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Thanks for all the teaching opportunities as my kid and I scraped all your stickers off the bridge, campground, and yellow trail. We talked about everything from why it's ok to call certain things dumb, to why people feel like they need to spread hatred, to why some people are so afraid of doctors and academia they would rather kids get polio than vaccinated. We removed probably 10 stickers, and even had a conversation about why hating you isn't ok, but we still need to resist people who think that others who are different shouldn't exist.

Oddly enough, we didn't see any stickers past the 1.5 mile point. Couldn't make it the whole way?

Keep wasting your fascist money, we'll be back to scrape the red trail another day.

P.S. "Not stolen, Conquered" is about the stupidest fucking thing I've ever read.



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Lachet t1_j113p6x wrote

Good on you. Fascists are pathetic.


sprocter77 t1_j111se9 wrote

Patriot front is the lil pp club.


willhickey t1_j123vv5 wrote

Patriot front is the small-minded club. Don't lump me in with those fucking facists!


sprocter77 t1_j1240k2 wrote

Sorry. I just know comments like that really upset people like that.


hawtgnutek t1_j10vf79 wrote

Bless you for your hard work!


the_honeyman OP t1_j11b738 wrote

The hardest part were the two water crossings I didn't know about until we were halfway around the trail (we'd never done the yellow trail) but a couple soaked shoes and a lost sock later, we made it.

The stickers were a pleasure to remove.


Shadow11Wolf50 t1_j11bgai wrote

Patriot Front are miserable cowards.

"Misery loves company."


JoeByeDon t1_j116vsf wrote

Patriot Front = Incels with small wee wee's.


me-1947 t1_j11dp7j wrote

Thanks for your work. It's all so sad.


Saltpork545 t1_j11rntd wrote

"Oddly enough, we didn't see any stickers past the 1.5 mile point. Couldn't make it the whole way?"

Part of people staying members of PF is that they have to do something that shows they're advancing the movement. The most common way is stickers or their spray paint tagging. So they will hike in a little bit, plaster their shit, take a photo for their discord or group chat to prove their shit and leave.

Don't ever expect to see it miles into a trail. That's not the point. This is why, it's a known tactic of the group. Since they're so online based, it's not hard to find out their tactics and membership and all of that.

I will bet money the PF members doing this shit are young college aged men with some fucked up views of the world.


armenia4ever t1_j11yglb wrote

Anyone ever bother to try to catch them and actually talk with them and see why they have all sorts of fucked up views? There's got to be some Darryl Davis types in Springfield.


Saltpork545 t1_j121ljb wrote

Not that I've seen but you're probably right. PF specifically markets to young men aged 18-25. I'm sure there's someone who helps them come back out of said rabbit hole, but I don't know if there is one in Springfield.


Demmetros t1_j10ynhs wrote

Ignorant people shouldn't be aloud to go nice places.


[deleted] t1_j11byqe wrote

Saying your patriot front like like driving a monster truck as a daily driver. We all know you're compensating


eofk t1_j11wcus wrote

Thank you for doing this and making it a teaching moment for your kiddo. Glad there are still good people in this area like yourself.


Television_Wise t1_j11y1pv wrote

Gotta love the bodyshaming from idiots here. You know you're not going to hurt any PF people with that right? Instead you're letting perfectly nice, innocent people know you think they're disgusting and mockworthy for a harmless physical trait they were born with.

There's nothing wrong with having a small penis, being old, or having a disability, or any of the other physical traits that got trotted out to insult people.

The irony of acting like people are lesser based on physical traits...while purporting to be against fascism...absolute clown behavior.


ProgressMom68 t1_j11ygja wrote

THANK YOU. There is more than enough to mock those losers for. We don’t need to go for the low-hanging fruit, as it were.


Benway23 t1_j11mz2c wrote

Thank you for your work.


Gingersnap5322 t1_j12al60 wrote

Busiek is so fricken insane, one time my parents and I went and there were stations set up by some religious crazies and they were STAPLING PRAYERS TO TREES.


sourdoughbreadlover t1_j12kyoz wrote

Thank you and your kid for your service to the community.


GimmeAMalt t1_j14hhf5 wrote

Well done. I admire you!


intrepidsg t1_j151s5g wrote

I’m happy to see that this post not only exists in this sub, but that it also has over 300 upvotes.


mysickfix t1_j15ff86 wrote

I'd love to protest a group of these fucks if anyone ever sees them.


EMDWatson t1_j17slbl wrote



EMDWatson t1_j17smlp wrote

Cant take a little fact check huh?


[deleted] t1_j186qie wrote



EMDWatson t1_j188hrs wrote

Ya you got me. It was funny how my comment got flagged for not being about Springfield. But almost all other comments were not about Springfield. Somebody got their feelings hurt because I said it was not correct to say the polio vax is the same as mrna vax. One helped humanity and one is killing people.


[deleted] t1_j18712j wrote



ProGlizzyHandler t1_j18dabr wrote

If you've decided to be a fascist piece of shit then pack your bags and get the fuck out of our country. We don't need scum like you in this great country. Maybe you'd be more comfortable in Qatar or Afghanistan.


[deleted] t1_j13culk wrote



springfieldMO-ModTeam t1_j149loj wrote

Your comment is off topic or irrelevant.

Please share content relevant to the local Springfield, MO area.


