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Kosherporkchops t1_j1g7s7e wrote

A guy I work with does grub hub he loves going out in this shit because people usually do tip better.


cemccal t1_j1g6uze wrote

I feel like it’s okay since they have to sign up…but I would certainly tip well!


Always_0421 t1_j1g7fkk wrote

My stance is that they have to sign in to work, so if they didn't want to, or didn't NEED the money, they wouldn't be doing it...and like you said, so long as you tip well...I don't see any issue at all


latemadly t1_j1gejx7 wrote

The one's out there doing it need the money and will hopefully be safe about it. I, on the other hand, choose to take this time off to relax and get white girl drunk


[deleted] t1_j1giu7g wrote

Just don’t complain if they’re a little late or the foods a little cold. Also depends on how much you’re getting. Just think of it were you doing it what would you expect. That plan seems to work best for people that aren’t awful humans.


MsTrssMirri t1_j1gki7x wrote

My son delivered pizza and he said that $10 tip at the least is appreciated during this weather


Guayota6 t1_j1h2nwa wrote

Ordered pizza tonight cuz I totally forgot to go shopping for food. But tipped the pizza guy $15. I think the roads are totally fine.. yesterday (Thursday) when we had all that snow- I drove in it just fine.


Wyldfire2112 t1_j1h7gws wrote

Yeah, the problem with the weather yesterday was mostly the heavy wind and related windchill. Now it's still hella cold, but the actual snow is just a couple inches with no ice involved.


Diapybaby t1_j1gep1r wrote

I tip at least 70-80% during this weather, and live <3 miles away from anywhere I order from. If someone wants to drive in this weather, they'll pick up orders like this and know approx. how much they're making from it. Go for it.


muddpie4785 t1_j1glie4 wrote

We decided to put it off until the weather warms back up. I felt bad making somebody schlep us food when we have plenty in the house already, and these cold temps aren't just unpleasant; they could really cause problems for somebody if something happened.


Elios000 t1_j1j4nqc wrote

nahh id give em a bit extra tip bit other then that. big thing is not much will be open after 5pm or so