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trashchan333 t1_j39a8ex wrote

Duff Family Dental is wonderful, I love those ladies. I asked one of the Drs about smoking weed and if it would affect my teeth and when I acted embarrassed about the question she reassured me and didn’t judge me at all. Real cool place for a dentist office


Dont_Do_Drama t1_j39wasa wrote

Seconding Duff. I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences there. I had to have a couple cavities filled, which is something I was nervous about because I’ve never had to do that before, and they were awesome. I expressed my anxiety about it, they listened, made sure I was comfortable, and really put me at ease. I’ve never had a better dentist.


electricsloth66 t1_j3an1gn wrote

I absolutely love Duff Family Dental. The dentist always compliments my eyebrows AND you can choose a flavor for the deep clean gunk they put on your teeth, which, for whatever reason, feels very fancy to me. Everyone is super kind and they're great with kids.


telxonhacker t1_j3aposw wrote

I too will recommend them, very kind and compassionate, and made me feel at ease when I needed some teeth filled. I hadn't been to a dentist since I was a kid, and after realizing I needed to act now, or face serious issues, I decided I needed a dentist. Non judgemental, went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and everyone there seems happy to be there.


AmcillaSB t1_j399vlh wrote

I've been happy with Kimbrough Dental


iced-macchiato t1_j39x1ta wrote

Smile Dental on Bennett/National. They really helped me work through my dental trauma and anxiety! They were very patient and let me take breaks, and would never push to far if I felt nervous.


Sweet-Ross860 t1_j3akvzk wrote

Dr. Papagayo is so kind, my sister has really bad anxiety and I recommended her to make an appointment. She agreed they’re very kind. Let them know ahead of time you have anxiety and they will be very respectful of the issue.


mutantxproud t1_j3apdl6 wrote

McKeown Family Dental! I absolutely cannot say enough amazing things about everyone I've dealt with there. 110% patient for life.


DrinkWaterDaily7 t1_j3cxz5h wrote

Dr Saitta on Primrose is good. Been to him for years. They respect my dental anxiety and it has reduced since seeing him.


CTYankeeinMO_1986 t1_j39wghu wrote

Randi Green (aka The Smile Doctor). Top notch, very personable dentist who has an eye for cutting edge technologies. Located on south side of Springfield, very close to the old Zio’s Italian restaurant.


MotherofaPickle t1_j3moqlr wrote

Dr. H at Fox Grape is fantastic. Listens to all of my concerns, communicates his concerns, and doesn’t charge me for all the extra Novocain I need (it doesn’t work well on me).

Cons: They don’t take all insurances and he’s a talker. 😄


Existing_Shower114 t1_j3tq4gd wrote

South city dental he is very good and patient as a dentist I have bad teeth and he didn’t shame or make me feel bad and the front desk ladies are amazing


PatricksAce t1_j39ge2w wrote

I go to Dr Durbin on Kearney. I really like him and he listens to any concerns and is nice .


TheMadMerlin t1_j39nlss wrote

I always recommend Robison David G DDS in Willard, been coming for years and they're great


drsideburns t1_j3cx9yd wrote

Bolivar has Dr Gonzales of Bolivar Family Dental if you are that direction or willing to travel

Avoid Aspen Dental though


WaywardDeadite OP t1_j3d12ui wrote

Aspen dental was the problem for me


drsideburns t1_j3d2bgp wrote

I’m sorry you had to deal with them. I’ll never stop trashing their name.


WaywardDeadite OP t1_j3d3glc wrote

Thank you. They chose to go ahead and clean even when the novacaine wasn't working for me. I was crying and the dentist told me to be quiet.


drsideburns t1_j3dta4t wrote

That's horrible. They tried to get me to agree to work that didn't need to be done (replacing a crown that was completely fine)


LurkingOakleaf t1_j3f4yl4 wrote

Sounds like Innovative Dental. Sorry you had to deal with that at Aspen Dental.


Existing_Shower114 t1_j3tq302 wrote

South city dental he is very good and patient as a dentist I have bad teeth and he didn’t shame or make me feel bad and the front desk ladies are amazing


nobile t1_j3ye3vi wrote

I used to go to a small dentist place but the guy retired, the company that took over his business Dove Dental was.... traumatic for me.
They're probably great for the average person, but for someone with lots of social anxiety it was NOT a comfortable visit.

So I'm definitely gonna be looking out for whatever people suggest here, it's been a year since I last went to the dentist and I still feel overwhelmed thinking about that last visit :P


Robodie t1_j3buqmb wrote

Avoid Heather Cline like the plague.


Moist_Wonton t1_j3auibu wrote

Dentist are a capitalist lie. Resist.