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the_honeyman OP t1_j1101bl wrote

It's the same thing.

Also /r/notruescotsman


armenia4ever t1_j110ex3 wrote

It's not and I'm Armenian.

I can go all day about stolen/conquered land - which is actually happening still right now having lost a war to Azerbaijan over territory that Armenian families' have built on and in for hundreds of years.


the_honeyman OP t1_j110m39 wrote

Seems like your land is being stolen, but whatever.


armenia4ever t1_j110v59 wrote

We at some point conquered that land. In turn we were conquered, displaced, subjugate, enslaved, etc by various empires and peoples. History is cyclical. Never have guilt or shame about the land you live on or who you ancestors were. Don't apologize. Ever.

I 've got 3 kids and this is a moral value I plan to install as much as possible.

Down vote all you want as I don't l expect any real counter points.


the_honeyman OP t1_j1117jd wrote

And now we're right back to Patriot Front talking points.


[deleted] t1_j111fv9 wrote



the_honeyman OP t1_j111v0i wrote

Surely the most extreme option is the best, and there are absolutely zero ways of making things right short of everybody giving up their houses and being homeless.

Nobody except you said anything about feeling shame.

Edit: dude is a walking, talking, Patriot Front propaganda-spouting fountain.


armenia4ever t1_j11y8pk wrote

Or you could present counter points instead of accusing me - a POC - of being walking talking propaganda for Patriot Front. ( I also have tons of privilege cards I can play, so check yours before you launch accusations. )


the_honeyman OP t1_j11yx2q wrote

When you're spouting the same lines as they do, e.g. "Never apologize" and "DoN't GuiLT tRiP mY KiDs," you might as well be.

I do recognize my privilege, which is why I realize how important teaching children about privilege is. Pretty rich of you to tell me to check my privilege mere messages after "don't ever feel shame about your ancestors."


armenia4ever t1_j11zys4 wrote

I've got 2000+ years of my ancestors being subjugated, enslaved, conquered, multiple genocides, hundreds of years of wealth and land passed down generation to generation gone in a matter of weeks (real structural systematic impact) ... and I still maintain that no one should feel shame about their ancestors - to Turks, Azeris, and even the Mongols.

Take the good with the bad and keep going.

You can always keep digging and find that the victims were victimizers themselves. It's an endless waltz. (I also might be biased on that because of how much EU4 I've played.)


the_honeyman OP t1_j120ad0 wrote

You're basing your knowledge of world history from a fucking video game? We're officially done here.


armenia4ever t1_j122v7l wrote

Knowledge comes from many places. You'd be a fool to not utilize and learn from any sources, materials, and yes games that you can.

I'm also basing it on having read and studied voraciously about peoples and their history since I was quite young. I judge people for their actions now instead of their ancestors in the past where the morals of that time instead of ours. It's really as simple as that.

Who are we to judge Shaka, Batu Khan, Cuauhtemoc, etc?


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j11paa4 wrote

No such thing as a good deed unless you post about it on the internet.


the_honeyman OP t1_j11td6f wrote

Normally, I'd agree with you 100%. This post is different, though. This is letting fasicts know their shit won't be tolerated here.


[deleted] t1_j185qvt wrote



the_honeyman OP t1_j18qp9m wrote

Definitely wouldn't post talking shit on things people like for no other reason than being an overgrown manchild who thinks the Patriot Front is cool.


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j11zavt wrote

I don't think they care. That's kind of their thing. Them knowing you spent your time scraping all that would probably make them laugh.


the_honeyman OP t1_j1206u5 wrote

I didn't do this* for them.

*remove the stickers


JoeRohdesEar t1_j13w5ri wrote

Guy, can I have an invite to your Christmas party? You're a bucket of sunshine and laughs.


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j153843 wrote

Says the guy that insults somebody just for calling people out on their karma farming.


ehoneygut t1_j11xblh wrote

Look, I'm doing something. I scraped off a bunch of losers' stickers then went straight to reddit to advertise for them.

The irony of you posting this is hilariously sad. Way to go Streisand!


the_honeyman OP t1_j1204j6 wrote

I was wondering when you'd poke your miserable nose in here to take shots at me. You seem to have a weird obsession with me.

Removing fascist propaganda and vandalism from a public space is nothing short of a civic duty for anybody who actually believes in a just, democratic society. Posting here shows them there are at least 140 people (at the moment) who don't want them here.

Not to mention I just plain don't care what your opinion of me is.


[deleted] t1_j1223yv wrote



the_honeyman OP t1_j12334k wrote

Lmao I don't even know who you are. Who the fuck is "we?"

You know nothing of my life, but you are projecting awfully hard.

Edit: went through your post history trying to figure out who you are, all I can see is calling people who talk about privelege and systemic injustice "race-baiters," an inordinate amount of posts defending the use of Swastikas, being shitty towards those advocating for student loan forgiveness, and pretending the left went extreme.

Yea, I'm far better off without you and whoever that "we" is in my life.


[deleted] t1_j12fogj wrote



the_honeyman OP t1_j12lxsv wrote

"If I don't agree with it, it's pandering."

My dude, I used to hang out with a lot of awful people before I realized just how awful of a person I was.


CallMeDesperado t1_j13rs33 wrote

You know your deleted comments can still be read, right? If you’re gunna act a fool might as well stick with it.