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[deleted] t1_izfvp96 wrote

Reply to comment by AlwaysPaddle in The Lord has spoken by Ganrokh

Springfield style Cashew Chicken isn't supposed to be like Cashew Chicken. It's supposed to be different.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxi6q wrote

Look at the original post. It says #CashewChicken... not Springfield Cashew Chicken... which is why I was making the separation.


[deleted] t1_izfy9gk wrote

I wasn't replying to the original post. I was replying to the comment you made that Springfield Cashew Chicken isn't Cashew Chicken.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxa15 wrote

I'm seeing other comments on here just saying "Cashew Chicken"... and yes you are absolutely right... Springfield Cashew Chicken is different. It's crap!


[deleted] t1_izg4fyo wrote

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it crap. Different strokes for different folks.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izg9as4 wrote

Yep... Just voicing my opinion. But thanks for playin.