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arcticmischief t1_izfcd58 wrote

Reply to comment by NotBatman81 in The Lord has spoken by Ganrokh

Eh, Corner 21 is closer to what you’d find in Sichuan province (or at least a Sichuanese joint in Flushing) than a generic NYC Chinese takeout.


akarrsgf t1_izh06xt wrote

I live in China, have spent time in Sichuan province, and have eaten at and reviewed Corner 21. I can definitively say that this is not true. There are some Sichuan-inspired dishes at Corner 21, but it’s primarily Americanized Cantonese food—just not Springfield-style Americanized Cantonese food.


blbrrymuffin t1_izhue02 wrote

Also lived in China for several years, Corner 21 is pretty damn authentic. More northern style Chinese food than Sichuan. Talked with the owners and their cook grew up cooking in China before moving to Springfield.


sgf-guy t1_izmfl1h wrote

So many Americans have such a poor insight into what Chinese food is because it quickly became a suddenly altered genre so quickly. It’s what Taco Bell is to true Mexican food but worse.

I have not eaten at Corner but the menu presents as much more real Chinese on the mainland. I’m ok if it’s Cantonese based and not…Northern or Western Chinese. Much the same as I would be ok with knowing it’s “American” but really Louisiana food vs Texas BBQ or upper Midwestern hearty meals or East Coast a mix of genres from Italian to who knows.