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I moved from WI to Seattle over 11 years ago now. It's been fun but ever since Covid it's really done downhill. I've watched the homeless and drug addict population just explode and I'm over it. I got a puppy who is almost 1 now and I want something quieter, safer, and cleaner. Are there large / noticeable problems with either of those communities there?

I'm also a toy collector, so I need a town with a Target, Gamestop, Walmart, and Best Buy, and it looks like Springfield has all of them.



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mangogetter t1_izcxkqs wrote

Springfield has a large homeless population and a 30 year strategy of "bulldoze the camps and hope the problem magically fixes itself." Which, unsurprisingly, it has not. It just gets worse. That said, homelessness is not visible here in the way it is in Seattle, so if your issue is that you don't like looking at it, it's better. If your issue is thar cities should operate in a way that doesn't abandon people to die under bridges, it's worse.


strangedange OP t1_izd2jo6 wrote

That's been the strategy here too - bulldoze the camps and send them off into the night. They tried building an addon to a homeless shelter south of downtown, the people protested and it got nixed. Like I said I've been here for over 11 years, it's always existed. But recently I've been assaulted, my dog has been hurt, and it's just time for a change.


fphillips93 t1_izdcq6x wrote

Move to a town outside of Springfield, but NEVER to Springfield itself. I moved to Ozark from Springfield in May 2022 and have not once regretted it. Property taxes in Ozark are higher, groceries and gas are a little more expensive than surrounding towns and cities, but I personally like the small community of 20,000 people better. One thing I severely dislike about the Springfield AREA is the lack of sidewalks in neighborhoods that should have them and lack of quality education. Drug use is very high because you have the bars and the clubs and the restaurants, where 3 weekends a month all 12 months, someone is shot to dead (sometimes several someones). I moved to Springfield from OKC in 2016. I hated Springfield. It was like a black abyss you can’t crawl out of. You’re literally accosted by the homeless population at gas stations for change, cigarettes you don’t smoke, lighters you don’t have, food they don’t really want, rides. I don’t even go to gas stations in the city anymore since I moved to Ozark. Driving in Springfield is freakin’ HORRENDOUS. No turn signals, they use the center turn lane as a merge lane and drive down it trying to cut into traffic (which then results in a crap ton of accidents in the area), no one has insurance or up to date tags on their vehicles. So if you get ran over walking, which happens DAILY in Springfield because the pedestrians and drivers don’t know how crosswalks and right-of-way works, you have no way to have your medical bills covered. Everyone knows someone severely affected by heroin or meth in Springfield. There is no access for these people to get help, if they wanted it. They get tossed in jail, let out in 2 hours, break into abandoned houses and squat in them until the landlord finds out or in winter, the homeless burn the house down from trying to stay warm. The social services are NOT helpful, so they victimize the community. Some are suffering from mental health disorders because of drug use and incest, some just want to be homeless and will NOT take help. Some are genuinely struggling to stay on their feet and will take a hamburger if you offer or a Penny if you offer, it doesn’t matter, as long as it helps them a little; they want to get back into “normal” life. The police are a bunch of pansy ass clowns. I don’t know where they were found, but they are goofy. They don’t know the laws. Routinely break the laws. It’s awful. The Sheriff’s department is a SQUEEEAKKK better but much to be desired. We just got a brand new jail! Whooo! Weed is officially legal TODAY!!! You can have like 3 grams on you! And the first dispo opens in February 2023. Lots of restaurants, bars, art studios, coffee shops, and apartments downtown. Some government buildings and a central little park with a bridge. It’s pretty. I like it. LOTS of public parks, but also LOTS of public park problems: drugs, guns, homeless, fights, all that good stuff. The people of Springfield are OK. Most I’ve met like to talk, especially at work. They will help the community but also judge the shit out of you. You have to be careful, as an outsider moving to the area, it seems. The medical community is monopolized by two corporations: Cox (the ONLY good one) and Mercy (they kill people and routinely commit Medicaid and Medicare fraud). Those are your options in Springfield. Sucks to suck, friend. The weather is stupid. It rains constantly. All. The. Fucking. Time. I’m from Illinois and I just can’t with all the rain here. It seems like it rains like 3 out of 5 days. Sometimes it will rain for 8 days straight. No Sun. All clouds and gloom for over a week. It’s great. The roads blow. Pot holes all over the mf place. The roads in Springfield don’t make sense. The speed limits should be higher, but then the crap drivers and the pedestrians that have a death wish, ya know…. Safety. Everyone uses a cell phone while driving. Driving is like an extreme EXTREME sport in Springfield. You NEVER know if you’ll make it to your designation and then home from minute to minute. People like to run over light poles on Thanksgiving and kill the power to the whole town, last 4 in a row. I don’t know why they hate the holiday so much, but whatever. There is never a shortage of drugs: weed, meth, heroin, fentanyl, pain pills, nerve pills, LSD, PCP, coke, crack, X, Molly. Springfield has it all. Don’t get involved if you aren’t already. Most of the public parks have trails of some kind. They are wonderful. If Springfield got one thing right, it was their public parks. They are full of wildlife, exotic and natural plant life, beautiful trails, rivers, smells, sights, fish, snakes, turtles. They almost all have play places, too, if that matters. The homes are old and run down. The landlords are mostly slum lords or crappy, greedy property management companies. Renting a property in Springfield is another of those extremely extreme sports in Springfield, like driving. Just be mindful and do your research. Casenet.Mo is a great resource for finding public information about people in the whole state of MIssouri, because of something called the Sunshine law. Most criminal records, even a dog at large ticket, is findable on that Web site for all people in MO. It’s a great tool to keep yourself safe and in the know about who you’re dealing with. I realize not everything will be in that information, but you will be able to see most things. There is a lot of violence in Springfield. The water tastes like dirt and chemicals and death. Don’t drink it. Ever. You’ll die. Don’t work an overnight job. Be inside your house by 11PM. Keep your doors and windows locked. Get your packages as soon as they hit your door step. Have video cameras out side, all around your home and property. Trust me and every one else in Springfield on this one. Murder is common. It could be your neighbor and you would have never expected it or saw it coming. Happens constantly. Your dog has to be on a leash or in a fence. ALWAYS. Don’t let it bark for more than 10 minutes outside (or inside, if you live in shared housing) or the neighbors will talk to you. If it keeps happening, your neighbor will post about you and your dog and your bag dog habits in the FB group for Springfield gossip and will call the cops for a noise violation. I see the question there allll the time. Sure lots of others do, too. It’s common. There is a lot of work. It’s gross, manual work. Not very lucrative, office-y work here. Not a lot of big, National businesses. Bass Pro is like the glory of the city. It’s mundane, in my opinion. Just a massive Walmart for hunters. And Johnny Morris owns half of the city (Bass Pro owner). The people worship him. Do your research thoroughly. Talk to people who have moved to the area from other parts of the States. The people who have lived here their whole lives are kinda like nose blind to the issues or get insulted when you say the truth. The truth is a big fat no-no in Springfield. The people WANT to be lied to. I cannot figure it out. Lots of pedophiles here. It’s like a haven for them. Scary.

