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I'm looking forward to studying changes in the local culture. Will all the monster energy bumper stickers get covered up by I 💕 WEED stickers? Will there be an influx of tourism? Will a bunch of people from Colorado and the west coast move here when they learn our weed is only taxed by six percent?

Post your thoughts Missourians.



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Shondelle t1_ize0p59 wrote

I think Springfield's pearl clutchers might be super surprised when things don't really change at all.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_ize7mtz wrote

We'll have less opioid deaths, more tax revenue, more jobs... Things will certainly change, but not in line with the deluded slippery slope the right has fabricated.


Shondelle t1_ize8z9g wrote

Agreed. No one is going to be able to look out their front door to see any of that though, and the detractors might not be interested in looking any of that up.

Regardless, today is a good day for many reasons.


sikki_nixx t1_izeaweb wrote

Why would there be less opiate deaths? Genuinely curious.


mcdrunkin t1_izeeha5 wrote

Less people will turn to things like oxy when they can spark a j instead. It's been the case everywhere weeds been legalized.


sikki_nixx t1_izefzmt wrote

They can already spark a J. I guess I don't see how it would make a difference. I'll do some research. Thanks for the reply.


hummmnow t1_izelc6s wrote

Mostly ease of obtaining it. You can walk into a dispensary and get exactly what you need and get out. Some folks needed to go to a drug dealer which then might have other party favors for sale….which for addicts can be hard to turn down and so on.

It’s nuanced for sure


GinWithJennifer t1_izg59eg wrote

This is what I was thinking too. Especially since legalization might kill the black market it might kill a lot of peoples illegal activities from a supply and demand side. People won't be as inclined to party and network to support their habit and so won't be exposed to more than weed.

I hope one day we can just move to decriminalization of everything. Heroin addicts would NOT be moving to fentanyl if they had access to heroin. At least not most of them. In all the YouTube documentaries I watch they always talk about how all the heroin was replaced with or cut with fentanyl. And that not being able to access prescription medications drove addicts to seek out heroin/fentanyl. And then on top of that when they're thrown into jail they go through through withdrawals that are life threatening for some. I don't think anyone would be doing that crocodil stuff if that wasn't their only choice. I don't understand why we don't try a different approach. Jailing people already at the absolute bottom isn't going to improve their life or reform them. It just gonna make them feel worse and more hopeless.


MuhFucinMason t1_izggdko wrote

People are gonna do drugs regardless it's just a sad world


SharksForArms t1_izesghz wrote

Here is a study that shows that legalized MEDICAL marijuana reduces the number of opiates prescribed amongst the general population. It states that recreational marijuana did not have the same effect though, probably because those recreational states have pretty much all legalized medical first, so there was increased access for actual patients already.

Although this study does not factor in illicit use of opiates, only the number of valid prescriptions being filled. I would imagine illicit recreational opiate use would decrease with increased recreational marijuana.

It's all certainly worth more study.


CheffRick t1_izftke5 wrote

Thanks for putting up the link. There are 2 more studies if I can remember the links I will put them up.


GinWithJennifer t1_izg5004 wrote

How does this coincide with the general clamp down of opioid prescriptions in general though? Some doctors are extremely adverse to prescribing narcotics let alone opioids. That trend has only expanded with the general upset of people and politicians rallying behind a cry to end opioid deaths since like....2008? Guessing on the date. Not to mention the recently labeled "opioid epidemic" they've been trying to tackle. How do we know it's a direct effect of Marijuana legalization and not just correlation of things that just happened to happen at the same time?


SharksForArms t1_izgac0i wrote

This study notes that they saw this trend of fewer opioid prescriptions specifically in states with legalized medical marijuana compared to states without.

Assuming that a growing reluctance to prescribe opioids was/is relatively uniform across the nation, you can still attribute the reduction in opiate prescriptions to legal MMJ according to this one study.

