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ehoneygut t1_izehhds wrote

Obligatory, hurts donuts suck.


EcoAffinity t1_izeicmf wrote

It's actually embarrassing that people were telling him to go to Hurts donut and not St. George's.

That subtweet was fully deserved.


Moccasinos t1_izh10jj wrote

There's only St. George's. Everyone else serves grease trash rings.


Digital-Latte t1_izig5zu wrote

St George’s was my favorite donut place in town till I tried Gold-N-Glaze.


00112358132135 t1_izekt91 wrote

I absolutely loath Hurts. They are a knockoff of Voodoo donuts in Portland Oregon, who actually know how to do zany donuts without making them disgusting sugar bombs.


NotBatman81 t1_izeih8v wrote

Just a 3 day old giant pile of flavorless, textureless dough topped with sugary bullshit to distract you.


Randaroo82 t1_izekvhb wrote

Have you seen their latest abomination with the Little Debbie Xmas Tree cake on top? 🤮


booradly t1_izes99w wrote

He commented about them last time he was here


ho1doncaulfield t1_izeuebe wrote

What did he say lol


EcoAffinity t1_izf182y wrote

In October 2017, he tweeted, during a visit to Springfield: "The world is full of broken promises but none is more devastating than a bad doughnut."


AmcillaSB t1_izfzyyy wrote

What's great is he didn't name them, but everyone knew where he was talking about.


ho1doncaulfield t1_izfrzt3 wrote

lol that's awesome! Hurt's sucks in many aspects but the most obvious reason is their product. Can't believe anyone would recommend it.


booradly t1_izgj5mw wrote

He didn't say hurts specifically, we can probably assume he did not have a St. Georges but heres the tweet when he was here in 2017. There's also a News Leader article about it too.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izeknk1 wrote

Hong Kong Inn is the most representative of Springfield cashew chicken. It's the quintessential version.

Chinese Chef is my favorite, though.


lukeman3000 t1_izh5mnj wrote

Dude, have you had Cashew Station on Battlefield? Shit is legit. Love their sweet and sour


BannedOnClubPenguin t1_izf6eji wrote

Man honestly fuck chinese chef. I grew up on it, loved it so much but something changed. Now my chicken always has bones in it and INSANE shit like just being mushy meat or just tasting like a different recipe completely. I swear its like one day all the tastes and quality changed, I swear i was addicted to it from age like 7-23 and now its literally impossible to get it how i remember it being. But I did try the OTHER chinese chef across town, and it was honestly like the old times! Maybe the one near me changed owners or something because JESUS the change was overnight.


catosickarious t1_izf852s wrote

I had an ex-friend whose family owns Chinese Chef and there was always sketchy stuff going on with their business. I'm 99% sure they burned down their Campbell location as insurance fraud back in 2018


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izfgk33 wrote

Weird, I've been going there about twice a month for years and I've never had any of those issues. I certainly never got chicken with bones there!

Are you talking about Chinese Chef on Campbell next to Burger King? As far as I know they only have one location.


robzilla71173 t1_izfrmzf wrote

There's one on Enterprise north of Sunshine.


[deleted] t1_izfsj92 wrote

I feel like I should keep it a secret but Yeah the one on east sunshine is killer. It’s not like the Cambell location. I still feel like yen Ching in Ozark is still the best by far in the area.


Mechanicallvlan t1_izgwra6 wrote

I have no idea who owns these places, but the location on Enterprise changed their name to Cashew Chef quite awhile ago. I assumed the food was the same, but I haven't actually visited the Chinese Chef on Campbell in many years. I grew up off south Campbell, but now I always go to Cashew Chef.


eva-cybele t1_izg2nma wrote

The one on Sunshine is amazing, the one on Campbell... Extremely hit or miss. I used to live on East Sunshine and I miss it, now that I'm all the way over on the west side


akarrsgf t1_izgwyh2 wrote

Historically this is untrue. Aurora Sun's fast-food reworking of Leong's original recipe is the one that proliferated throughout the city in the late-70s and early 80s. The only place left serving that recipe is Shanghai Inn. Hong Kong Inn is much gummier and the sauce is not nearly as viscous.

