voters of the state vote for.


No_Lies_Detected t1_iydd86c wrote

By your logic, I think the federal government should give up all military assets to individual states. That way each state could vote if they wish to participate in a war or "special operation"

I think the federal government should relinquish rights to distribution of funds. Let each state make due with what they bring in! (I love this one)


Spackleberry t1_iydl8ee wrote

>If that’s what the voters of the state vote for.

Then they would be wrong and should be overridden by Congress.


FrankTankly t1_iydmh7g wrote

Really? Because Hawley responded to a letter from me indicating that he thought that this particular piece of legislation would negatively impact people that hold traditional conservative and religious values.

How’s that square up with what you’ve said? I agree it’s none of the governments business who I marry, which is why they’ve made a law preventing the ability to discriminate based on race or gender.

Sure seems like that’s them staying out of my private life to me.


elevationbrew t1_iydn7b7 wrote

Post it. Put your ass on the line.


FrankTankly t1_iydvdts wrote

I’ll gladly put mine on the line if you’ll stop talking out of yours.

Edited to add: “I have serious concerns about what this law would mean for the religious liberty rights of Americans who hold traditional, religious views on marriage.”

Straight from his mouth, in case you didn’t feel like reading.


No_Lies_Detected t1_iye2vpt wrote

So which religion is he referring to? It seems this country has a large variety of religions that people worship. Are all of these religions against same sex and interracial marriage? 🤔

Or get this - and it may be a stretch for me to consider this. Hawley is an evangelical Christian and he is pushing those values on to everyone - even those that do not worship in the same manner he does.

Is that even a possibility?!?! /s


FrankTankly t1_iye3prx wrote

Lol, yes, he is clearly concerned about ALL religions, obviously.

Can’t wait for a well thought out, level headed response from the person I responded to. Anyyyyyy minute now I’m sure…