While this one study makes a convincing case about marijuana legality affecting the rate of opioid prescriptions, there could be other factors involved that are not being controlled for. For example, it is possible that those states with legal MMJ also have differing social policies overall that could affect the rate of opioid abuse. I completely agree with your point about correlation vs causation; we absolutely need much more research on all aspects of marijuana to draw those lines with full confidence.

It's insane that we are only now starting to ramp up scientific study of a substance vast numbers of Americans have been using for generations.


GinWithJennifer t1_izgbfma wrote

Didn't oregon or Washington decriminalize most or all drugs? How's that going? Honestly wish we'd do something besides punishing people that are already suffering. Im 2 weeks without alcohol today :)


ProGlizzyHandler t1_izj469p wrote

I've got some issues that medical cannabis can help and I've read a number of articles about cannabis being used to treat alcoholism. I never really wanted to have to pay to get access to medicine (mmj cards) but once rec passed I took the plunge and started using cannabis (delta 8 but now that the good stuff is legal I'll be switching to that). After over a decade of alcoholism I'm 4 weeks off the shit. Between that and cannabis helping with my other issues I feel fucking fantastic.


SharksForArms t1_izghz5s wrote

Well decriminalizing heroin would probably reduce opioid prescriptions somewhat!

Congrats on the sobriety! My partner has been sober for 7 years now. Springfield has a really robust AA community and that was a great help to her especially during the difficult times. I obviously don't know your personal situation, but you never have to be alone in recovery unless you choose to be. Sobriety gets easier the longer you stick with it, so much easier.


budtoast t1_izh9vj5 wrote

I’m not taking opioids because I have access to weed. I used to have to but they made me uncomfortable. Idk if a personal anecdote is worth anything but yeah lol.


GinWithJennifer t1_izhgt4f wrote

Yea but I assume you'd smoke weed anyway.

Normal people not involved with the culture or inclined to pursue it probably aren't being offered weed by their ER doctor. So for a majority of Americans that don't use or have any inclination to even consider using it doesn't make any sense


budtoast t1_izhhtow wrote

No, my pelvic floor doctor told me I should pursue it because we had run out of options. Granted she is very open minded, but I’m happy she did. Not every doctor is that self focused (only suggesting things they can provide) and they like offering things that might help if nothing else is helping.

Edit: Part of the issue here unfortunately is the lingering stigmas around weed. I know many others suffering from chronic illness who found medical marijuana or were recommended by their doctors because opioids are torture for so many people who are in pain. “You probably would anyways” is rooted in so many negative connotations. You don’t really know my life? 10% of people with my disease consume marijuana. Yeah, I’m sure I would have eventually considering that’s becoming incredibly common increasingly and it is frequently recommended for pain.


GinWithJennifer t1_izm3e0s wrote

It is still most likely true heuristically. I am glad it helped you but I'm replying relative to the question in OP. It won't really change much for most people. A majority of people who will smoke already smoked.


budtoast t1_izm3w36 wrote

Well for one, many medical consumers don’t smoke and cannabis consumption isn’t just smoking. Most doctors, if they recommend it, suggest edibles over smoking as obviously that’s healthier. Anyways I get your point, there are just a lot of misconceptions about medical use.


GinWithJennifer t1_izm57wh wrote

You're nitpicking what I'm saying. I mean most people who will consume pot already do.


CheffRick t1_izft8uq wrote

How it makes a difference is a lot of Opioid deaths are done by taking legal prescriptions. In greater amounts than subscribe. Marijuana is cheaper than the subscriptions and in a lot of cases better for the job. So more people turn to it instead of bigfarma.


CuriousBear23 t1_izelfcs wrote

I don’t think anything will change because everyone who wanted to smoke was already blazing.


Shondelle t1_izescop wrote

We'll see a gentle spike in usage, and then a leveling off. Plenty of middle aged smokers who weren't willing to risk it, or didn't know how/where to acquire from the black market. Plus poorer folk who couldn't afford the medical license. I don't think it will be much of a spike though.