But also, Springfield-style is kind of whatever whoever wants it to be at this point.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izgzzgh wrote

Interesting. I haven't had Shanghai Inn since the Kimbrough and Battlefield location closed, they used to be my favorite. I'll have to try it again soon.


frak808 t1_izh7nxk wrote

Shanghai Inn on N Glenstone? Love their Cashew..

Love lots of others too.. I think a lot of places seem to fluctuate in quality..


NotBatman81 t1_izeijg2 wrote

But which location??!! It's important.


akarrsgf t1_izgzgzv wrote

This is a fact. North Glenstone is Mimi’s Hong Kong Inn, and has for many years been operating as a separate business from the original location.

Btw, I am writing this 79 miles from the actual city of Hong Kong. Kinda cool, I guess.


NotBatman81 t1_izh7kqm wrote

I was pretty certain Mimi's was on Battlefield near HyVee and the pawn shop.


mattmaddux t1_izfwwtx wrote

I’m sorry, are you living in some weird alternate dimension? There is only one location, on North Glenstone.

I repeat. ONE. LOCATION.


Marqueso-burrito t1_izgbzr3 wrote

Wtf… the one on kearney is superior, in food quality and dining experience


epeonv1 t1_izgv13k wrote

My go-to is the General Tso's chicken (i like my chinese food spicy) and the Kearny location tastes like thy finished cooking it, then just dumped a bottle of Aunt Jemima's maple syrup on top. Big let down compared to how great the N. Gelnstone location's General Tso's.


[deleted] t1_izg62m3 wrote

Edit: Ignore me, I'm dumb.


mattmaddux t1_izg80hk wrote

It’s a joke. I’m over-dramatically denying the existence of the locations I don’t like.


Anima_EB t1_izeqq0n wrote

Canton inn best Cashew Chicken in town. Fight me.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izf3r6g wrote

It's good, but it's different. They season the crust like regular fried chicken, I have to be in the mood for it.

If you want to fight I'll have to go home first and get my Nerf guns.


dusthimself t1_izfr1qz wrote

Its the best General Tso's chicken in town, at least. And good lawd those egg rolls are the best I've ever had.


saturfia t1_izfnx4d wrote

Canton Inn was my cashew place in college and when I came to OB appointments in Springfield during my pregnancy, you bet I made time after to eat there.


Anima_EB t1_izgl2fz wrote

Us too lmao. Every time we visited while we lived out of town it was a must have.


[deleted] t1_izf199d wrote



Anima_EB t1_izf206y wrote

:( I have so little in life don't ruin this for me.


Avaylon t1_izf2mit wrote

Sorry my dude. Might I recommend The Urban Cup for your sugar fix? Those cupcakes are pretty dope and no less healthy than a candy covered donut.


Anima_EB t1_izf33f3 wrote

Wait are you talking about Canton Inn or Hurts?


Avaylon t1_izf94yz wrote

Hurts. Sorry, this was supposed to be a reply to another comment, but somehow it isn't. No idea how that happened I'll add an edit for clarity.

Edit: it looks like this showed up on the totally wrong comment. I'm just gonna delete. Sorry for the confusion. Apparently I can't Internet today.


Anima_EB t1_izgl5n8 wrote

No worries. I'm actually glad it was hurts. I can take them being shitty more than I could handle Canton Inn being that way. I need my Chinese fix lol.


matramepapi t1_izhggbi wrote

The owners are abusive assholes. I don’t give them my business anymore after a miserable 3 months of working there. Also, they use cake mix, overpriced junk.


Avaylon t1_izhmoo2 wrote

Yep and yep.

I don't think I've ever spoken to a former employee who had a favorable experience there. I'm sure they exist, but it's no one I've met.


dickcheesemcgoo t1_izg1dsj wrote

He came in my store and I wasn't convinced it was him after I told him he looked a lot like alton brown. Said he's "heard that a time or two."


