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growth-or-happiness t1_j31g2nw wrote

There is COX north, I can personally say they were decent. Can’t just stay in your room though, but it has been a really long time so I can’t say what it is like now. They had group and 1 on 1 psychiatric care. Self admittance though, idk how they handle that.


growth-or-happiness t1_j31h6io wrote

Sorry if that wasn’t the information you were looking for. Oh, and no you can’t keep your cell phone. If you want to chat/type feel free to DM me if you want to unload.


mcnew t1_j31e559 wrote

Mercy has the Marian center. That’s inpatient psychiatric care.

You probably can’t check in directly, as it’s usually pretty much full, but if you are having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming anyone else check in to the ER. It’s not ideal but they’ll try and get you the help you need.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_j31qbb1 wrote

Cox North is way better than the Marian Center. I've had too many clients have bad experiences there. God help you if the Marian Center is full and the ship you out to the shithole in Joplin that has been known for holding people much longer than they should.

Cox is far from perfect, but definitely a better alternative to Mercy.

Burrell has the Rapid Access Center that one can check themselves into voluntary, and can leave any time. They have beds available, offer detox, host support groups, offer therapy, medication management, SUD (substance use) treatment, and help you get into other services if needed.

There's a huge anti-Burrell circle-jerk in this sub, but I would highly recommend taking advantage of the Rapid Access Center. I've spoken to multiple people who have told me "that place saved my life" and had great experiences there.

I would recommend starting there before going to Cox, and especially Mercy....


growth-or-happiness t1_j321tsg wrote

Fuck Mercy hospital as there is no Mercy. Get it? Anyway, Burrell Rapid Access I do not know much of. I get the I hate Burrell circle jerk, unfortunately in this town there are limited/weird options. And not every doctor will be the same. But that isn’t limited to this town. In Neveduh (yes I am making fun of you), they have a behavioral health place, but it is not quite a nice place. But that was a long time ago.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_j32441p wrote

Despite being a Burrell employee, I will readily say: stay the hell away from Burrell satellite offices.... I've witnessed/heard of too much incompetence and bad practices at those locations. I think it has to do with lack of oversight.

Most of Burrell's satellite offices are hemorrhaging employees and very understaffed right now too, from what I understand.

Most of the Burrell hate I see here is unfounded, but there are definitely very real criticisms. The biggest problems I see from the inside is that our scheduling department has grown terribly incompetent, wait time for entering services is astronomically slow/backed up, and the turnover rate of providers is substantial and definitely screws up the quality/continuity of care provided to our clients.

Burrell absolutely strives to provide good care for our clients, and 99% of people on client-facing sides truly care about the people we serve. But I also think that when you go beyond the client-facing staff, leadership cares more about profit margins than quality of care provided to clients or quality of life of their employees.

There are valid criticisms of Burrell, but most of the hate I read here is far from valid or based in reality.


lightsrage85 t1_j35ie6e wrote

right? if you go to the main offices, you are good. but yeah. satalite offices no. I went to the booneville office once cause i was homeless there, and they shipped me back to columbia who was not helping me. I finally went to kc where I found an apartment.


lblockh1 t1_j35k6cg wrote

Lololol I’ve never ever heard that joke before (about Mercy OR Nevada) Your username definitely checks out though.


WaywardDeadite t1_j31h6nu wrote

Have to be careful with this. My husband checked in once and waited 9 hours for them to say "sorry, drive to KC. Everywhere is full". That can be devastating.


ReliefAltruistic6488 t1_j31m8ar wrote

As of 2 years ago, Cox North was the best. They had groups and activities. The Marian center had nothing due to staff turnover. Both are admittance through ER.


growth-or-happiness t1_j3221x3 wrote

I have never heard anything good about Marian. Never been either. Knew a lot of people that went through there, and the place didn’t work out for them.


lightsrage85 t1_j35i2d5 wrote

Yeah, I haven't heard nothing good about marian. I just heard from a close friend cox north was great.


FrankTankly t1_j320nqd wrote

I worked at Cox North for ~3 years on one of their adult inpatient floors. If you’ve got any questions about how the process operates I’d be happy to give some insight.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_j3223c0 wrote

I heard Cox is going back to turning away the DD population for psych admittance. Do you know if that's true? Also wondering where that leaves my clients with comorbid developmental disability and mood/schizophrenia-spectrum disorders?

Also have to wonder how many of my clients you've serviced over the years haha.


FrankTankly t1_j322is0 wrote

It’s been a bit since I’ve worked there, so can’t speak to specific policy right now, but wholesale turning away of a specific population sounds odd to me and I’d be surprised if they were to start doing that.

I’d ABSOLUTELY be shocked if they were turning away depressive/schizophrenic patients as well, regardless of their other diagnoses.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_j325dmy wrote

I heard this from a department head at Burrell, but they may have been mistaken (I hope so...).

But as far as turning people away, it's seemed about 50/50 odds whether or not they'll admit someone who's only experiencing psychotic symptoms anymore. I've had a lot of clients turned away this last year when having a psychotic episode but not being suicidal/homicidal. Even when they've been transported via ambulance from a residential care facility, with the RCF staff requesting hospitalization. I don't remember it being like this until within the last 1.5 years or so.


queen_of_frustration t1_j31qtkc wrote

Not sure if they still do but Royal Oaks up in Windsor, used to let people admit themself and did provide transportation to and from, for the patient. Their number 800-456-2634 and website


Ipuncholdpeople OP t1_j31oony wrote

Thanks everyone. Shame to hear I'd have to go to the ER. Let's hope it doesn't come to that


WaywardDeadite t1_j31gzmv wrote

There's a new 24/7 adult crisis stabilization unit on the west side of town. You are free to leave whenever you like. They can help with lots of stuff including drug withdrawal. My husband went there and it was extremely helpful.

