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UnnamedCzech t1_j02tax2 wrote

Ladies and gentlemen, get your downvotes ready.

I don’t get the hype. I genuinely don’t. People freak out over the newest fast food joint because “this one’s different bro.” (And yes I’ve had whataburger. Just another fast food joint IMO)

The thing is it’s just more of the same for Springfield, more shitty fast foods, box stores, strip malls, car dealerships, etc. People had the same reaction when Costco came to town, it was the talk of the town. But these companies come in, drain community finances for a few decades, then leave. It’s how it always goes. And look what they do to the town, too. Every strip with the insane amounts of fast food and whatnot are hideous and just terrible to be in.

It’s in part why I left Springfield. The absurdity of the culture around these sorts of things (in this case, waiting way too long in a line of cars for the lowest common denominator of American cuisine). This kind of development was a drain on my mental health and yet everyone around me celebrated it.


formiscontent t1_j00oach wrote

When I swung by this afternoon the line was on the shoulder backed up past popeye's, past macadoodles, past the empty lot that is soon to be a culvers, and past the car wash. I get that this is all in fun but this is not a location move, this is an Arrival. And it will pass in a few weeks, WaB isn't that great.


Why_T t1_j02nfs1 wrote

When raising canes first opens they had police out there directing traffic. Now it’s barely a line at lunch.

I’m not sure why people line up to give their time to a corporation.


papaparent58 t1_j02m5vr wrote

Someone tell us about Thai Express


One_red_shoe t1_j02ywkm wrote

You know when you first step into the shower, and the hot water hits your shoulders, and you just feel your whole body relax as you breathe in the steam? Thai Express is like that, but with curry. gif


patricknett t1_j02zqvx wrote

I absolutely love this comment. I want to screenshot it so I remember this forever lol. Comments like this really keep me going. Do you mind if I buy your next curry with us? Please DM me. And please don’t feel bad to take the offer either. You’re doing me a favor by accepting it, because it really motivates me to work harder. I appreciate you!


shmiz t1_j045ar1 wrote

Yooo LOVE YOU, my family has been going to your restaurant since back in the Thai House on Campbell days


According_Rough_5 t1_j029sgu wrote

I finally got to try them when I was in Texas. Loved the customer service and loved the fact they were open 24/7 good food too.


daleearn t1_j04eyxn wrote

I'm going to try Thai Express next time I'm in the area. Great post


whistletipss t1_j05b98f wrote

Thai Express is always solid. I love them. Whataburger is Sonic. If you can't wait to get a Whataburger in the 417, then you can in Fayetteville. Not worth the trip but if you're there then you wont be perplexed.


suchawildflower t1_j01m7qf wrote

Whataburger is life.


iceman10058 t1_j02zcgh wrote

All imma say is you can find In and Out in Texas, but you cannot find Whataburger in California....


mcdrunkin t1_j024dog wrote

Unless you've tasted... In N Out


suchawildflower t1_j024sty wrote

I have, and was excited to do so, and still feel rhat whataburger is better.


mcdrunkin t1_j0250x4 wrote

Well, everyone's intitled to their wrong opinion. Just messing with ya. I means it's burgers not something serious like steak.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j024u63 wrote

I get everyone loves Thai Express because the owner is cool or whatever, but this feels kind of off. Like when the spoiled kid is trying to get everyone's attention on their sibling's birthday because they want to be the center of attention.

Edit: I stand corrected based on the response below.


patricknett t1_j026wlq wrote

Hello! I apologize if it appears that way. I can give you 100% the true thoughts behind this post. There are really only 2 points.

  1. My staff and I were extremely exhausted. And the best way to cope with the stress of this much volume is to since, dance, jokes, and laughs. We joked about how we feel like whataburger right now. So we came up with the idea to make a post of that meme “hold my beer” and voila. We posted this.