00112358132135 t1_izekxwr wrote

Just go to Corner 21 and save yourself from all the bad Chinese food in this town.


viront7 t1_izengum wrote

I for one... Do not like Hong Kong inn.. Neither does my wife. Corner 21 is fire though.


NotBatman81 t1_izetu64 wrote

Hong Kong Inn is Midwest American-Chinese fast food and do a damn good job of it.

For contrast, Happy China is New York style...that's why they are a little bit different. I haven't had it, but Corner 21 looks to be more New York style as well.

Then you have Panda Express in town which is West Coast style.

Totally different foods, they should not be compared. Personally, I grew up on NY style and prefer it, but HK Inn is really good too. The rest of the places around town, I could take em or leave em.

I've travelled through China and Southeast Asia for work, and live in Chicago now, and man if Corner 21 is fire your minds would be blown branching out even further. Also, off in another Asian category but the Poke bowls at Craft Sushi are very good by national/global standards.


arcticmischief t1_izfcd58 wrote

Eh, Corner 21 is closer to what you’d find in Sichuan province (or at least a Sichuanese joint in Flushing) than a generic NYC Chinese takeout.


akarrsgf t1_izh06xt wrote

I live in China, have spent time in Sichuan province, and have eaten at and reviewed Corner 21. I can definitively say that this is not true. There are some Sichuan-inspired dishes at Corner 21, but it’s primarily Americanized Cantonese food—just not Springfield-style Americanized Cantonese food.


blbrrymuffin t1_izhue02 wrote

Also lived in China for several years, Corner 21 is pretty damn authentic. More northern style Chinese food than Sichuan. Talked with the owners and their cook grew up cooking in China before moving to Springfield.


sgf-guy t1_izmfl1h wrote

So many Americans have such a poor insight into what Chinese food is because it quickly became a suddenly altered genre so quickly. It’s what Taco Bell is to true Mexican food but worse.

I have not eaten at Corner but the menu presents as much more real Chinese on the mainland. I’m ok if it’s Cantonese based and not…Northern or Western Chinese. Much the same as I would be ok with knowing it’s “American” but really Louisiana food vs Texas BBQ or upper Midwestern hearty meals or East Coast a mix of genres from Italian to who knows.


BungholeItch t1_izfk1vv wrote

I use china king for city style takeout. North and south locations.


viront7 t1_izeufj0 wrote

Well, its fire for Springfield. I've been around and lived in some top 5 food cities so I know what I'm missing. Lol probably why I don't care much for HKI


NotBatman81 t1_izez8r8 wrote

You don't care for Midwest style. That doesn't make HKI bad.


arcticmischief t1_izfbrti wrote

“Midwest style” is objectively bad. Fight me.

The only people that like it are people who were born and raised here and view it through the rose-colored lens of nostalgia.

Same goes for Mexican Villa.


Saltpork545 t1_izfm4gq wrote

Midwest style Chinese is fried chicken covered in a savory or sweet sauce with varying levels of complexity.

So it's fatty, salty, savory, sweet, sometimes spicy. That's pretty much all tasty foods.

You don't care for Midwest style. Own it. It's not for you. That doesn't mean it's bad.

I don't like Oreos. That doesn't mean everyone who does is objectively wrong.


NotBatman81 t1_izfjirj wrote

Midwest style is across the Midwest, not Springfield. Cashew chicken was created within the category, it did not create the category.

