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Zydoxis t1_izg2vap wrote

It's really a shame that Alamo dropped their cashew chicken. Movie theater or not, that place weirdly had the best damn cashew chicken I've ever had.


shizkc t1_izgt00m wrote

I prefer Golden Dragon’s in Ozark, but I’m not a fan of cashew chicken(the gravy texture sometimes weirds me out)and Alamo had the only other one I enjoyed.

Also not being a big fan of it means I’m definitely not the expert on who makes it best.


robzilla71173 t1_izoc4r0 wrote

That second part is my problem too. I don't care for it so I can't really judge it. I've always been more of a general chicken fan and in that, Hong Kong inn is lacking. Maybe cashew is something they do well, who knows. Wish I'd heard that about Alamo when they still had it. I've started going to a little indie theater in joplin with a great food menu. Will have to see if they have cashew chicken.


OWB_violet t1_j04dv7k wrote

Few days late but HOLY SHIT that Thai Chicken Pizza kicks my ass it’s so fucking good