GinWithJennifer t1_izg4c0m wrote

Right, nothing in my home state changed except that dispensaries sprung up everywhere. The people who already smoked....just kept smoking. Nothing changed really.


budtoast t1_izh9il6 wrote

Can’t help but wonder if this is what the “Just cus ya can doesn’t mean ya should” letters are about in that one person’s yard with the letters that change every so often.


jttIII t1_izebrsl wrote

right? I think those that want to partake already do and I doubt they are now going to become emboldened with some sort of rastafarian energy this time next year.


itsme_rafah t1_izdplty wrote

Be ready for a bunch of rural counties becoming “dry” counties because their conservative Christian population/sheriff departments are “thinking of the children”


KingHalfrican86 t1_izehf2c wrote

“Thinking about touching the children” there fixed it for you.


GoogleZombie t1_izg2ei0 wrote

That probably will happen, but it will only prohibit growing or dispensaries from opening. They still can't technically bust you as long as you are within the law of the state. That being said I'm sure there will be plenty of small town sheriffs and city police that will try to make arrests just to prove their point.


Capable_Pin_536 t1_izhpu4e wrote

Those dispensaries in the rural areas of MO are still going to be busy and full, sheriff's or not. It'll be good local tax revenue. I bet everybody and their mamas gonna be secretly getting high.


Xzz1b1t t1_izdcne6 wrote

But when can we actually walk in a store and buy it?


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izdd27y wrote

sometime in February.


Martyr-X t1_izfl0d4 wrote

What are the rules for visitors/non residents?


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izfntxl wrote

All adults age 21 and older, regardless of where they're from, will be able to purchase and enjoy recreational marijuana. It's pretty similar to purchasing alcohol.


mcdrunkin t1_izeerlw wrote

As soon as February but most likely closer to June or July.


sprocter77 t1_izelook wrote

Get your med card and there is no wait. 100 bucks everyone is approved .


Xzz1b1t t1_izfe96s wrote

I would, but it conflicts with my work.


elevator129 t1_izg4cr0 wrote

I'd just add that if someone is paying upwards of $100 for a med card, without going for a cultivator's license, they are being ripped off. There are plenty of legit doctors and clinics who will sign off on your medical necessity for cannabis for a much lower cost. I've only paid a bit over $50 and that is for my Dr's consult AND the MO MMP card.


sprocter77 t1_izgmknx wrote

Meh it took 2 minutes online. I'll pay for the convenience. And I have no i terest in growing.


elevator129 t1_izgwx0t wrote

I get that and if you have the $$, cool. I'm just relaying that it also took me about 2-3 minutes, I did mine online, and it wasn't $100. Not arguing, just providing another perspective/personal experience...


AnEmptyBookcase t1_izemm68 wrote

People will be surprised how many high-functioning (pun intended) professionals are amongst them and most of the rhetoric around cannabis has been fear mongering.


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izd9qv3 wrote

will our neighborhoods start smelling like skunk farms? will this state become the new mecca for growers? will City Utilities have to upgrade our grid to support all the hydroponics?

Maybe nothing noticable will happen at all.


GundleFly t1_izddxh7 wrote

There will probably be an influx of people that build their entire personality around getting high.


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izde1o2 wrote

Oh yes. As if we didn't have enough weed bandanas already. Also this is a college town so get ready for weed everything.


KrazolS t1_izdxahw wrote

I wouldn’t define Springfield as a college town. Much more than that. Try Columbia. When schools out for summer that town shrinks. Not really the case here.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_ize7ybx wrote

I mean.. Isn't like 30% of Springfield's population in college?.. That's certainly a college town in my mind.

I mean, Springfield is more than that, but it is still very much a college town.


Dry-Calligrapher5271 t1_izdg6qd wrote

I've always thought it's funny that Mecca is a central site in the Middle East, and Springfield is basically the center of the Midwest. If the Holy Land is one pole of the globe, then the opposite pole would be...


