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ActionFalcon t1_j20vwir wrote

I thought the reporter was insulting the person suing by the headline alone but no, the guy is an actual clown and even changed his name to "Spangle the Clown" over 20 years ago. I guess that fact makes for a click-worthy headline for an otherwise mundane story to report on.


Cloud_Disconnected OP t1_j20w85p wrote

That's why I posted it. It's a tragic story, but the contrast between the content and the headline was... jarring. I think they could have written a more appropriate headline.


ActionFalcon t1_j20wsds wrote

They definitely could have but it likely wouldn't have received nearly the same amount of clicks and attention if it were different. I'm hoping Spangle the Clown is ok with it knowing that it'll probably bring more attention to his efforts.


Cloud_Disconnected OP t1_j20xa0u wrote

That's a more charitable take on it than I had considered; hopefully that is the case.


AmcillaSB t1_j2188cb wrote

How sad. I know a few folks who were injured by semis, and they got millions. 750k seems too little for the loss of a spouse due to negligence.


jfweasel t1_j21ri35 wrote

I would of figured Brad Bradshaw would have got in contact with them since that’s all he ever talks about is how he is the number one attorney in the universe for suing trucking companies when tragedies like this happen.


Low_Tourist t1_j21bgjp wrote

Yeah, that seems way low. After atty fees, he'll end up with maybe a couple hundred thousand?


kenny1021 t1_j23fg4f wrote

Even at the highest attorney fee level in this area, should be around 450k to the client, then if a tort claim is made to the State of MO and is paid then up to about 675k in total to the client. That is also assuming there is no other insurance coverage or liability for the company. It pales in comparison to losing the love of your life, but usually that’s what you are able to get out of the civil case.


kenny1021 t1_j23eoqa wrote

You are usually confined to the insurance limits and the minimum policy in MO for semis is 750k, so they may already know the limit. There are additional claims that can be made (tort claim to the State), but it will be unlikely to get more unless there’s additional coverage which is found (happens pretty commonly) or if you get his employee file and find something bad for the company such as he was working too many hours, had a bad driving record, etc. They can always amend the complaint in federal court if more coverage is found or another claim can be made.


NX01 t1_j227umw wrote

> Spangle The Clown — formerly Ronald Poindexter before legally changing his name after the 2001 World Trade Center attack

I wanna know more about why 9/11 caused him to change his name.


FezzFezzah t1_j22rrbn wrote

Our nation lost a lot of good clowns in the attack on the World Trade Center.


drsideburns t1_j24n657 wrote

They were in the parking garage. All of them in the same car.


drsideburns t1_j24ncsk wrote

I’m assuming that it’s referring to “star spangled banner”


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_j2237uq wrote

He and his wife used to come to my sons daycare for Santa and Mrs Claus pictures.


[deleted] t1_j21g2u6 wrote



kenny1021 t1_j23fj8e wrote

It’s likely just the insurance limit for the carrier on this claim, but they can amend later if additional coverage is found.


name-isnt-important t1_j21yb0s wrote

I fully expected Brad Bradbrad to be mentioned in the article


Zigihogan t1_j23twtt wrote

The Brad Bradshaw commercial pop-up in this story is the perfect representation of Springfield.