  2. Just trying to be funny for my customers. It’s basically a marketing stunt, to get engaged with our customers. We really appreciate community building, and so I found this to be a perfect opportunity to connect and share something we thought was funny.

Does it receive attention? Yes. That’s the goal. But it’s not meant to be with bad intention, certainly not meant to be the center of attention type vibe.

Hope that clears it’s up and maybe change your opinion! ☺️


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j027dlk wrote

Wow, that does clear it up completely. I'm very impressed with your response, and I see why you have such a good reputation.


Same_Transportation4 t1_j00n0k1 wrote

Toxic Restaurants 101


EcoAffinity t1_j01xbyb wrote

During the pandemic, he was selling tp and basic food supplies like flour at cost to the public; he supported other restaurants by catering for his team and giving glowing reviews on his social media, I think he also gave gift cards for other restaurants at one point... Anyhow, your comment is blatantly wrong and just pathetically trying to put down arguably one of the most community-focused small business owners in SWMO.


Same_Transportation4 t1_j04o3tb wrote

This is great bc y’all really love this mediocre restaurant w/ a attention seeking owner. Have any of y’all ever even had good Thai food? I bet y’all like cashew chicken and think Perches is authentic.


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j09rhb2 wrote

I'm curious what in Springfield you would possibly consider authentic Mexican food.


Same_Transportation4 t1_j09t6v6 wrote

Closest I’ve come by would be Taco El Champu, Los Michoacanas Gracias or Taqueria Canchanilla. I’ve tried Perches twice and both times was very disappointed.


Same_Transportation4 t1_j02604t wrote

Dang, seems like all the marketing really worked on y’all


WorldFoods t1_j0291gp wrote

What he has done is good marketing but it’s also just called being a good person and putting good out into the community. If he were only concerned with making money, he wouldn’t give so much of it away — to the community, supporting other restaurants, taking his employees on all-expense paid vacations. He is successful because he wants to change how the industry treats people.


Same_Transportation4 t1_j02b75c wrote

I’ve worked for plenty of restaurants/bars that did the same. But they didn’t use advertising. The food should speak for itself. And I’m telling you that Thai Express ain’t talking.


WorldFoods t1_j02gzf1 wrote

Then tell us which bars and restaurants so we can support those great owners, too.


the_honeyman t1_j02pe8j wrote

All you did was prove your opinion on restaurants is worthless.


The_Doja t1_j02c60d wrote

shut your dirty fucking mouth

T.X. massaman curry is life


aujii11 t1_j02kq3g wrote

Thai Express owner is a whiny attention whore. But you'll only get downvoted for saying that on this subreddit.


the_honeyman t1_j02papb wrote

Because it isn't true in the slightest.


aujii11 t1_j03u0um wrote

The proof is in the OP pic. He uses the unrelated Whataburger thing to promote his shit. Same with Alton Brown and Hong Kong Inn. Can't just let those things exist without using it to his advantage to get the attention he craves.

Him and Missouri Mike troll those Springfield-centric Facebook groups to get free ads, and it works again and again and again.

It's cool you guys like the food and all, but you're sucking the big old dick of capitalism and don't even care.


the_honeyman t1_j03v09s wrote

He's a local restaurateur trying to drum up business, not a giant chain pandering to customers.

He's also absolutely nothing like Missouri Mike, because he's not a giant dickwad or horrible to those he deems "less than." Plus, those groups exist for promotion. Using them that way isn't spam. Feel free to start your own group if it bothers you so much.

Sorry a picture and a joke ruffled your little feathers. But that's all it was. A joke.


stone500 t1_j071kgv wrote

lol Patrick is one of the best business owners in this town! He's taken his employees on vacations, and recently gave a big bonus to one employee in particular who was struggling.