Rodrigues805 t1_izeajq9 wrote

I’ll assure you as someone from California there will be no weed tourism from CA or CO to MO lol that would be like Italians flying from Rome to little Italy NY to experience Italian food and we moved here for the lower income and property taxes. And the $450 a year in DMV fees I paid on a Ford Fusion in CA


FatalPenguins t1_izdbcz9 wrote

I'm trynna move back to Colorado. But for now it's good to know that its legal to eat mah brownies.


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izdb3ul wrote

We already have medical dispensaries, but the new recreational shops won't be open to the public until February. I imagine this will be a rather slow process. It's hard to imagine a place like this becoming the next Colorado over night.

Having said that, we probably have the best rec law in the nation. Places like Illinois have seen taxation as high as sixty percent, as opposed to our rather unheard of six percent taxation.


SharksForArms t1_izet4cc wrote

Is the 6% on top of our regular sales tax, or is weed just taxed at a different rate?


Snekathan t1_izf1ey5 wrote

If it works like Oklahoma it is its own tax on top of sales tax. But honestly, it hardly makes that much of a difference and some dispensaries include taxes in the price anyway


Big-Row-7895 t1_izelyt5 wrote

Before moving out of my previous state Weed was legalized. Little changed. Businesses kept their drug testing policies. The law still arrested people for driving under the influence. People still were arrested for disturbing the peace. The only thing that changed is the parking lot deals moved into a store front. There were not hordes of pot heads out in public roaming the streets.


Some_Adhesiveness142 t1_izjowhc wrote

“hordes of pot heads” The last time I saw a horde of pot heads was at a Rolling Stone concert…which, come to think of it, probably did wonder the streets afterward trying to find their way home. Lol!


ItsSirTone t1_izdhkjd wrote

As someone who has had his medical card for 2 years. I'll be pissed if there isn't stock to go around cuz just anyone can buy now.


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izdicsj wrote

I too am a medical cardholder two years running. It's hard to not speculate on how this will affect things.

Are the recreational dispensaries waiting until February for this very reason? I have no idea.


ItsSirTone t1_izdjz73 wrote

I will ask my usual dispensarie next time I'm in. I've heard from people that all you need is an ID to be over 21 to buy either December (now) or starting January 1st. There's great stock and variety now but I would be lying if I wasn't worried about inventory going out faster. Are there going to be dispensaries just for recreational? Or will all dispensaries allow medical and recreational? Once I find out I'll find this subreddit and try and update.


DogmaticCat t1_izdoamp wrote

Starting today medical dispensaries can now apply for recreational sale, the application process should take 60 days, so the first recreational dispensaries should open on Feb 6th.


ancientaroma79 OP t1_izdkr7t wrote

This has been my burning question for a month now. Please report back o7


HalfADozenOfAnother t1_izh7k5o wrote

Will have to start going go oklahoma again. Prices just got low enough to justify now getting the temp license and making the drive to Miami


Renn_1996 t1_izdxma0 wrote

Lmao keep crying about it. Not only are local grow ops only running at 1/4-1/2 capacity, anyone who doesn't have a med card that wants green is able to find it. There is a pretty big black market for it.


ItsSirTone t1_izex2rx wrote

Well no duh there's a black market lol People will always find what they want especially in this town. I'm referring to getting bud in a dispensary without having to go to some sketchy house being a more efficient way without the hangups from local sellers. Someone is big mad for some reason.