Everyone has their own opinion of everywhere. So like I said, talk to lots of people. Im not a college student either, so they may also have a different opinion. Springfield has lots of colleges and a couple universities.


strangedange OP t1_izdh7df wrote

Damn dude, it sounds the exact same as where I am now, almost worse. At least here I've never had a package stolen, and I don't have a fear of getting randomly murdered. I never walk after 9pm, but that rarely seems to matter these days. It's terrible and it's everywhere all the time.

I looked up Ozark, it seems nice.


SWMO19 t1_izfdpwe wrote

I live in the heart of downtown Springfield and have no idea what this guy is talking about…… I have pets as well and take walks daily and nightly with no issue. Maybe the other commenter had a bad experience or two but it is not at all as bad as they made it out to be. There are not shootings at restaurants and bars every weekend. It’s not running rampant with homeless. There are great people here and the danger they speak of is entirely overblown. Again, I live right in the middle of it and have for years. I thoroughly enjoy the city and people.


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fphillips93 t1_izz71or wrote

It doesn’t feel like that for me in Ozark, but it did in Springfield. The rude and the rat race feeling. I will say, though, that folks in Ozark seem to be, in my experiences so far, a little more racist than folks in Springfield. A girl I worked with said she and her kids have been ostracized since they moved from Springfield to Ozark this year and I agreed that I had felt the same way, that people tend to steer clear if you’re not pasty white. I don’t know. Everyone has different experiences everywhere. I’m glad the Field is working out for you and you’re happy!! That’s all that matters for real.


