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Hello Everyone,
I am a member of the Ozarks St. Louis CITY SC Supporters Club Springfield MO Chapter, we are fans of the Newest team in Major League Soccer located right here in the State of Missouri. I am aware that Springfield Lies within Sporting Kansas City Territory, however we want to invite fans from all over Springfield to see if they would enhoy watching the Beautiful game with us. we primarily opperate on facebook as such here is the link to Springfields Group Page

We hope you will consider joining us, as we plan for the comming Major League Soccer Season in February, News will pop up as we get closer to the Feb. 25, starting date. Thank you



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TGov t1_j18qn6f wrote

Thanks. Looking forward to the season. I have been a Sporting fan since the old Wizards days, but I have no issues support both teams.


Sponge_of_the_Hog OP t1_j19dodk wrote

thats gonna be pretty difficult given how both have stated they are willing to start a rivalry, but you are more than welcome to join us. just know that STL Vs. KC games may be pretty nuts


TGov t1_j19dwya wrote

eh, I like supporting local teams. I support both the Royals and Cardinals. Now when they play each other I cheer for the Cardinals, and will probably be the same with Sporting, but I will enjoy watching both teams.


Sponge_of_the_Hog OP t1_j19erja wrote

i just want a sucessful first seaaon tbh


TGov t1_j19exzb wrote

What is your criteria?


Sponge_of_the_Hog OP t1_j19fclr wrote

honestly I expect the Club to be High Mid table. I don't see us going for the MLS Cup or the Supporters Shield in our first season. The fact our Development team in its first season took 2nd in all MLS NEXT made me really feel that the club can be very successful in its first season but i want to be humble and say we have a better shot at mid table than anything else.


armenia4ever t1_j19i4o8 wrote

How is the atmosphere?

I have to be lured enough from the comfort of watching EPL games at a bar or my own home to make up for the quality difference. I say that as a Southampton fan watching my team fight relegation... again.


Sponge_of_the_Hog OP t1_j19j0vf wrote

Well I kinda can't say what our atmosphere will be like, because St. Louis CITY SC is an absolutely Brand New Club. that plays its first official Match on February 25, 2023.

However the venue we have lined up for our use is Georgia Macs on Republic Rd. and they are the hosting bar for the American Outlaws during International friendlies and Tournaments, so i imagine the atmosphere will be fairly similar to that.


Sponge_of_the_Hog OP t1_j19j9b2 wrote

plus the EPL and MLS Season do not conflict excpet for the ends

EPL is August to May
MLS is Feb/Mar to October


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ProGlizzyHandler t1_j18dcyp wrote

This guy is a Patriot Front member.

Edit: apparently /u/springqueening is a terrorist sympathizer. Probably thinks Nazis are good people too.


Top_Tiger_6969 t1_j18mj98 wrote

The way the mls tries to copy the way premier league teams are named is one of many reasons the league is awful. I can’t imagine anything less entertaining then watching guys run around for 90 minutes dropping like a rock at the slightest contact and most of the time not seeing anyone score. Soccer is a terrible sport


the_honeyman t1_j18rbo4 wrote

You're so cool. Look at you, shitting on the most popular sport in the world. I wish I could grow up to be as cool as you are. Can you teach me how to make shitty comments about things other people like that aren't hurting anybody else? I have a desperate need to prove how manly I am by calling things I don't like dumb.


Top_Tiger_6969 t1_j18tfk9 wrote

It’s not the most popular sport in the world. Lol


OTwhattheF t1_j18vk73 wrote

It literally is. Lol. Like, it’s not even close. Lol. There are other countries besides the US. Lol


Sponge_of_the_Hog OP t1_j19efil wrote

I mean, this isn't just stupid this is borderline dumb. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. want more proof? the World Cup Final in 2018 was watched by 3.52 Billion People. (The total data for the 2022 world cup isn't available yet)

for refference the SuperBowl is the next highest that year in terms of sports events. which was 112.3 million. the World Cup Final blows the super bowl out of the water.