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Anyone else having chronic up and down internet service from Quantum/Brightspeed today? Mine has been up for 30 minutes to an hour then down for a couple of minutes....rinse, repeat.



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sizzlewow OP t1_j1rlnsl wrote

...and people say Reddit is toxic...Thank you, folks, for chiming in on this. I doubt it will do much good, but please call Brightspeed support and let them know what we are experiencing so that the tier 1 support knows to escalate this to higher support. I know, from recent experience, that they will say there is nothing they can do...but more tickets for the same issue means more priority. I have called twice today, the second time, I told them it was more than just me.


Ami-Lynne t1_j1rqdvo wrote

Well Reddit isn't toxic just certain people who make it their life m ission to be grinch. But we gotchu. Springfieldians unite! o/


slothgrlsrus t1_j1rgrva wrote

Yes, I have been having the same issue. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a common issue with them. Had no issues when it was quantum, but have had a few since it went to brightspeed.


sizzlewow OP t1_j1rgyd2 wrote

So you're having brief outages that quickly resolve themselves today? Just want to confirm so I can decide if it's my hardware or theirs.


slothgrlsrus t1_j1rh3f5 wrote

Yes, had about 3 times service went down for short periods but has seem to resolve itself for now.


MenopausalMama t1_j1rt1wj wrote

Yes, very brief and it resolves with no action on my part. No resetting the modem or any of that.


Ami-Lynne t1_j1rq90a wrote

yep just takes 2 to 5 mins to resolve it's self. Definitely not the hardware.


name-isnt-important t1_j1rjaeh wrote

Minor periods of quantum being down for about 15 - 60 seconds. Happened about 3-4x today


mysickfix t1_j1ribez wrote

yes same here. its been bad. good luck calling support, they are terrible. i tired for 3 weeks before i got someone competent enough to listen to what i had already done, and send a tech.

they couldnt resolve it, but the tech left me a new modem just in case. ive been thinking all day today its my problem again, but im kinda glad im not the only one this time


sizzlewow OP t1_j1ripch wrote

I haven't used their modem at all. I just use the ONT and my own equipment, hence me asking the community about outages lol. Now that I know it's more than just me, I feel safe in assuming it's not a hardware issue on my end. Perhaps we can all determine if it's just one neighborhood or Springfield as a whole. I'm in Oak Grove.


BryanByte t1_j1rn66j wrote

Just using the ONT as well and in the Oak Grove area with the same up and down issues today. First time I noticed it was a little before 10am.

Photo of my logged down and ups.


Ami-Lynne t1_j1rqylr wrote

Tom Watkins here and have Brightspeed ( was Quantum )


J0ul3s t1_j1rugil wrote

Chat support confirmed with me that there is an outage (@4:20 pm).


MenopausalMama t1_j1rswpp wrote

Yes! I was wondering if it was just me. It's been in and out all day. Have given up on streaming music as it stops every few minutes.


CelestialJackope t1_j1rl670 wrote

Same here, all day. Grant Beach area. It seems to freeze up for about a minute and then fix itself, but it's very frustrating lmao.


Ami-Lynne t1_j1rq5y4 wrote

Yep at 3:05 pm today I had a net burp where everything just didn't load then it was fine after a minute. Ever since we got switched to brightspeed I have been having those little burps MORE often than usual . I had NO issues when it was Quantum. I miss them already


J0ul3s t1_j1rsvvu wrote

Can concur, this is still continuing as of 4:09 p.m.


nacixenom t1_j1rxfwm wrote

Yep, every 20-30min it seems to drop out and reconnect... at least I'm not working today I guess.


NX01 t1_j1tbys3 wrote

Omg wish I saw this earlier today. I called them they said there wasn't an issues, and restarted stuff from their end. Issue persisted. I freaking factory reset my UDMP. Still no change. Seems to have all been resolved a couple hours ago. I'll be sure to check the subreddit next time.


BryanByte t1_j1tk91b wrote

Brightspeed & UDMP user here as well. Feel free to reach out next time you are having issues and I will let you know if I am having issues as well. Sucks to go through all of that trouble for provider issues.


NX01 t1_j1tla6x wrote

Thanks bro I'll remember for next time. It's all good though, I was over due for a reset anyway, I had some junk in there I should have removed a while ago. A good christmas break project.