ManlyVanLee t1_izd8ayw wrote

Springfield and Missouri in general are a bit behind the times compared to most larger metropolitan areas, and while poverty has certainly been around it is getting significantly worse and the homeless population is getting bigger and bigger while no one does anything about it here

The reason it's getting worse is partially because rent and cost of living are increasing quickly. The old saying used to be that Springfield was a good place to be because the cost of living is so low. The problem is wages are barely improving and that whole 'rent being cheaper' thing is going out the window. Talk to just about anyone who rents around here and they'll tell you how much the rates have gone up

Is it as bad as downtown Seattle? Not likely. There simply aren't that many people here compared to there but it isn't far off from getting there


WaywardDeadite t1_izcjj8z wrote

There's a reason why 417 is a nickname for meth.


strangedange OP t1_izcwzz2 wrote

I didn't know that. 420 is the only drug I'm interested in and it looks like you just legalized it.


WaywardDeadite t1_izczvbq wrote

True. Just be wary. Today alone: a Walmart greeter was assaulted by a shoplifter. Different Walmart, I personally witnessed a fistfight in the parking lot and no one was phased. Same Walmart where a minimum of 1 dead body is discovered per year. I've been followed home, harassed, and my car broken into twice. Springfield is the poorest city in the state. Be informed and try to stay on the south side of town.


ManlyVanLee t1_izd8hsi wrote

Missouri did legalize it and it's starting tomorrow

But fair warning, the medical weed stuff only started a few years ago and was a disaster thanks to the insane corruption of the politicians in the state monopolizing growers, and it's only going to get worse as far as getting stuff since more people will be going after it. In a few years perhaps it will sort itself out but not likely considering how rock hard this state is for electing people solely because of an (R) being next to their name


ehoneygut t1_izdoj1y wrote

Sub $20 8ths for medical came quicker to springfield than it did in denver. Just sayin.


fphillips93 t1_izddwtr wrote



strangedange OP t1_izdfzea wrote

Congrats! Excited for you! Its awesome just being able to walk into a place and buy all kinds of stuff. Has its downside though, because its all or mostly cash they are prime for robbery, the place I normally go to got robbed and the kid took like seven bullets trying to take the gun from the guy, he lived though thankfully.


Lionfountain t1_izcy5ic wrote

I just moved into SW Springfield from the desert and really enjoy the area. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to engage with my neighbors and people around me in general. Much more welcoming than I observed in my larger metro area.

Land is cheap too, lots of opportunities to give your puppy lots of room to play.


strangedange OP t1_izd2rqd wrote

That's really what's driving me, I want a big yard for my dog to run around and play in and a safe neighborhood to take walks in!


Globalksp t1_izd4cbs wrote

Not sure what your budget is or how you define "big" yard and "safe" neighborhood, but the two could, again depending on your definition, be hard to find here. If you're OK living outside of "town" in more of a suburban development rather than a "neighborhood", you'll be fine.

But, for real... if the entire country is your oyster... maybe keep looking. If you like the ecology of here, there's always northwest Arkansas.


disturbed_beaver t1_ize4r76 wrote

I second the SW Springfield part. I'm technically outside the city by a block but I love it here. Nothing like what they guy posted about in the lengthy reply, he must have lived downtown and I do not recommend that. Anything south of Sunshine Street is good.


mycupofearlgreytea t1_izgw65i wrote

Ozark & Nixa are great suburbs of Springfield. Republic is good too but is a bit further. Cheap homes, good lot sizes, and super sweet folks live in those areas. ;)


captTuttle76 t1_izedzg8 wrote

Stay clear from here. It's just miserable. It's all white trash at this point. The smaller communities on the edges are better though. Like Ozark, Nixa. But why anyone would want to come here is beyond me.


strangedange OP t1_izf3dpb wrote

I wanted to live in a "Springfield" and just looking at the maps on google and the houses on Zillow / Trulia it seemed okay. But ya'll have convinced me otherwise lol. Ozark does seem really nice though, I watched a video on the Bridal Cave and it was awesome.


throwawayyyycuk t1_izci71e wrote

We definitely have both a homeless and a drug problem, but they are probably much less severe than Seattle. Supposedly Springfield has bad crime statistics and violence, but I guarantee you won’t notice if you aren’t in the habit of smoking meth. It’s a good cheap place to live, I would recommend getting involved in our local politics which are devolving steadily into a clown show. All in all, would recommend, can’t guarantee it won’t get worse though


throwawayyyycuk t1_izcivtv wrote

Also, the north side of Springfield is considered the poor sector and is also where all the homeless people travel (they actually sleep and hang around city hall) they aren’t horrible and mostly still have their ozarks hospitality and you will do them no wrong if you carry cigs. They do like to chitchat. South Springfield is “cleaner” but has a bunch of stupid shopping centers and roads that people drive too fast on and wreck their cars. There are pockets of unique neighborhoods that are old and well kept, we also have some colleges and the downtown is ok, and I believe we still have at least two (?) dedicated hobby stores, there are also stores in our mall that sell high quality toys and figurines


strangedange OP t1_izcygaw wrote

Thanks for the replies. I live just about as far away from downtown as you can while still staying in the city of Seattle but even so it's reached a tipping point. They are in the park, they are outside every store. They barricade the bus stops to do drugs at. My dog has gotten glass in his foot from the trash they leave everywhere. They burned a cart full of shit nearby and it melted the powerline above, AND it was right next to a big gas/electrical box thing. I've come outside to find them using the power outlet on the side of my house.