Mexican Villa is one hyper local chain.


epeonv1 t1_izgp7do wrote

Hi, i did not grow up, nor was i raised in Springfiled and i think HKI is good. I also think Mexican Villa has the best hot sauce i have ever experienced, and i fucking LOVE hot sauces. It's almost as if your dumbass statement holds no water because anyone over the age (mentally) of 12 realizes that everyone has their own individual tastes and opinion on what is good. There is no such thing as an objectively bad tasting food (except for poisonous stuff that our brains are hard wired to avoid) because everyone's tongues and personal tastes are different.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfr20r wrote

Agreed! 100%


Springfield Cashew Chicken is not Cashew Chicken. It doesn't even resemble it. It resembles more closely to cat turds in a litter box that's been barfed on by the dog. You are absolutely right about how it's viewed by the locals as the best thing ever. I have been here for 13 years now, and the best place I have found to get "Good" Chinese food in from China Wok (& The Wok on Scenic). Their Generals Chicken is the closest thing to what I would get at the best places in Kansas City (Dragon Inn)

Don't even get me started on Mexican Villa.


[deleted] t1_izfvp96 wrote

Springfield style Cashew Chicken isn't supposed to be like Cashew Chicken. It's supposed to be different.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxi6q wrote

Look at the original post. It says #CashewChicken... not Springfield Cashew Chicken... which is why I was making the separation.


[deleted] t1_izfy9gk wrote

I wasn't replying to the original post. I was replying to the comment you made that Springfield Cashew Chicken isn't Cashew Chicken.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izfxa15 wrote

I'm seeing other comments on here just saying "Cashew Chicken"... and yes you are absolutely right... Springfield Cashew Chicken is different. It's crap!


[deleted] t1_izg4fyo wrote

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it crap. Different strokes for different folks.


AlwaysPaddle t1_izg9as4 wrote

Yep... Just voicing my opinion. But thanks for playin.


shavedcow t1_izemv2p wrote

I love AB. I would love to hear his thoughts on Mexican Villa. Lol


[deleted] t1_izfspzq wrote

Mexican villa is only good to people that grew up with it. Seems like everyone else says it sucks.


GubsTheGod t1_izeu4xx wrote

Enchiladas from the south are awesome, the Dr Pepper is fantastic from the West, tastes like drugs.


robzilla71173 t1_izf1jbr wrote

If he liked hong kong inn I think it's a given he'd like mexican villa. They're both made to appeal to the same people.


AdrenRose t1_izfbote wrote

For me Shanghai Inn has the best cashew chicken with Hing Kong Inn a close second.


akarrsgf t1_izgznup wrote

The actual best representation of Springfield-style CC, historically. Also… really good people.


AdrenRose t1_izi4num wrote

I've never had a single issue when going there and I've been going there since I was a kid. They're absolutely amazing people for sure!


akarrsgf t1_izmd3it wrote

Flossy used to call me "podcast boy," and would call back the 911 General order right when I walked in. The best.


AdrenRose t1_izmnabr wrote

I love that so much. She's the sweetest!


MasterxOfxNone t1_izfyr3k wrote

Nobody like Lucy's anymore? I always stop there when I'm in town.


SneakAttackSax t1_izg9tyg wrote

Lucy's is good but the portions are smaller than most and it's a bit pricey.


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_izffv7y wrote

Hong Kong Inn is my favorite cashew chicken. I feel justified, especially because I have been an AB fan for years.


Zydoxis t1_izg2vap wrote

It's really a shame that Alamo dropped their cashew chicken. Movie theater or not, that place weirdly had the best damn cashew chicken I've ever had.


shizkc t1_izgt00m wrote

I prefer Golden Dragon’s in Ozark, but I’m not a fan of cashew chicken(the gravy texture sometimes weirds me out)and Alamo had the only other one I enjoyed.

Also not being a big fan of it means I’m definitely not the expert on who makes it best.


robzilla71173 t1_izoc4r0 wrote

That second part is my problem too. I don't care for it so I can't really judge it. I've always been more of a general chicken fan and in that, Hong Kong inn is lacking. Maybe cashew is something they do well, who knows. Wish I'd heard that about Alamo when they still had it. I've started going to a little indie theater in joplin with a great food menu. Will have to see if they have cashew chicken.


OWB_violet t1_j04dv7k wrote

Few days late but HOLY SHIT that Thai Chicken Pizza kicks my ass it’s so fucking good


WorldFoods t1_izei9sz wrote

Is he here or something?


