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MaxYuckers t1_j19o4ga wrote

I like to preach that the safest you can be on the road is not on it at all. Plenty of people have no choice but to drive, so stay out of the way if you can.


Jayrob1202 t1_j19ka42 wrote

The MODOT Weather Map shows that most roads are partially covered, but the snow is just starting. The biggest dangers right now will be ice, high winds and extreme cold.

I wouldn't recommend going places unless it's mandatory.


Sgthouse t1_j1a5797 wrote

If you absolutely just have to drive today, for the love of god please drive as fast as possible. Less time you’re on these dangerous roads, the better.


jttIII t1_j1aez04 wrote

These road conditions make me nervous... that's why I recommend knocking back most of a 12 pack before hand to take the edge off.


WorldFoods t1_j19mwtn wrote

I am out bc I had to take a child to the dr. An hour ago they weren’t too bad — not many people out and if you just go slow and brake ahead of time, it was okay. Waiting at the pharmacy now so not sure if they’ve gotten worse but it’s definitely been snowing more in the last hour than before.


Glam-Breakfast t1_j19oxnl wrote

Traction wise they’re ok. Visibility is terrible currently. Be careful


GubsTheGod t1_j1abt0c wrote

I swerved into a pole, not bad. Drivable.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j19p5zn wrote

The roads aren't that bad. However, the cold is the real issue. If you did happen to get stuck, it could be potentially dangerous if you aren't prepared for it. I'd stay home if possible.


Aikyudo t1_j19opyg wrote

I drove to work and back today. It wasn't that bad around 9:00 when I left, but after getting to work and seeing the snow just getting worse and worse we decided to close and go home.

It was just me and my boss, and I live north of Republic, so I had to take a lot of highways to get home. Little nervous I have to say haha.

I do have 4 wheel drive so they werent that bad, I'd say if you can help it,.don't drive.


WheresYourTegridy t1_j1a3ed1 wrote

As a Wrangler owner I can only tell myself no for so long.

Edit: not enough snow on the ground to say yes to 4x4 today. Sad day indeed.


Thatguyyouhatealot t1_j19szz5 wrote

It’s not you. It’s the other guy who doesn’t know how to drive on snow you have to wait and slide in You. Stay home if you can.


spunkypunk t1_j19ndn6 wrote

Wasn’t too bad if you go slow. It’ll probably get worse though as the storm goes on


Sally_twodicks t1_j19sxq3 wrote

There were a few slick spots but mostly okay around 11 but the real issue is the cold. My brakes were actually freezing up.


Ok-Survey406 t1_j1bqkjy wrote

The same thing happened to me when I went to mama jeans to pick up ooey gooey bars.


mongerboy97 t1_j19wc8f wrote

If you have AWD and good tires. Go below the speed limit and allow enough time for braking you should fine at the moment. Drove from east side of town to Turners station and didn’t have a problem. Definitely be mindful of other people though since you do not know their capabilities. And always if you don’t have to drive don’t as that’s the safest


Hairy_Musician4271 t1_j1c5nyg wrote

Absolutely terrible. Snow is packed down into ice. MODOT said they have nothing to treat roads bc of how cold it is. All they can do is plow and sand busiest roads which isn’t helping much.


antares127 t1_j1c6ozd wrote

And yet I’m still probably gonna have to deliver people’s packages tomorrow


iLuke182 t1_j1dlive wrote

You're the real hero of Christmas and I want you to know your work doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.


Bwoody1994 t1_j19tbvl wrote

The main roads aren’t to bad yet but the side roads are awful


ItsSirTone t1_j1bnuj8 wrote

Side roads are awful. Main roads are iffy. So many left turn lanes are the slickest so stop sooner.


growth-or-happiness t1_j1buahj wrote

Well don’t drive unless you have to. I needed food and got my favorite thing, and no one even barely had their lights on. Also…I forgot how fun a backend vehicle is. So if you saw me pulling donuts at the mall. Welp. I hurt no one and it was was fun. So just trust yourself and trust no one out there. Be safe.