I'm not looking for Mayberry, but I want to be able to walk my dog without have to dodge broken glass and needles.


fphillips93 t1_izdecwx wrote

Man, Idk. There’s been a lot of gun violence and shit happening on the South and East sides of town lately, too. The whole of Springfield is kind of devolving the last 3 years. There used to be zones. You knew you’d be accosted by harmless homeless meth heads at the gas stations on North side in 2018. You knew you could go to the West side for your meth, and to avoid that side of town unless you’re on meth. You knew the South side was the businesses, colleges, and apartments, the people with nicer cars and houses and lots of debt. The East side was industry and the more wealthy or actual middle class folks, east of Prince Ln/Chestnut. Now…. It all blends. The homeless are on National by Mercy with their signs and hands out. They are on the highways on the South side. They sleep wherever. Gun violence on South side and East side in the last 3 years. All that shit with those cops getting killed on East Chestnut with that dude driving all over the East side shooting for 3 weekends in a row and they could never catch up to him. It’s gotten pretty rough. Even if you try to ignore it or move away from that rough neighborhood, there’s ALWAYS a couple of shitty apples on the street, no matter where. I had to skip out. We moved to Ozark in May. Best damn decision ever. And Springfield is like Pedoville. It’s like a safe place for them.


throwawayyyycuk t1_izgjtj6 wrote

It’s not perfect, there has been more fun violence recently and that is concerning, but the homeless problem is not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, there are more homeless people, and they do panhandle, but there’s not heaping communities of them scouring the city, they roam solo or in pairs for the most part.


fphillips93 t1_izglfeg wrote

No, it’s definitely worse than I make it out to be. Like I said…. I don’t even go to gas stations in Springfield anymore because the homeless can’t seem to leave people alone. Don’t act like they aren’t sleeping by the dumpsters at every single Casey’s and K&G in that city. Don’t act like they don’t go in the bathrooms and OD and die all the time in those gas stations. They do. Don’t act like they aren’t stuffed up into the holes in the bridge over Glenstone. They are. You can open up KY3 and find all this information yourself and it’s ALL true.


SnooCupcakes960 t1_izd5g3z wrote

Have you considered Overland Park, Kansas; Aurora, Illinois; or even Battlefield; Missouri? I haven’t lived in any of those places but the people I know who do live there seem to enjoy it. I don’t know many people who genuinely enjoy Springfield on the other hand…


my_monkeys_fly t1_izdbf32 wrote

Aurora is a nice town. I have friends there and when I visit, it's so nice and homey


pinchepollo t1_izqf223 wrote

Aurora has one of the highest crime rates in Missouri for small towns. I lived there for 11 years. I thought it was a shit hole


my_monkeys_fly t1_izqm9h4 wrote

Lord, I got my boards mixed up. I was talking about aurora ILLINOIS! Not aurora mo. I'm so embarrassed


pinchepollo t1_izqnuyw wrote

No need to be embarrassed! If that's bad mistake, I could fill a book!


MartonianJ t1_ize9j9w wrote

If you’re left of center politically, you’ll be frustrated by the race to the bottom in this state. Budget surplus? Let’s cut taxes for the wealthy instead of raise teacher pay that we are ranked near the last in. Loosest possible gun laws. Abortion banned. Our two senators are right wing trolls.

The Springfield metro area is not a bad place to live though. Live in the suburbs or one of the surrounding communities and you’ll be fine. Republic is also a nice town just outside Springfield. Nixa and Ozark. Most of the people I grew up with are still here. Which I know is true of a lot of places, but it’s not like people are fleeing because of crime and poverty.


strangedange OP t1_izf7zh5 wrote

I'm fairly apolitical these days but here in Seattle the city council full of children blocked some fund/project to remove graffiti tags because its 'cultural art' or some shit. You just can't win.


MartonianJ t1_izfj44l wrote

Yeah some of the most liberal states have gone too far left and same for the conservative states.