Ganrokh OP t1_izeitnt wrote


WorldFoods t1_izeixh2 wrote

Aw, man! Wish I had known!


Ganrokh OP t1_izej8gz wrote

My wife and I have had tickets for a few weeks and were very excited to go! And then, after 2.5 years of dodging COVID, both tested positive on Tuesday.

Luckily, the tickets didn't go to waste. We gave them to our best friend, who thoroughly enjoyed it and brought us back some merch.


WorldFoods t1_izejfgd wrote

Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened. Glad some friends got to enjoy it, though.


WrittenByNick t1_izf8jvv wrote

That sucks, hopefully you can see him on the next go round.


EcoAffinity t1_izf1dns wrote

I wish I'd remembered to post here - They had 50% off tickets this week leading up to the event :(


Martyr-X t1_izesuuv wrote

Wow totally unexpected. Very cool shoutout to us tho


A_Podcast_From_SGF t1_izerogx wrote

Quick sidebar, got the cashew from Triple 8’s last week and it was some of the worst I’ve had in all my Springfield cashew experiences. Are they slipping or just not as good as I remember?


akarrsgf t1_izh0jif wrote

I had this same experience when we reviewed it! Used to love it, but they had really fallen off.


bobone77 t1_izf6okg wrote

Triple 8’s “American” Chinese menu is not good. Their “Chinese” Chinese menu is some of the best in town, imo. I go there a lot because I don’t like general chicken or the abomination that is cashew chicken, and I can always order of the “Chinese” Chinese menu, which is always solid.


Saltpork545 t1_izfmkte wrote

Yeah, their Midwest Chinese is extremely bad. Fried chicken chunks slathered in sauce is not what to order from there.


ab0min0x t1_j098tby wrote

Definitely slipping. They used to be so good until recently :(


Lemonsniffer t1_izful7c wrote

No love for China Wok ever on here? I like that place too. I eat a little bit of everywhere. They all do something pretty good more or less.


SoraMuscles t1_izf3nd1 wrote

But your menu says “Galaxy of Prawns”. Three prawns is hardly a galaxy.


RealHobbes t1_izf4fpo wrote

Don't forget to ask for your sauce on the side if you don't want to get home with soggy chicken


SneakAttackSax t1_izg9s0o wrote

How dare you?! Then the chicken pieces don't get fully coated and infused, and it's just dipping chicken nuggets in watery sauce.


RealHobbes t1_izgf4cl wrote

Look, I don't add milk till half way through a bowl of cereal...


TakeTheWorldByStorm t1_izfuuwk wrote

Since I haven't seen anyone say it yet, there's a ton of good stuff at Asian Hut. I don't remember if I've tried their cashew though.


pr1moispfat t1_izeqk5r wrote

Wish I would have known he was here


hey-suffragette t1_izezmpl wrote

You’re killing me with this pic. I live in Ohio nowgif


bthornsy t1_izf1pfp wrote

I feel like I’m the only crazy person that thinks 5 Spice is the best in town. Their crab rangoon is god tier


robzilla71173 t1_izfs28n wrote

Been a few years since I've been, but at the time their General was one of my favorites. Agree about the crab rangoons.


snakercakes t1_izfbgrj wrote

My ex was obsessed with this place and would make me go every time we were in town. Honestly it’s fucking trash.


Oak_Shaman t1_izh4q3r wrote

Wasn’t there a place called Gee’s that was a great Chinese restaurant in Springfield?


erinlee1172 t1_izhasic wrote

Yes, Gee’s East Wind, I went there a lot growing up. Upscale and delicious. They brought out on the food and put it on a lazy Susan in the middle of the table. East Sunshine, about a mile east of 65. Edited for spelling.


Oak_Shaman t1_izkbp26 wrote

That is where I remember eating some great Cashew Chicken. My grandparents would take us there. Thanks for answering.


