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GeorgeBird0457 t1_j0gfulc wrote

The Greens, Trails End and Woodgate offer what you’re looking for but they’re on the opposite side of town from any of the campuses. What’s your transportation situation looking like?


jazzylunatic OP t1_j0gg35c wrote

I’ll be driving myself and I will be working at a bank in Republic


GeorgeBird0457 t1_j0ggcnj wrote

I’ve heard good things about trails end and the greens if that’s the case. Both are close to the highway for getting to work.


Low_Tourist t1_j0h1sju wrote

I'd look closer to Republic. It's not far in miles, but that drive can sometimes feel like for-ev-er.


Stat_Sock t1_j0hrikl wrote

Along with this willow creek is also nice (a bit more at like $825) but keep in mind most Wooten properties don't allow you to sign a lease months in advance. You'll need to check a month or two in advance and keep in communication or asked to be put on a wait list if something opens up


Long-Raccoon-1560 t1_j0gtlpc wrote

The Greens, but your drive to republic will be about 30 mins.


the_gone_angel t1_j0ptldf wrote

I live at Westwood. I’m in a two bedroom place that is $707 right now. Electric is separate but usually is about $60 a month for me. So slightly above $750 but not by much if that’s okay.


KTfl1 t1_j0gjbwo wrote

The drive from republic isn't terrible.


sgf-guy t1_j0jop39 wrote

I say this as someone who used to work between JRF and Republic on 60…but lived by Bass Pro…it’s 8 miles one way to not even be in republic. I was still 10 minutes away from “downtown republic” with lights and traffic.

You could easily chew up over a half hour or more each way depending on your end and beginning points plus fuel and wear and tear. 3 days a week? Ehh, ok. More? Unless it’s like your family getting your hired at a bank in Republic there are dozens in SGF much closer that prob pay the same and will be much more convenient. You have a large time span between now and then and if you are local or could visit for a couple days I would do some exploring and driving to figure some logistics and realities out.


jazzylunatic OP t1_j0m35fn wrote

I’ve been working with my bank for over a year and I feel very tightly knit into the work family. I honestly love the environment so much I don’t really want to go anywhere else. If it’s too inconvenient I may start looking for other employment opportunities, but until I get my bearings I’ll probably stay working at republic. I appreciate your advice though


thelonelytaco96 t1_j2aiwx3 wrote

Try elevate student living. It's by campus.