Submitted by mysticmutes t3_zx25o2 in springfieldMO

was wondering if there were any groups that meet up and like trade photo cards and just generally talk about their favs in the area? (u can call me cringe or whatever i’m just genuinely curious as to if there are other fans in springfield)



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PM_YOUR_PUPPERS t1_j1ye8ee wrote

Hey man you do you, don't worry about the haters, you ain't hurting anybosy.


TURBODUO t1_j1zdbid wrote

I'm an ARMY who's acquainted with a couple of other local ones - even a car in my apartment's parking lot is covered with BTS/ARMY stickers, so there are definitely fans out here :^) I don't have their information but I did meet up with a group before the pandemic who I would assume hosts meetups here and there... if you'd like I can try to dig up some more info.

There's only one fandom I really follow but I've been a casual listener of a lot of different artists over the last 10-12 years ranging from Wonder Girls and IU to Zico and B.A.P. so I'm always happy to talk music even if I'm a poor socializer. I'm into Korean food and other hallyu stuff too, also pretty casually.

And I'm probably not the only one! Good luck out there!


mysticmutes OP t1_j21bm8o wrote

omg, see like i haven’t been able to meet anybody like that except at F.Y.E when i was on the hunt for the new NCT Dream album LOL! And i’m also pretty quiet so i wasn’t like “let’s be besties” yknow? but that’s pretty cool if i happen to make a group you’ll be the first i invite!


GuardianOfHyrule t1_j20kr9j wrote

It's not cringe to enjoy what you enjoy 😊 I have family members obsessed with K-Pop, but they all live in Michigan. I hope you're able to find other K-Pop fans! I'd check with your local librarian, too. They might be able to help you find a group or event where you can meet other people with similar interests!


verawebbe t1_j21adq0 wrote

ive been wondering the same for a while now😭 the only time i have gotten to talk about my favs with other locals was when i went to Kansas City to see loona (it was super fun btw). honestly it would be great if such thing existed!


mysticmutes OP t1_j21bo8w wrote

honestly we should make one but not when it’s deathly cold like it is rn LMAO


verawebbe t1_j22cztu wrote

if u ever do make one lmk bc id def love to join!!


BetterMakeAnAccount t1_j1ywu4v wrote

At the C-Street Farmer’s Market I’ve seen a booth that was just a fan selling BTS merch? I don’t know if that market’s closed for the winter but you might try there


mysticmutes OP t1_j21bspb wrote

thanks for the info i’ll def check it out, i just came back to springfield at the worst time LOL!


wonders_ow t1_j21e45w wrote

i'm also a kpop fan! i mainly follow loona, enhypen, kep1er, and nct dream and would love to join/help make a group if you are interested!


VoidDemon0226 t1_j22gcdb wrote

I don't really get into the photocard collecting and stuff but I enjoy ateez, BTS, stray Kidz, and TXT with occasional listens to Twice, Loona, EXO, or anything really catchy

I used to be into voting / twitter crowd but I fell out, still enjoy the groups a lot tho :]