My husband has been to Cox North and the Marian Center. Neither were very helpful, but the Marian Center was better.


Ogtrot t1_j33h5m9 wrote

My mother was suicidal for years. Cox North treated her each time she had an episode. The last time she was there in September of 2014, she was released without telling any of her family (makes no sense, she had just attempted that week). She committed suicide that night and we found out she left the hospital the next day. When she was already dead. My brother found her. My brother is the one who's been missing since April of this year. Cox North doesn't have my trust at all.


snorlaxatives_69 t1_j35f1uu wrote

God I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through. I hope the best for you and your family


MikeSchimm t1_j33voro wrote

personally, had bad experiences at both marian and cox north, but that’s probably just me. obviously you aren’t allowed anything, you get hospital scrubs and a book if you’re lucky. that was a struggle for me, as i use music, movies, and other things to cope with my anxiety. never got sleep because nurses come into your room and check on you every 10 minutes, sometimes not closing the door. again, just my experience and i’m definitely not saying it didn’t help me, because it did. but it’s tough, and you’ve got to give away a lot of your freedoms to get better.


MikeSchimm t1_j33w2pg wrote

pretty sure the only reason i left marian as soon as i did is becasue i spent 5 days there and got a collective 12 hours of sleep. they thought giving me trazodone was the solution. i’ve never been so sleep deprived in my life


growth-or-happiness t1_j3h6htg wrote

Trazidone was for me really bad. At COX north I was given Thorazine, and told in group to fight the sedation. I was on that and 4 other drugs for years. In the end, it did not help me personally. I still miss Thorazine but it stopped working. I couldn’t sleep anymore. But I was also dealing with a lot of domestic abuse at the same time.


MotherBoognish t1_j35szrx wrote

I am sorry you are having a rough time. I just got out of the Marian center a couple days ago. I do wish there were better options for adults in this area. After reading some of these comments I am so thankful I didn't get shipped off to Joplin. I heard the staff in the ER talking about sending some people there.


Lost-Can-4218 t1_j36aj9u wrote

Had a friend go to Cox North. She told me it was basically a jail. Cold ass filthy building with mean ass staff that should be working in a prison. Apparently they wake you up at 6am every morning and you're told what the fuck you're doing all the time. You're forcefully medicated. They'll refuse to discharge you if you don't comply with taking medication despite awful side effects


coochdestroyer6900 t1_j39v8kh wrote

Marion center, mercy wasn’t terrible. Also in mountain home Arkansas there is a great one.


Extreme-Inevitable84 t1_j4esnh6 wrote

It’s not in Springfield however if you really need inpatient help that will help you I suggest McLean hospital in Belmont mass. The New England system as a whole is superior to missouri. You’re allowed to have your things as long as there’s no strings, no glass, no sharps and no airsiole cans. You can keep your clothes and your things in most New England inpatients some even allow you to have your phones as long as you sign a contract regarding hippa and privacy. This Missouri system for mental health is in the cave men era for real.


Aimless78 t1_j31t3em wrote

Mercy has a good inpatient place for adults


Wrinklestiltskin t1_j31zg2z wrote

That's debatable, and if their inpatient is full, you can be held against your will in a hospital bed (one time for days!) before being driven by ambulance to their Joplin overflow facility that is old and dirty (trash and used bandaids and stuff on the floor when I visited a few years ago). Your involuntary hold at Mercy prior to being bussed to Joplin does not count, and it starts once you reach the overflow facility.

That same person who was held for days not getting treatment at Mercy and confined to a bed until being sent to Joplin could not get out of that shithole. The psych provider residing over this individual would not discharge him even though he had been there for about 5 days at this point and was not suicidal. I had to go out there personally and raise hell to advocate for them to discharge this person.

This individual said there were other people at the facility in the same boat, including someone who checked themselves in voluntarily when they were having some psychosis. Once their psychotic episode had passed, the facility would not allow them to leave. Another client of mine recently told me of a similar experience they had going to Mercy, being held without treatment until shipped to Joplin, where they could not leave for an unreasonable amount of time.

Mercy should be a last resort in my opinion. I also highly recommend receiving medical care thru Cox over Mercy. As a caseworker, I've seen problems with Cox, but I have seen way more problems with Mercy. Everyone I know who has worked at Mercy has told me to always go to Cox and stay away from Mercy. That's pretty damning when their employees tell you to go to their biggest competitor...


growth-or-happiness t1_j325ijw wrote

Imagine going through some rough times to be bussed to…of all places Joplin. I lived there for a long time and I never do a drive through ever. That town is extremely depressing. Now imagine getting out of a mandatory hold, no ride. No money (if homeless keep a few bucks in your pocket), and the street near you is 32nd and Rangeline. /shutter/


lightsrage85 t1_j35ijxg wrote

eww. I have been in some odd places, hospital hill in kc where as a blind patient i did nothing but eat and sit there for five days. rolla where the same happened. they did not like that I wanted to stay in bed and sleep all day either. well the hell you want me to do give me something to do.