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liketysplits t1_j6okgrf wrote

Reply to comment by TurtleSoup58 in Best tacos in town? by TurtleSoup58

Which one?


TurtleSoup58 OP t1_j6okt80 wrote

Showing a location on north National and south Campbell


liketysplits t1_j6opgw9 wrote

Tacos El Champu had a food truck on S Campbell in front of Ace Hardware. They also have a restaurant near fort and sunshine. Food truck is the OG.

El Gordo has a place on National - north of west chestnut.

Cesar’s is on sunshine, east of Glenstone.

Los Michiocanos has a restaurant at the corner of glenstone and sunshine, and another in the same plaza as El Champu near fort and sunshine.