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muddpie4785 t1_j2ovqu6 wrote

Jan was a lovely, kind woman and a personal friend of my family. Your remark is in poor taste.


EyeOk389 t1_j2p75us wrote

Is this the one where the person was a friend and was selling there coins?


muddpie4785 t1_j2pun5k wrote

As I remember it, Gary and Mr. Porter, who was convicted and is now serving 2 life sentences for the Tyrrell's murders, had worked together for several years as teachers and administrators of public schools in the area. They were close friends, and when Mr. Porter asked for a loan from the Tyrrells, it was generously and openly given. But Mr. Porter didn't repay the loan.

On the night of the Tyrrell's murder, Mr. Porter had asked to meet with Gary at a restaurant or some such. Gary stood him up, because he believed, or knew, that Mr. Porter wanted more money. At that time, Gary was beginning to feel that Mr. Porter was taking unjust advantage of the Tyrrells' generosity.

Porter then went to the Tyrrell's home, rang the doorbell, and was invited (or forced his way?) inside. Porter asked for money, Gary refused. To make a much more complicated story short and to-the-point, Mr. Porter beat Gary severely, and then shot him twice. He bludgeoned Jan to death with one of Gary's collectible items, a walrus tusk. Then Porter stole silver coins, valued at $18 K (not nearly enough to cover the large gambling debt for which it was later discovered Porter wanted the 2nd loan from the Tyrrells.)


EyeOk389 t1_j2pwtyf wrote

I was in the McDonald's next to R&k coins one afternoon grabbing something to eat, I noticed two gentlemen in suits watching R&K.. I didn't put the two together till after the conviction... what a horrible story, and thing to do.