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AlwaysPaddle t1_izfr20r wrote

Reply to comment by arcticmischief in The Lord has spoken by Ganrokh

Agreed! 100%


Springfield Cashew Chicken is not Cashew Chicken. It doesn't even resemble it. It resembles more closely to cat turds in a litter box that's been barfed on by the dog. You are absolutely right about how it's viewed by the locals as the best thing ever. I have been here for 13 years now, and the best place I have found to get "Good" Chinese food in from China Wok (& The Wok on Scenic). Their Generals Chicken is the closest thing to what I would get at the best places in Kansas City (Dragon Inn)

Don't even get me started on Mexican Villa.


[deleted] t1_izfvp96 wrote

Springfield style Cashew Chicken isn't supposed to be like Cashew Chicken. It's supposed to be different.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxi6q wrote

Look at the original post. It says #CashewChicken... not Springfield Cashew Chicken... which is why I was making the separation.


[deleted] t1_izfy9gk wrote

I wasn't replying to the original post. I was replying to the comment you made that Springfield Cashew Chicken isn't Cashew Chicken.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxa15 wrote

I'm seeing other comments on here just saying "Cashew Chicken"... and yes you are absolutely right... Springfield Cashew Chicken is different. It's crap!


[deleted] t1_izg4fyo wrote

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it crap. Different strokes for different folks.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izg9as4 wrote

Yep... Just voicing my opinion. But thanks for playin.