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ehoneygut t1_izehhds wrote

Obligatory, hurts donuts suck.


EcoAffinity t1_izeicmf wrote

It's actually embarrassing that people were telling him to go to Hurts donut and not St. George's.

That subtweet was fully deserved.


Moccasinos t1_izh10jj wrote

There's only St. George's. Everyone else serves grease trash rings.


Digital-Latte t1_izig5zu wrote

St George’s was my favorite donut place in town till I tried Gold-N-Glaze.


00112358132135 t1_izekt91 wrote

I absolutely loath Hurts. They are a knockoff of Voodoo donuts in Portland Oregon, who actually know how to do zany donuts without making them disgusting sugar bombs.


NotBatman81 t1_izeih8v wrote

Just a 3 day old giant pile of flavorless, textureless dough topped with sugary bullshit to distract you.


Randaroo82 t1_izekvhb wrote

Have you seen their latest abomination with the Little Debbie Xmas Tree cake on top? 🤮


booradly t1_izes99w wrote

He commented about them last time he was here


ho1doncaulfield t1_izeuebe wrote

What did he say lol


EcoAffinity t1_izf182y wrote

In October 2017, he tweeted, during a visit to Springfield: "The world is full of broken promises but none is more devastating than a bad doughnut."


AmcillaSB t1_izfzyyy wrote

What's great is he didn't name them, but everyone knew where he was talking about.


ho1doncaulfield t1_izfrzt3 wrote

lol that's awesome! Hurt's sucks in many aspects but the most obvious reason is their product. Can't believe anyone would recommend it.


booradly t1_izgj5mw wrote

He didn't say hurts specifically, we can probably assume he did not have a St. Georges but heres the tweet when he was here in 2017. There's also a News Leader article about it too.