Same_Transportation4 t1_j00n85c wrote

Not even in the same category. Thai Xpress also tried to compete with HongKongInn, Chinese and Thai food are very different. If you don’t have nice things to say about other restaurants then I have no interest in eating at your restaurant.


the_honeyman t1_j01tefq wrote

The dude single-handedly kept a ton of other restaurants open through covid and I've never seen Patrick trash anybody's restaurant. Wtf are you on about?


thatHungarian t1_j01wxaf wrote

He just doesn't understand marketing and light hearted comedy probably... I mean somebody had to be offended so i guess it was him..


WorldFoods t1_j01s0yk wrote

He actually says a lot of nice things about other restaurants. What did he say bad about Hong Kong Inn?


ManlyVanLee t1_j00v1xf wrote

Thai Express isn't even that good. There are plenty of local joints owned by local people that don't pay into a large chain's pockets. Go to those places instead


WorldFoods t1_j016wor wrote

Thai Express is locally owned and operated. It’s not a chain. If you’re thinking of the chain, that’s why the owner Patrick officially renamed his business Simply Thai as he looks to open more locations in town. So the sign says Thai Express by Simply Thai. He was going to change the name completely but was afraid people wouldn’t recognize that it’s the same restaurant as the old Glenstone location.


ehoneygut t1_j01gp48 wrote

Fun fact: Before Thai Express, there was Thai House on south Campbell. Essentially the same recipes, but in a bit fancier sit down setting. Patrick(the dad) They sold that to a local couple then promptly opened Thai Express and put them out of business.


ehoneygut t1_j01gxhz wrote

Its not anywhere close to as good as Everyday Thai and I haven't been since they moved, but Thai Express has always been adequate to scratch the thai itch.


patricknett t1_j0288qx wrote

Fact check:

  1. My mom (sole owner) sold the restaurant to a lady that worked for us, and her husband. Not my dad, he has never had a single percentage of equity in the restaurant. Thai House or Thai Express. It’s important to note because my mom died of stress from the restaurant, she deserves the credit and recognition of what she built. She employed my dad out of generosity, but I’d like to leave it at that. Personal family matters.

  2. We did not put them out of business. It was not what they expected it to be, too stressful and they wanted out. So Nipa Thai bought them out and came in. They went out of business, and I’m quite confident it had nothing to do with us.

The lady that bought out Thai House was very close to my mom, and my mom definitely told her she was going to open a more budget friendly thai restaurant across town. She knew this, and was ok with this.

And here’s a fun fact:

My mom worked for her for free for a few months to help make sure she was ok. She made sure transition was smooth, and did everything we could to keep the business booming. But the new owner just wanted out.

Last fun fact. Original owner of Rama Thai is the same lady that bought Thai House and is still using the majority of recipes. The Thai House purchase overall I’d say was a good purchase for her 🙂


ehoneygut t1_j029j5n wrote

>my mom definitely told her she was going to open a more budget friendly thai restaurant across town. She knew this, and was ok with this.

I used to hang with them, and they definitely would not agree with this statement.

> Original owner of Rama Thai is the same lady that bought Thai House and is still using the majority of recipes.

She must have tweaked them pretty hard, because the few times I've had it, it hasn't been even close to as good as Thai House of Express.

Congrats on the move though. Looks like a good choice!


patricknett t1_j02a2fc wrote

It’s 100% possible she tweaked them. And if she tweaked it for the better, that’s awesome. I seriously wish the best for them, and I think it’s cool if they can make a good product even better. I don’t know what you heard, but we definitely parted ways on good terms. Her husband, I forgot his name, used to babysit me. We connected because he played Magic Online, a card game I used to play. Its possible they were just being professional, and weren’t truly happy with the transaction. But we did not “take them out of business” and we did everything in our power to help a smooth transition.


WorldFoods t1_j01rv8x wrote

I agree that there is better Thai food in town. But I love to support Thai Express because of how much Patrick does for the community and how he treats his employees.


King_Elrod t1_j021bfs wrote

One of the best employers in Springfield and great food. Two good reasons to support Thai Express/Everything Thai