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budtoast t1_izh99r9 wrote

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I really recommend looking into this yourself, but THC can cause intense anxiety and even psychosis in some people suffering from mental health disorders (namely things like schizophrenia and bipolar.) The plant’s original state was THC/CBD, but recreational and medicinal versions of it sold today typically just have THC and you have to buy the CBD separate at a shop with the signs you see all around.

CBD should help with any anxious feelings you’re having. If you do try cannabis and do a mix of them and you still feel anxious, I recommend staying away from that substance as it doesn’t always work for everyone. As far as my friends and I have seen though, CBD really helps balance things out and putting extra/all CBD can actually help bring some people away from their anxious psychotic symptoms.

Edit: Tbh, I think that if there is a divine creator, they designed the plant perfectly as it was made with CBD and THC together to balance one another out. I wish we still sold it like that as an option alongside pure THC and pure CBD


ProGlizzyHandler t1_izjffud wrote

Hemp derived THC (delta 8, delta 10, etc) are frequently combined with CBD in products.


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I hope this doesn’t bother you, but your focus on deltas interested me so I clicked on your profile. I do not mean to diss them while you’re using them to get used to cannabis! Deltas can still be useful for people and even though they aren’t the real thing, they’re still very fun. I think once you’ve started trying the real thing you’ll be quite satisfied with how it makes you feel. And remember this advice here if you can- it has saved many lives of my friends who suffer with mental health issues. If the THC starts making you feel paranoid, it’s time for some CBD.


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Yeah I'm in my 30s and haven't touched weed since I was in high school. I know the weed available today is way stronger than the stuff I used to get so I wanted to start with something a little weaker. Delta highs feel, to me, similar to what I remember weed being like but not nearly as strong. I'm excited for some dispensaries to get their rec licenses so I can get the real thing (not really interested in buying black market).


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That makes sense! Remember what I’ve said here because the plant is not like it was when you tried it in highschool. Times have changed and as you said, it is much stronger. The deltas are a good place to start

If you do decide to try some when recreational places start up though, I really recommend balancing it with something store bought. There are tons of places that sell CBD as bud and you can grind that with anything you get at a recreational place. Unfortunately, I doubt that the new products for recreation will have any level of CBD. They’re for recreation, after all, that’s sort of the point. Their goal is to get customers as high as possible.


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Not very much CBD though usually. Typically, when you buy THC products from dispensaries, they have maybe 3% CBD if not less than a single percent, meanwhile it typically has 10%+ THC at LEAST. Most of what I find is 17%-23% THC and somewhere around 0.3%-2% CBD at Springfield dispos. Add more pure CBD bud or product to your consumption and it can be made more balanced.

When I’ve tried deltas/hemp derived products, they are not always balanced. They advertise and make balanced products (which is better than most dispensary products), but you have to search for explicitly balanced or “one to one” products. These are made less than the “one or the other” products. (Also if you see 1:1 on a cannabis product that means one to one- the product is balanced with CBD and THC being the same amount)

To be honest, if you’re looking for pain relief or anxiety relief, do not try deltas/hemp derived products. They do next to nothing for pain and just sort of feel like they’re made for recreation. They don’t really do very much and I wonder if they’re mostly placebo for people. THC is so much better as it is. If you want to try something mild for fun and behaves different from weed, go ahead, but I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near the same experience.