Heavily__Meditated t1_izhbhwn wrote

What were the other two that he sampled besides Hong Kong Inn?


user10085 t1_izf4768 wrote

Hki is my favorite but their to-go orders are not the best. The chicken tends to get soggy.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_izf4m9t wrote

Order the sauce on the side. I always do this with sweet and sour no matter where I go.


Tough-Ad-9319 t1_izfl53f wrote

I ordered that when I came to town just to see. Yes, totally noticed a lack of cashews and the sauce reminded me of Mccormick brown gravy mix. I decided I would give it one more try but debating about that.


Connect-Expression-8 t1_izftofm wrote

Leong's is where its at. But I say this as a Springfield lover who visits here and there but has never lived there.


Lolo8494 t1_izftzjh wrote

Hi! I just had Leongs cashew chicken for the first time and I thought it was so unimpressive. Do you guys truly think this is good American-chinese food? Is this the standard for Springfield?!


ChocolateGautama3 t1_izgfprd wrote

Leongs is not good, just the first to serve springfield cashew chicken


lukeman3000 t1_izh5x4p wrote

I agree lol; I do not like the way Leong’s does it, but that’s just me


uNRAted_squirt t1_izgelji wrote

New Oriental has the best cashew chicken (and Crab Rangoons) in town!


Kennon1st t1_izhdvju wrote

Why am I not seeing anyone mention Amazin Asian? They're fantastic!


Federal_Nerve_4539 t1_izhj0gm wrote

I need recommendations for new Chinese places if y’all know any good ones


Ganrokh OP t1_izhjrqc wrote

Authentic Chinese: Corner 21

American Chinese: Bao Bao, The Riksha


cannon_boi t1_izivydz wrote

I went to Parkview I only fuck with Canton.


Gaia227 t1_iziz3lt wrote

New Oriental has the best Chinese i've had in Springfield. I don't think many people know about it. It's a small place on Chestnut Exp between Benton and National.


somekindofhat t1_izj7wbi wrote

The best Springfield cashew chicken was the stuff from Master Wang's, back 30-40 years ago when it was owned by that Vietnam vet and was 5 locations of varying degrees of cleanliness. Best cashew chicken, best crab rangoons, wontons were ok.

If I remember correctly, the Kearney location was taken over for a while in the late '90s and early 2000s by a nice family, but I guess they're all gone now. The building for the one at Sunshine and Campbell was knocked down a couple decades ago.


robzilla71173 t1_izvchmo wrote

I tried some cashew chicken today. Hk inn was packed so I went to the Cantonese place at chestnut and glenstone. I'm not normally a fan of cashew chicken but that was honestly pretty good.


Elios000 t1_izf4uvp wrote

i hate cashew chicken the only one i have tried thats even edible is from Tea House


Rude-Ideal3053 t1_izh2tmn wrote

And the fact it has to be deep-fried. If you look at legitimate, authentic Chinese cashew chicken, it is not deep-fried. This deep-fried cashew chicken is a Midwest thing. I came from the West Coast and had authentic Chinese and that stuff was done in a wok and it was not deep-fried.


[deleted] t1_izha7kf wrote

Deep-fried cashew chicken was first served in 1963 at the Grove Supper Club in Springfield. By David Leong


robzilla71173 t1_izepdcy wrote

I don't think I've ever heard Hong Kong Inn and 'the best' in the same sentence before unless it's 'Hong Kong Inn is the best place to find hillbillies stuck in a drive thru line after work'. Seriously, thought this guy was a foodie of some sort and he's recommending the mexican villa of cheap Chinese?


Netzapper t1_izers3l wrote

What you're probably missing is that he likely didn't care much for any of them. If he thinks they're all kinda trashy, going for the one that really leans into the trashiness is right up his alley.


Ganrokh OP t1_izet34t wrote

This is how I'm leaning. This is a tweet he sent out about an hour after he wrapped his show at MSU last night. He didn't spend all day sampling cashew chicken from every other Chinese joint in town. He most likely had an assistant go out/order delivery from three places that had good enough reviews, or got recommendations from staff at Hammonds Hall.

That said, I wish he named who the other two are.