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Wanting some tacos today, some of my favorites in town: tacos el champu, I love tacos. Any place I should try out? On the hunt for the best tacos in town.



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liketysplits t1_j6ojphw wrote

This question has been asked many times.

The general concensus is:

  1. Tacos El Champu
  2. Tacos El Gordo
  3. Los Michiocanos
  4. Cesar’s

cdkzfw t1_j6p70wd wrote

Just missing Elotes don Tono


TurtleSoup58 OP t1_j6ojycy wrote

Doing a quick google search, does it still have two locations?


liketysplits t1_j6okgrf wrote

Which one?


TurtleSoup58 OP t1_j6okt80 wrote

Showing a location on north National and south Campbell


liketysplits t1_j6opgw9 wrote

Tacos El Champu had a food truck on S Campbell in front of Ace Hardware. They also have a restaurant near fort and sunshine. Food truck is the OG.

El Gordo has a place on National - north of west chestnut.

Cesar’s is on sunshine, east of Glenstone.

Los Michiocanos has a restaurant at the corner of glenstone and sunshine, and another in the same plaza as El Champu near fort and sunshine.


Cruiser08 t1_j6orp6c wrote

Don't feel like I see this one get mentioned often, but Taqueria Cachanilla on S Glenstone has excellent tacos. Tamales are fantastic as well.


quake35 t1_j6ozfi9 wrote

I think that some of these other suggestions are good options, but I believe the Don Toño taco truck on Glenstone is the best I've personally had. They're located in the parking lot next to the Neighborhood Market. Really low-key place but the guy who runs it is super nice and everything he makes is excellent.


EcoAffinity t1_j6ohtjw wrote

Pinches Taco truck in front of Pep Boys on Battlefield. Taco Express truck near the brown derby/U-Haul on north Glenstone. Tacos El Gordo (I prefer the north side). Purple Burrito.


Stat63 t1_j6op1ws wrote

Love Pinches Tacos! Their barbacoa, Al pastor, fish, and shrimp tacos are all fantastic. Additionally, they have really good Birria tacos as well.


MartonianJ t1_j6oz8c5 wrote

Tinga Tacos is really good

Cesar’s has really good tacos too


FasterDoudle t1_j6oj826 wrote

Tacos El Gordo, hands down


Shoddy_Load_8048 t1_j6oy660 wrote

I tend to agree… that roja pork is to die for on a street taco. One of the best for sure


WorldFoods t1_j6ommzr wrote

Have you guys tried Brothers Tacos? I really like them, especially their burria tacos.


whistletipss t1_j6p64hq wrote

I loved when their truck was on Sunshine in front of Pitbull Powersports. Then they vanished without warning… at least I didn’t see any.


dbt974s t1_j6p6jw6 wrote

New to town and was wondering where the best tacos were also. What about margaritas? I’ve tried Cesar’s, El Puente and Senor Julians so far.


ProfessorLemurpants t1_j6ot76y wrote

Add to mix: Sabor de Mexico will likely be at Hold Fast Brewing this evening, and they are good. Good lengua.


Virulence93 t1_j6p9rjw wrote

If you like good fish tacos, The Wheel House (truck specifically) has really good ones!


leifkicker t1_j6oh8ms wrote

Cesar's Old Mexico is worth a try. Wheel House has some interesting takes on a taco, but they are not like your traditional tacos. Both are on Sunshine.

I should add that La Hacienda on Glenstone, just north of Sunshine has a taco Tuesday price. I think like $1.75 or something like that for a beef taco. Which is usually where we go when we want a taco.


JonnyG24 t1_j6p5bw1 wrote

Mexican Villa