Basementdork t1_izg4xr4 wrote

I’ve visited up where your from and imo it’s night and day different here. I live just West of Springfield and a 30 minute drive north or South and your in a decent sized town. South you have Branson which has all the things you mentioned plus some nice outdoors stuff like the lakes, small amusement park. North you have Springfield and everything it holds.

There is no doubt a homeless population but I’d be very surprised if it’s anywhere near what you see, I have nothing concrete to base just my own experiences from where I typically frequent in town.

The main thing I’ve seen where I live as a concern is porch pirates. But honestly just buy a camera/doorbell. I’ve had neighbors packages disappear but never lost one myself. You can get wireless security cameras for under $50 anymore. No reason really to not have one.

I’ve lived here since 2013 and have really enjoyed it. If you mind your own business people don’t really bother you.

Edited to add…people gripe about driving here. Yes there are some idiots, but they are everywhere, it’s not unique to Springfield Mo at all. And driving in a big city is so much more stressful than it is here. Again just imo. Seems like people always think their city has the worst drivers but I assure you Springfield isn’t that bad.


Always_0421 t1_izcn32a wrote

I'd pick elsewhere unless you have a reason to be tied to springfield


strangedange OP t1_izcylpg wrote

It's just me & my dog, I work from home so I could really go anywhere, I was looking at all the various Springfield's across the states and this one looked nice.


FlyWhiteGuyActual t1_izczqyq wrote

move to Michigan, Oregon, or Minnesota, or possibly Montana tbh. because they casted for the movie idiocracy here and there's no getting around it.


fphillips93 t1_izdefcd wrote

I second Minnesota! That’s my five year plan!!!


strangedange OP t1_izf2nx6 wrote

Being from WI, part of the draw to WI was the lack of cold / snow. I'm willing to tolerate some... but MN just seems way too cold.


fphillips93 t1_izfh65b wrote

I miss the snow! Missouri doesn’t get enough of it. I grew up stuck in my house because the snow was so tall. I want allllll that back. 🤣


Always_0421 t1_izczf8c wrote


strangedange OP t1_izd10bw wrote

Ugh, I feel like you could copy / paste those descriptors across many of the large and even medium-sized cities across the country. I really don't want to live in like a po-dunk town but if they're safe and affordable I guess that's what I'll have to look into it.


Low_Tourist t1_izd2bt7 wrote

This is absolutely a po-dunk town, but with bigger city problems. It's not an escape from what you're living in.

We're the 3rd largest city in the state, after KC and St Louis. And with that, comes those same issues, just on a smaller scale.


Globalksp t1_izd3y47 wrote

I second this. I've lived all over the US, large city and small town and this is a good, concise way to say it.


strangedange OP t1_izd4e2v wrote

Do you have a favorite place you've lived?


Globalksp t1_izd6psn wrote

Oh lord... that's a tough one. If I had to again live in any of the previous places I've lived, I don't really know where I'd choose, but these came to mind: New Orleans came to mind first, followed by Portland, OR (but, ugh, not lately), Lancaster County Pennsylvania (rather similar to here, but, much better in my opinion), and Charlottesville, VA.

Perhaps start looking into Charlottesville, VA. It's a great little town.


strangedange OP t1_izd8o20 wrote

Thanks! I looked at Springfield, OR, but I'm not sure it will be any different than here. I'll check out Charlottesville!


my_monkeys_fly t1_izdbsq2 wrote

Missouri is known as being number one for puppy mills and meth production. We may have been surpassed in the meth production race in recent years...but yes, there are huge issues with homeless and drugs. I work nights, and you can't go to a gas station without being harassed for money, etc. Driving down north glenstone at night, you can see the homeless issue really bad. Not a street corner exists on the busier streets without someone riding a sign.


nuts316 t1_izlfl90 wrote

Springfield got labeled poorest city in the state last week I believe. I think it took in to account the average household income and other similar factors. A few years back got labeled 2nd cheapest city in the nation to live. Take that for what you will.

Have lived here for my entire 40 year life. Have not experienced the horrors some describe here. Maybe I'm fortunate. One view point it would seem is that of you grew up around here, your out look and experiences seem to be far different than if you moved here from some where else. My former residence was across from a park filled with homeless, drug deals, and hookers. It's even got bad rep amongst most of community. With that said, in 11 years at that residence, I had one incidence of vandalism and part of that could be blamed on me for leaving my vehicle parked on street instead of pulling up on to driveway.

My current residence, I am able to run to the market without completely locking down my home and have little fear of break ins. Not that I test that possibility of course. Still have some common sense every now and then.


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strangedange OP t1_izfeumr wrote

It's a hellofa town, the schoolyard's up and the shopping malls down!