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TURBODUO t1_j1zdbid wrote

I'm an ARMY who's acquainted with a couple of other local ones - even a car in my apartment's parking lot is covered with BTS/ARMY stickers, so there are definitely fans out here :^) I don't have their information but I did meet up with a group before the pandemic who I would assume hosts meetups here and there... if you'd like I can try to dig up some more info.

There's only one fandom I really follow but I've been a casual listener of a lot of different artists over the last 10-12 years ranging from Wonder Girls and IU to Zico and B.A.P. so I'm always happy to talk music even if I'm a poor socializer. I'm into Korean food and other hallyu stuff too, also pretty casually.

And I'm probably not the only one! Good luck out there!


mysticmutes OP t1_j21bm8o wrote

omg, see like i haven’t been able to meet anybody like that except at F.Y.E when i was on the hunt for the new NCT Dream album LOL! And i’m also pretty quiet so i wasn’t like “let’s be besties” yknow? but that’s pretty cool if i happen to make a group you’ll be the first i invite!