Renn_1996 t1_izf2zij wrote

Im not mad I just think you are crying wolf when the answer is obvious if you do a bit of critical thinking. Once again the local grow ops have been getting ready for this change for a while. As I said they are only operating at 1/4-1/2 % and I'm sure the second the amendment got announced they started producing more. We are not the first state to go through this and there is a clear path most grow ops take when legal changes like this happen. Most of the dispensaries you can go to are owned and run by people who helped make the amendment and legalize it in MO. SoOMEoNe is BIg DUmB For sOMe ReaSOn


ItsSirTone t1_izf3ryf wrote

Again, I don't see why you're so sensitive when people give opinion lol. Yeah saying the same thing twice definitely changes something. Thinking about inventory is a viable thing to worry about when there will definitely be people who buy just because they can now, nor solely for helping medically. Thus worrying about stock is normal. You gotta lighten up.


Renn_1996 t1_izf5dt7 wrote

I stated the same thing twice because you clearly ignored the pertinent part of my comment and for some reason took my original comment as a personal offense. You are acting like all the sudden there will be no stock. Ppl with out med licenses can't even buy anything until February( which you spread misinformation about in a different comment) I simply answered your concern, you seem to enjoy staying negative about this so have fun, maybe smoke a joint and chill before they're all gone 🤣


ItsSirTone t1_izg70bv wrote

You really have it twisted lol all I said was I'd be pissed if stock runs low, not totally run out, which can happen. You're putting words in my mouth I never said. I'm not spreading misinformation giving an opinion at all. You should stop getting worked up over reddit no one cares like that. My other comment? Literally was me asking questions and speculating. You're ineffectual. Stop trying to make everything a fight, it's sad.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izecf0k wrote

Nothing will change, anyone who wants weed has always been able to get it. A few people will try it for the first time, a handful will eat too many edibles, freak out and call 911. Life will go on as it always has.


mcdrunkin t1_izefcdu wrote

Except for a few major things like not getting arrested for smoking and being able to walk down a public street or chill in a park and smoke a j without fear of the man.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izeq0sx wrote

> being able to walk down a public street or chill in a park and smoke a j without fear of the man.

You're misinformed. Public consumption is not legal, it works pretty much the same as booze.


beef623 t1_izf0mgq wrote

Still can't smoke in public without risking a $100 fine.


Snekathan t1_izf1vch wrote

Yeah public consumption is still illegal, just like driving under the influence is as well. People will definitely still be getting arrested for weed use


mango_mermaid t1_izegudw wrote

Interesting, I didn’t know this. I am too scared to try it, but anxiety affects my daily life. I figure I’d be the one who gets more anxious or something.


Snekathan t1_izf0xo7 wrote

It can definitely affect everyone differently! For me it’s helps immensely with my anxiety and panic attacks, but for some it’s the opposite

Hope it goes well for you if you do decide to partake!


ShroomHex t1_izf1j2k wrote

I would look into CBD if I were you. It'll give you the calming side of the plant without the "high" part. CBD can be used at work too and it's safe, just make sure the label is accurate before using it in a potentially dangerous way (like driving for example).


mango_mermaid t1_izf1we5 wrote

Thanks, I tried cbd oil a few years ago under my tongue. I didn’t notice a difference. Didn’t try anything else though


budtoast t1_izh99r9 wrote

I really recommend looking into this yourself, but THC can cause intense anxiety and even psychosis in some people suffering from mental health disorders (namely things like schizophrenia and bipolar.) The plant’s original state was THC/CBD, but recreational and medicinal versions of it sold today typically just have THC and you have to buy the CBD separate at a shop with the signs you see all around.

CBD should help with any anxious feelings you’re having. If you do try cannabis and do a mix of them and you still feel anxious, I recommend staying away from that substance as it doesn’t always work for everyone. As far as my friends and I have seen though, CBD really helps balance things out and putting extra/all CBD can actually help bring some people away from their anxious psychotic symptoms.

