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mattmaddux t1_j2vur6i wrote

We left Republic Services a few years ago for Queen City Disposal, and they’ve been totally reliable. In addition, our prices haven’t skyrocketed. They adjusted slightly for gas. But when we were with Republic they basically raised our rates twice a year without fail until I called to complain, then they would lower it for a bit, then just start the cycle of raising the price again. Part of me wondered how high they would go, but I didn’t feel like paying out for an academic exercise.


VaderTower t1_j2x2yd7 wrote

I'd second Queen City, never had a problem, no billing issues, never pickup issues. If I get it in the bin by 8am it'll be gone when I get home.

I think they're at $50/3mo now too? Can't complain.


Punnchy t1_j2ygr54 wrote

And third. We pay $75 but that includes a recycling barrel picked up biweekly. Nick, the operator/owner is at least decent people. One of his trucks clipped my car a few years ago and he took care of the repairs out of pocket (it was a beater so I didn't need it fully restored).


internationalkoala00 OP t1_j2x3tf7 wrote

Woaahhhh ours is 150 for three months.


mattmaddux t1_j2x62jm wrote

Yup, just checked my bill and it was $52 for 3 months.


internationalkoala00 OP t1_j2x6jbs wrote

Damn we're gonna switch for sure.


VaderTower t1_j2xd8l2 wrote

Yeah you're getting robbed, there's 3-4 other options that are all within the $15-$20/mo club.


internationalkoala00 OP t1_j2xddsh wrote

Christ, that's upsetting but at least I know now.


the_honeyman t1_j2xm7pk wrote

Patriot Disposal, aside from having an amazing name if you actually think about it, was the cheapest when I called around. $45/3 month bin fee+$9 for gas charge=$54/3 months, plus you get 3 months free when you sign up.


Big-Row-7895 t1_j2yjnvv wrote

$150 for three months? WOW!! I do “dump runs” up to Springfield landfill for $20.. (I recycle as much as possible)


DeathCait t1_j2wb7ay wrote

I’ve not heard great things about Republic services. My neighbor uses them and they constantly miss him. Most on our street including myself use Ozark Refuse. They’re way cheaper than the big companies and local, so they actually care about good service.


MidwestFescue82 t1_j2wpu6s wrote

My parents live in Willard and use Republic services they haven't picked up trash in over 2 weeks. I used them in town last year and they raised prices 3 or 4 times. Switched to Pendergrass.

The refuse business seems to be a revolving door. New companies establish clientele and then are bought out by larger companies that hike rates and don't give af. Rinse and repeat..


pssssn t1_j2x0t0x wrote

> Ozark Refuse

I've had excellent service from them also. My entire neighborhood is slowly moving over to them.


internationalkoala00 OP t1_j2vmszy wrote

Waited over two weeks and they finally picked up today. Has it been the same everywhere else in Springfield?


joe2352 t1_j2vpcng wrote

When I lived there it was pretty regular for them to miss us for a week or two. When I left Springfield it took them a month to pick up our final load. I only know it was that long because the realty company who was selling the house called me damn near every day.


Mechanicallvlan t1_j2vrit2 wrote

No, my area hasn't really been impacted by whatever problems they are having.


VaderTower t1_j2x3557 wrote

Our neighborhood fb group had someone missed since 12/12 and they finally cancelled yesterday.


pssssn t1_j2x0wi6 wrote

My coworker has been complaining about it for two weeks now.


Qazxswedcplmoknijb t1_j2wm148 wrote

Haven't seen them at my house since 12/23. However, they never fail to empty the same dumpster twice a day at the office - a dumpster that would take at least 7 days to fill up. Absolutely no need for it to be emptied twice a day.


TGov t1_j2x2sq2 wrote

Dropped them like a rock when they doubled my bill out of nowhere. Went with Queen City Disposal and have been very happy with them so far.


Punnchy t1_j2wepzp wrote

I've heard that they are majorly understaffed and can confirm the long wait times from a business side as well.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j2wrwtz wrote

They did the exact same thing in my neighborhood last year. The thing was, they didn't care because they had a deal with the neighborhood association, so your trash was included with your dues.

They also missed houses frequently, which is funny because they had every house on the street. And they changed the pick up day three times in less than a year. I was so glad I was able to get away from them when I moved.


sillystoney420 t1_j2y152c wrote

Queen City all the way!!!!! Can't give them enough praise, absolutely amazing company.


Jdupp t1_j2yr2ac wrote

Nice attempt to guilt-trip customers and blame employees rather than management by not-so-subtly tossing in "illness, parental leave, and bereavement" as reasons for delays.