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BetterMakeAnAccount t1_j1k53dq wrote

I mean I get what you’re trying to say with this meme but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t plan on doing those same two things this holiday weekend.


sgf-guy t1_j1km2g3 wrote

Im pretty politically smart and center to right leaning but I’m not sure he ever did anything of real value. A good ole boy, which can have its value, but he was nothing special. Compare that to Roy who at least was able to work the game well enough to get a fair amount of pork barrel project funds here.

Also, the cheeses you find beyond prepacked Walmart cheeses can be very good.


hystericallymad t1_j1l1wh3 wrote

First thoughts were Billy the hut in our local cheese cave...


NonBiblicalName t1_j1lcsdd wrote

Ol' boy parades around the grocery with his fists full of milk. Can't get enough of the stuff. Just sucks milk down all day (billy) long.


Angus_Cornwall t1_j1mu1xp wrote

I think about all he did was Tweet about not doing anything 😁