Edit: Tbh, I think that if there is a divine creator, they designed the plant perfectly as it was made with CBD and THC together to balance one another out. I wish we still sold it like that as an option alongside pure THC and pure CBD


ProGlizzyHandler t1_izjffud wrote

Hemp derived THC (delta 8, delta 10, etc) are frequently combined with CBD in products.


budtoast t1_izji6c8 wrote

I hope this doesn’t bother you, but your focus on deltas interested me so I clicked on your profile. I do not mean to diss them while you’re using them to get used to cannabis! Deltas can still be useful for people and even though they aren’t the real thing, they’re still very fun. I think once you’ve started trying the real thing you’ll be quite satisfied with how it makes you feel. And remember this advice here if you can- it has saved many lives of my friends who suffer with mental health issues. If the THC starts making you feel paranoid, it’s time for some CBD.


ProGlizzyHandler t1_izl6ku1 wrote

Yeah I'm in my 30s and haven't touched weed since I was in high school. I know the weed available today is way stronger than the stuff I used to get so I wanted to start with something a little weaker. Delta highs feel, to me, similar to what I remember weed being like but not nearly as strong. I'm excited for some dispensaries to get their rec licenses so I can get the real thing (not really interested in buying black market).


budtoast t1_izl72pb wrote

That makes sense! Remember what I’ve said here because the plant is not like it was when you tried it in highschool. Times have changed and as you said, it is much stronger. The deltas are a good place to start

If you do decide to try some when recreational places start up though, I really recommend balancing it with something store bought. There are tons of places that sell CBD as bud and you can grind that with anything you get at a recreational place. Unfortunately, I doubt that the new products for recreation will have any level of CBD. They’re for recreation, after all, that’s sort of the point. Their goal is to get customers as high as possible.


budtoast t1_izjftid wrote

Not very much CBD though usually. Typically, when you buy THC products from dispensaries, they have maybe 3% CBD if not less than a single percent, meanwhile it typically has 10%+ THC at LEAST. Most of what I find is 17%-23% THC and somewhere around 0.3%-2% CBD at Springfield dispos. Add more pure CBD bud or product to your consumption and it can be made more balanced.

When I’ve tried deltas/hemp derived products, they are not always balanced. They advertise and make balanced products (which is better than most dispensary products), but you have to search for explicitly balanced or “one to one” products. These are made less than the “one or the other” products. (Also if you see 1:1 on a cannabis product that means one to one- the product is balanced with CBD and THC being the same amount)

To be honest, if you’re looking for pain relief or anxiety relief, do not try deltas/hemp derived products. They do next to nothing for pain and just sort of feel like they’re made for recreation. They don’t really do very much and I wonder if they’re mostly placebo for people. THC is so much better as it is. If you want to try something mild for fun and behaves different from weed, go ahead, but I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near the same experience.


GinWithJennifer t1_izg3yyr wrote

More dispensaries. Nothing else will really change. More variety of products maybe on shelves.

Just an assumption but maybe less crime too. Some people gather to network either to get it, to meet people to get it from, or to smoke it, and then get exposed to other drugs at parties. If people don't have to struggle as much to get it or socialize to acquire it then less exposure to other drugs and antics. I think most people would prefer to smoke alone after work and relax but with the current system they have to get a card and go get it from a dispensary or to meet people who know someone to get it from illegally. Cutting out extra steps means people can just go get and use it freely. According to a youtuber legalization practically kills the illegal market over time so that might be good for reducing violent crime related to drug trafficking? I'm just making assumptions I don't really know.


hushabyesecret t1_izeblew wrote

Its a good thing for everyone that chooses to partake! I'm interested to see if or when any changes happen.


LittleRhodyPatti t1_izfz6nn wrote

45 years too late for this ole girl. I don’t even think it will make a difference. I’ve thought about edibles to relieve pain but I’m to cheap.


dwimber t1_izgl10d wrote

Can a person cross state lines, legally buy weed, and then legally carry it into Missouri?


nuts316 t1_izlbzd3 wrote

Lots do it. Know a guy that had hid med card, filed something to be able to use in Arkansas and went down there to purchase as it was cheaper than around here. Been doing it for couple years. Supposedly Oklahoma is even cheaper


_ism_ t1_j0q8smw wrote

No not legally but it's been done


dwimber t1_j0qawdo wrote

I have waited this long, I can wait until February.


whelksandhope t1_izejdh3 wrote

Here is some helpful information for if/when any user experiences hyperemesis. Peace!