DiscombobulatedAsk14 t1_j1rww96 wrote

Southwest side of town having the same issues litterally just did it again


ceemonki71 t1_j1rxmce wrote

Yeah. About every 30-45 mins the net will go down. Usually resolves within a min or two. If I was just watching Netflix I wouldn't think it's an issue cuz it's already got a bit dl'd but anything that requires a constant connection(gaming) dies. I liv by the cox south hospital and been happening since noonish.

I've had them since September and just use their modem. Use my own router. First time I've had any real issues.


ice-princesss t1_j1s3hyq wrote

Yes, at least three brief outages today.


feralfantastic t1_j1s5cvg wrote

Today was bad. Haven’t seen anything like it in the past three months.

Internet was connected 5:40:27 PM - 5 minutes ago

Internet was disconnected 5:39:28 PM - 6 minutes ago

Internet was connected 4:37:26 PM - 1 hour ago

Internet was disconnected 4:35:26 PM - 1 hour ago

Internet was connected 4:06:25 PM - 2 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 4:05:26 PM - 2 hours ago

Internet was connected 3:05:25 PM - 3 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 3:04:26 PM - 3 hours ago

Internet was connected 2:27:24 PM - 3 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 2:26:25 PM - 3 hours ago

Internet was connected 1:55:24 PM - 4 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 1:53:25 PM - 4 hours ago

Internet was connected 12:53:24 PM - 5 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 12:52:25 PM - 5 hours ago

Internet was connected 12:22:24 PM - 5 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 12:21:25 PM - 5 hours ago

Internet was connected 12:00:24 PM - 6 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 11:59:25 AM - 6 hours ago

Internet was connected 11:34:24 AM - 6 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 11:33:25 AM - 6 hours ago

Internet was connected 11:09:24 AM - 7 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 11:08:25 AM - 7 hours ago

Internet was connected 10:31:24 AM - 7 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 10:29:25 AM - 7 hours ago

Internet was connected 10:05:24 AM - 8 hours ago

Internet was disconnected 10:04:25 AM - 8 hours ago


blbrrymuffin t1_j1s5jlf wrote

Glad to see this posted! I’ve been having outages all day today and this is the first time I’ve ever had an outage since switching in Jan 2021. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!


Fuselol t1_j1s6myp wrote

Same tried to game a bit today, and gave up for this reason.


yaxgto t1_j1s6tjh wrote

Same on North side. I unplugged the modem and powered internet doodad and haven't gone down again yet


ho1doncaulfield t1_j1sfcm2 wrote

Yeah it's been really annoying for me today! I dd call them and they said it was an area-wide issue but didn't specify. I didn't push. Not a lot customer service people can say to you so when they tell you they're aware of issues that's usually good enough for me.


KawIsTheLaw t1_j1sk72z wrote

Also having this issue today, drops out and comes back after a few minutes but has happened several times. Download speeds are garbage as well. Very frustrating. West side, out near Republic.


pr1moispfat t1_j1s8rpp wrote

Been having this problem since brightspeed took over I assumed it was just me. Only notice it on my pc, all other devices seem okay.


cktk9 t1_j1sakgk wrote

Yes I've been having this issue about a dozen plus times today.


socialistpizzaparty t1_j1sopve wrote

Same here. Very intermittent all day. Usually down for 1-2 min and then back up without any intervention on my part.


mb10240 t1_j1sq8xd wrote

Yup, just noticed that my internet went out when my thermostats wouldn’t respond to their app.


ohlovely t1_j1sx0fj wrote

Yes, all day!


malevolentk t1_j1t17pr wrote

We live near national and plainview - same issue all night. Have power cycled modem and seems to be better?

We have to power cycle all the time - it sucks and we never had to with AT&T


mattmaddux t1_j1v4p4j wrote

Yes! It started yesterday for me. I actually called Brightspeed eventually to see if there was an area issue and they said no. Clearly they were wrong.


OutLawJeep t1_j1vabu2 wrote

Definitely service issues since BrightSpeed took over. It was worse than normal yesterday


KingHalfrican86 t1_j1vkfe3 wrote

I’ve been at work since 7am but I’ll check mine when I get home. Hopefully it’s good by then. Mine stopped for about three min yesterday and had no issues since.


Ganrokh t1_j1vy8qt wrote

Huh, thanks for this. We splurged on a new WiFi mesh on Black Friday. We were also having the occasional outage yesterday. Our routers were reporting that they didn't have internet, but the Brightspeed app was reporting that everything was working fine, and that our routers were getting internet from the modem. I was convinced that it was the mesh, but I suppose not.


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