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This may be a reach, I know, but does anyone know if I can get Peking duck in Springfield? I’d like to serve it for Christmas dinner. The only place I found that does it is Leong’s and I’m a little nervous to order it from a place that serves burgers and Springfield-style cashew chicken. (Just my personal preference. No shade to Leong’s.) If you’ve had it from there, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!



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dannyjbixby t1_j0a6a2p wrote

Check out corner 21 or Bao Bao


Angus_Cornwall t1_j09ixur wrote

Tongs does a duck dish, not sure if Peking style.

There is a pic of it on his FB page.

We have had it in the past and it was good.


ehoneygut t1_j09k813 wrote

Mmmmm. Bangkok duck. Haven't had it for a while, but it is bomb.


shavedcow t1_j09z024 wrote

Leongs duck is good but expensive and chopped weird and too much bones. Does taste good though.


assland93 t1_j0amf9i wrote

Triple Eight’s used to have one, still might but I’m not sure.


Charlotte_the_cat t1_j0ciqmf wrote

Rama Thai has duck, but I'm not sure if it's Peking.


Fun-Chicken-7191 t1_j0e8ty5 wrote

This isn’t Chicago I wish we had something like that


MSUsugar_Bear8653 t1_j0lhqvp wrote

Boa boa if you order in advance and also Asian world/market has them fresh every Thursday but they go very fast.


Elvidnar t1_j12s1n9 wrote

My partner is ethnic Chinese and I haven't seen Peking duck locally. If you do find it then expect it to be expensive. I can tell you that 888 international market at 119 th street and highway 69 regularly has it but I haven't had theirs and don't know if it is fresh daily. They did have it on Sunday but if you want it you should call them to order it.

If you do get it be prepared to get the fixings like mushu pancakes, slivered spring onions and cucumber and sweet bean sauce. But as someone else has said be warned the dish is mainly valued for the skin and that is limited. Traditionally, it is served in courses with skin first followed by meat and finally a soup from the bones and meat scrap.


Good luck!


ProgressMom68 OP t1_j143hlc wrote

I think I’m going to skip it. We’ll be going to New York City next year, I think and we can have it then.


sgf-guy t1_j0abpht wrote

I’ve only had duck once…it was basically a pulled meat with bbq sauce…it struck me as a lot of dark meat but wasn’t bad….can anyone tell me the white to dark meat ratio of duck?


ProgressMom68 OP t1_j0ad2av wrote

In general, duck is much fattier than chicken. There really isn’t “white meat” so much. Peking duck is a roasted duck with a method that makes the skin very crispy and the meat very tender. You take a slice of meat and a bit of skin and roll it up in a pancake with plum sauce and green onions. It’s delicious.


LurkingOakleaf t1_j0agu1o wrote

Ask the international market on battlefield and Campbell, I think I’ve seen them there, already cooked


RockemChalkemRobot t1_j0adbaz wrote

Depending on the type there may be no white meat on a duck. They fly too much so there's a lot of blood in the breast.


MonoChaos t1_j0bkrsx wrote

I saw some duck at the Aldi's on Kearney once. If you don't mind actually cooking the meal yourself then you could try there.


robzilla71173 t1_j0bx1mb wrote

Just curious, is this a Christmas Story thing? I will always love that scene.


ProgressMom68 OP t1_j0by7m1 wrote

Hahah! No. It’s just something I used to like to eat when I lived in the NYC area. I love that movie, too.