RayMan89477 t1_izhb9u6 wrote

There is good and bad with weed being legal. Yes more taxes for the state. But that doesn't mean we will benefit from the extra money, just the politicans. As well as other positive things but in exchange we may also see worse driving habits inside Springfield, More wreaks and DUI arrests. Increase in car insurance rates, Even worse customer service at places of business. The local homeless community may even grow because they may come here and use their state aid to buy it. More thefts and property damage. And if you get pulled over it may even police will search alot more cars for that little bit of shake on your floor mat in order to write you that DUI ticket. The courts will be even more over worked by the Karen's and people who get pulled over for that tiny amount of shake on their floor mats. I mean there is a lot of what ifs that could happen but I just expect at the very least higher car insurance rates and extremely poor customer service at restaurants, delivery drivers and stores are coming. As well as the job market will be hurt because employees may pick weed over working and collect unemployment if businesses that pay well decide to not hire if you are high. So in all. Your car insurance goes up. Your order for your food will be wrong or not cooked correctly. And your property value will drop because your neighbors may choose who made your messed up order at taco bell makes 16 an hour but is too high to maintain his lawn or house dropping the home value in your neighborhood lol


Dry-Cost-3860 t1_iznhqvi wrote

i actually, and i know others who feel the same, drive the same or better stoned i think because i have less anxiety and i’m more tuned into my surroundings but i’ve never been pulled over and no one’s ever felt unsafe with me driving💀


Dbol504 t1_izfveou wrote

I only hope ya'll will come out to support cocaine legalization when it comes up now. I supported your drug of choice, you better support mine now.


[deleted] t1_izgrqp4 wrote

This is a Meth state you keep your cocaine out of my state!


22TopShelf22 t1_izfp47l wrote

Who is going to.die in a car accident by someone high out of their mind? A man A woman A child Some other gender

I'm sadly.guessing it will be a child.


Dbol504 t1_izfv7su wrote

Probably a child holding a puppy that is also holding an even smaller puppy will be the first to die.


semipaw t1_izgh0o9 wrote

I heard that there have already been 26 pot related accidents and 12 deaths in Springfield since weed was legalized at midnight. It’s been a bloodbath.

Word is that Glenstone, Battlefield, Chestnut, and National have been shut down until police can get things back to normal.


22TopShelf22 t1_izd9qni wrote

Dumb asses are gonna drive high and kill innocent people.


russ0074 t1_izdx2pl wrote

Sounds like this guy is really informed. Really did some hard research.


lochlainn t1_izezxhb wrote

Sounds like somebody bitter about his DUI.


russ0074 t1_izf4t4y wrote

Wow, another person fabricating things from thin air to rationalize their beliefs. What other beliefs do you rationalize. Please share.


lochlainn t1_izf74xi wrote

The fuck?

Usually people as salty as this guy are just projecting their own inadequacies.

Relax, dude.


russ0074 t1_izgje2b wrote

Just keep on making shit up. Who are you trying to convince.


22TopShelf22 t1_ize3wkr wrote

Its clear where ethe pot smokeds hang out as indicated. Just wait till their friends have easier access to it a well. Glad you can promise me no one will get hurt by people driving high. I appreciate that.


goldencrisp t1_ize6a3x wrote

How do you feel about alcohol? If you are against that too, then I really don’t care what you have to say about weed. If you are ok with alcohol but not weed, then I also don’t care what you have to say about it.


Successful_Hunter235 t1_ize5srk wrote

Like people have never driven high. Like people aren't driving high today. It is apparent you have never had an original thought and rely only on the propaganda you've been fed.


Revleck-Deleted t1_ize7mpl wrote

Please for the love of god Smoke a single joint and shut the fuck up.