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00112358132135 t1_izekxwr wrote

Just go to Corner 21 and save yourself from all the bad Chinese food in this town.


viront7 t1_izengum wrote

I for one... Do not like Hong Kong inn.. Neither does my wife. Corner 21 is fire though.


NotBatman81 t1_izetu64 wrote

Hong Kong Inn is Midwest American-Chinese fast food and do a damn good job of it.

For contrast, Happy China is New York style...that's why they are a little bit different. I haven't had it, but Corner 21 looks to be more New York style as well.

Then you have Panda Express in town which is West Coast style.

Totally different foods, they should not be compared. Personally, I grew up on NY style and prefer it, but HK Inn is really good too. The rest of the places around town, I could take em or leave em.

I've travelled through China and Southeast Asia for work, and live in Chicago now, and man if Corner 21 is fire your minds would be blown branching out even further. Also, off in another Asian category but the Poke bowls at Craft Sushi are very good by national/global standards.


arcticmischief t1_izfcd58 wrote

Eh, Corner 21 is closer to what you’d find in Sichuan province (or at least a Sichuanese joint in Flushing) than a generic NYC Chinese takeout.


akarrsgf t1_izh06xt wrote

I live in China, have spent time in Sichuan province, and have eaten at and reviewed Corner 21. I can definitively say that this is not true. There are some Sichuan-inspired dishes at Corner 21, but it’s primarily Americanized Cantonese food—just not Springfield-style Americanized Cantonese food.


blbrrymuffin t1_izhue02 wrote

Also lived in China for several years, Corner 21 is pretty damn authentic. More northern style Chinese food than Sichuan. Talked with the owners and their cook grew up cooking in China before moving to Springfield.


sgf-guy t1_izmfl1h wrote

So many Americans have such a poor insight into what Chinese food is because it quickly became a suddenly altered genre so quickly. It’s what Taco Bell is to true Mexican food but worse.

I have not eaten at Corner but the menu presents as much more real Chinese on the mainland. I’m ok if it’s Cantonese based and not…Northern or Western Chinese. Much the same as I would be ok with knowing it’s “American” but really Louisiana food vs Texas BBQ or upper Midwestern hearty meals or East Coast a mix of genres from Italian to who knows.


BungholeItch t1_izfk1vv wrote

I use china king for city style takeout. North and south locations.


viront7 t1_izeufj0 wrote

Well, its fire for Springfield. I've been around and lived in some top 5 food cities so I know what I'm missing. Lol probably why I don't care much for HKI


NotBatman81 t1_izez8r8 wrote

You don't care for Midwest style. That doesn't make HKI bad.


arcticmischief t1_izfbrti wrote

“Midwest style” is objectively bad. Fight me.

The only people that like it are people who were born and raised here and view it through the rose-colored lens of nostalgia.

Same goes for Mexican Villa.


Saltpork545 t1_izfm4gq wrote

Midwest style Chinese is fried chicken covered in a savory or sweet sauce with varying levels of complexity.

So it's fatty, salty, savory, sweet, sometimes spicy. That's pretty much all tasty foods.

You don't care for Midwest style. Own it. It's not for you. That doesn't mean it's bad.

I don't like Oreos. That doesn't mean everyone who does is objectively wrong.


NotBatman81 t1_izfjirj wrote

Midwest style is across the Midwest, not Springfield. Cashew chicken was created within the category, it did not create the category.

Mexican Villa is one hyper local chain.


epeonv1 t1_izgp7do wrote

Hi, i did not grow up, nor was i raised in Springfiled and i think HKI is good. I also think Mexican Villa has the best hot sauce i have ever experienced, and i fucking LOVE hot sauces. It's almost as if your dumbass statement holds no water because anyone over the age (mentally) of 12 realizes that everyone has their own individual tastes and opinion on what is good. There is no such thing as an objectively bad tasting food (except for poisonous stuff that our brains are hard wired to avoid) because everyone's tongues and personal tastes are different.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfr20r wrote

Agreed! 100%


Springfield Cashew Chicken is not Cashew Chicken. It doesn't even resemble it. It resembles more closely to cat turds in a litter box that's been barfed on by the dog. You are absolutely right about how it's viewed by the locals as the best thing ever. I have been here for 13 years now, and the best place I have found to get "Good" Chinese food in from China Wok (& The Wok on Scenic). Their Generals Chicken is the closest thing to what I would get at the best places in Kansas City (Dragon Inn)

Don't even get me started on Mexican Villa.


[deleted] t1_izfvp96 wrote

Springfield style Cashew Chicken isn't supposed to be like Cashew Chicken. It's supposed to be different.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxi6q wrote

Look at the original post. It says #CashewChicken... not Springfield Cashew Chicken... which is why I was making the separation.


[deleted] t1_izfy9gk wrote

I wasn't replying to the original post. I was replying to the comment you made that Springfield Cashew Chicken isn't Cashew Chicken.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxa15 wrote

I'm seeing other comments on here just saying "Cashew Chicken"... and yes you are absolutely right... Springfield Cashew Chicken is different. It's crap!


[deleted] t1_izg4fyo wrote

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it crap. Different strokes for different folks.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izg9as4 wrote

Yep... Just voicing my opinion. But thanks for playin.