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Maybe looking for a unicorn here but I’ll ask anyway 😊 looking for a preschool (non religious- this is a must) that has good sanitation and safety procedures ( as in stuff is cleaned and sanitized regularly and just overall clean and also procedures in place to keep sick kids home and also procedures to prevent child abductions) ideally in sw Springfield or not too far away (not in nixa or Ozark). Good curriculum smallish class sizes and caring teachers. Would be great if there were somewhere that had masking still but I realize that is likely non-existent at this point in time. And also that would enroll a student part way through the school year. Tall order I know but still open to suggestions that would tick most of these boxes. TIA



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jalt0731 t1_j1jesug wrote

You might try The Summit Prep. They have a 3/4 class and a Pre-K. Located Campbell and Walnut Lawn.


Existing_Party9104 t1_j1kthq5 wrote

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! We all but sell our soul every month to pay that bill, but they update constantly with exact meals, times, changes, activities, and pictures. Communication is phenomenal, class policies are honestly far more strict for the teachers, and the staff is amazing and kind.


Resident-Log6503 OP t1_j1kwyb0 wrote

Thank you I did see good things about them online helps to hear from someone with first hand experience


LoveForKeys t1_j1nls16 wrote

Creative Learning is absolutely amazing! Best teachers, very little teacher turnover. Well managed classrooms. Happy kids! Plus adorable class pets 😁


Globalksp t1_j1kz25v wrote

We were pretty impressed with the Montessori on National near MSU, but they’re waitlisted till August. Located in a church, but wholly separarte (this too is a non-negotiable for us). Worth a tour if the distance isn’t too great.


Moist_Wonton t1_j1kwjs2 wrote

Imagine how pissed you would be if you had to wear a mask to preschool 😂 I hate this world


Resident-Log6503 OP t1_j1kwsrb wrote

Some kids actually prefer to wear their masks it’s become so normalized just like wearing clothes but yes it does suck that this has become a concern.


Resident-Log6503 OP t1_j1kwvkx wrote

I also more meant masking for staff I understand most kids that age do not like masks