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GinWithJennifer t1_izgbfma wrote

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Didn't oregon or Washington decriminalize most or all drugs? How's that going? Honestly wish we'd do something besides punishing people that are already suffering. Im 2 weeks without alcohol today :)


ProGlizzyHandler t1_izj469p wrote

I've got some issues that medical cannabis can help and I've read a number of articles about cannabis being used to treat alcoholism. I never really wanted to have to pay to get access to medicine (mmj cards) but once rec passed I took the plunge and started using cannabis (delta 8 but now that the good stuff is legal I'll be switching to that). After over a decade of alcoholism I'm 4 weeks off the shit. Between that and cannabis helping with my other issues I feel fucking fantastic.


SharksForArms t1_izghz5s wrote

Well decriminalizing heroin would probably reduce opioid prescriptions somewhat!

Congrats on the sobriety! My partner has been sober for 7 years now. Springfield has a really robust AA community and that was a great help to her especially during the difficult times. I obviously don't know your personal situation, but you never have to be alone in recovery unless you choose to be. Sobriety gets easier the longer you stick with it, so much easier.