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the_honeyman t1_j06x96n wrote

>This could be an epiphany moment, where you realize how out of touch with reality you are. Or it could show you how you've been manipulated to hold certain lives as more important than others. But, I'm gonna guess neither of those will come to pass and you'll just double down. Seems like the phrase 'You cannot reason someone out of something he or she was not reasoned into' is very relevant.

Yea, that's pretty condescending, thinking you have to lecture me on the subject of American imperialism. This thread wasn't about American imperialism, you want to start a new one about that and I'll be 100% on board with everything you want to say about how the US Military's function hasn't been protecting the country since at least WW2.

This thread was, however, about a country hosting an event to sportswash their awful human rights record, and a corrupt organization that directly enables organized crime and dictators. The only whataboutism here are the "well the US is just as bad" posts.