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Does anybody here in Springfield have experience with Mint Mobile? My wife and I have Verizon, but we were looking to find a more affordable option. What's the coverage like? Are there issues with dropped calls or anything like that?



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Ganrokh t1_j3imanl wrote

I'm not on Mint Mobile specifically, but we're on Google Fi, which uses the same T-Mobile towers that Mint does, as well as US Cellular towers. It's been great. My wife and I are in rural areas a lot because we're the only ones of our families to convert to city folk, and the only area we've had service issues is this one stretch of a dirt road south of Joplin. Otherwise, it's been flawless, in town and out.

That said, if you're sticking to a network using only T-Mobile towers, we were on them until ~5 years ago, and the rural connection was pretty spotty. The US Cellular towers bring included in Fi helps immensely rurally. I'm not sure how T-Mo is now, but their buyout of Sprint should help, Sprint used to have a good rural connection here.


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_j3kp2bd wrote

Yes, if you go anywhere rural coverage is always a concern. I wanted to try Mint but my husband looked at the coverage map and pointed out it didn’t cover most of Texas County, where his family farm/hunting camp is. Would it only affect us one week a year? Yeah, but it’s the week people are running around the woods with guns and knives, so we decided not to switch right now.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3iny8i wrote

Mint Mobile works exceptionally in the local metro area. The only issue I have is issues with my phone specially due to the Pixel 6 having a ton of random issues. I sometimes have to download a new esim because my service just stops working without warning.

As always when you go the prepaid route be prepared to troubleshoot your own issues because calling up the company is a pain in the ass.


rja7 t1_j3ieqod wrote

Mint runs on T-Mobile, generally T-Mobile works good enough in the Springfield area but the indoor coverage is iffy compared to Verizon or AT&T here due to less overall towers. If you’re planning on going to the boonies as well you probably won’t like Mint/T-Mobile related service.


Tr0z3rSnak3 t1_j3in7g8 wrote

Just don't go to Nebraska or be outside of any major city out west


mysickfix t1_j3irwi8 wrote

As an alternative, we have had cricket for six years now. I buy my own phones and we get two unlimited lines for around 85 bucks.

If you buy a phone from them, you have to keep it on the service for six months before you could transfer it.


External_Staff_300 t1_j3jecl7 wrote

How's the coverage of cricket outside of town?


mysickfix t1_j3juu6p wrote

Pretty good for me, drops in the same areas most do. Near the border and out in the boonies. I used it when I drove all over the Midwest. Never had issues.


the_honeyman t1_j3id03o wrote

I have Mint. It runs on the T-Mobile network. I'll never go back to one of the big providers. $15/month for the same service I got on T-Mobile. Just look up your average usage before committing to a plan, I realized mine was only around 6 gigs and have been able to cut back even more.


devour2004 OP t1_j3idnte wrote

How is your experience with the T Mobile network? Do you have any dropped calls?


Eulers_ID t1_j3j95ij wrote

I'm gonna hop in here to echo what the other guy said. Works great inside Springfield, and other towns. Out in the country can be a little hit-or-miss depending on where exactly you go. There are very, very few places where I lose cell service entirely, but there are small spots here and there where data won't work.


the_honeyman t1_j3ifc9d wrote

Never had a dropped call in town, unless I was in an elevator or something. Once you get further out into the sticks, you'll have trouble getting 4g and such, but I've still been able to send texts and make calls most places we go, for example Stockton Lake, Eureka Springs, Busiek, SE Kansas.


essentially-retired t1_j3in7e6 wrote

We, us, kids, parents all use mint. It has worked fine for us. Our daughter lives north of town on Ashcroft Estates and we don’t have a good signal but as long as you have Wi-Fi you’re good. If you wanted to keep Verizon but cheaper look at Visible


Lionfountain t1_j3iyovj wrote

Yep. I’m on Mint with my wife and it’s worked in everywhere we’ve traveled for the past 5 years.


ShedinjasPokeball t1_j3jj1e0 wrote

I use Mint Mobile and have been doing the 3 month plan for 4GB; it roughly comes out to $85 once every three months. In Nixa/Springfield most of the time and it does well/never had any issues with the service; phone is also an iPhone XR if that matters.


tghjfhy t1_j3jp0y8 wrote

I have it now for three years and love it


Lost-Can-4218 t1_j3icrku wrote

I used straight talk for years until they banned me from the service after I experienced a SIM swapping scam . I pleaded with their customer service and told them what was happening but they would not listen. I basically had to restart my life with a new phone number I had for years and update everything.

I got mint mobile. I purchased the SIM and service from best buy and so far so good. No complaints or loss of service, no disconnects or anything.


devour2004 OP t1_j3ifm2i wrote

Thank you for the responses. Its been a great help.


417sadboi t1_j3ioitm wrote

Visible is the move.


hystericallymad t1_j3irc6v wrote

Used it for years around here. Only bad experience was when I transferred my number out to Google Fi. I lost 6 months of prepaid service I was hoping to have another number assigned to.


Mechanicallvlan t1_j3isjyt wrote

I haven't used Mint, but I recommend looking at Red Pocket if you want something more affordable. They have a range of annual prepaid plans from $30 to $360/year, and with most plans, you can choose your network. So, bring your own device, choose the network that you prefer, and choose the plan that works best for you. I've been with them for years.


deborah_jai t1_j3itr58 wrote

Mint’s fine, and more importantly, it’s cheap. I work at MSU and sometimes lose signal at work. I also sometimes lose signal at home. It’s fairly rare, but it never happened on Verizon. However, I’m not paying $50+ per month anymore. If you’re not planning on being in the sticks for any reasonable amount of time I’d call it an upgrade.


TurtleSoup58 t1_j3j64k5 wrote

I had t mobile a few years back, and once you get outside the city it’s spotty(or was) around springfield.


aux_arcs-en-ciel t1_j3jruwm wrote

I got Mint for my kid. Texts took forever to go through & sometimes didn't at all. I dropped mint & added him to my Google Fi. I have had Fi for several years & am very happy with it.


locamoca75 t1_j3jw33c wrote

No I tried and it did t work in my area after they said it would Then they didn't give a refund because they charged for a restocking fee on the phones.


Relevant_Intention35 t1_j3jxiso wrote

Have had mint for a couple years now and love it, super affordable, has been very reliable for me living in Springfield, I highly recommend it.


lightsrage85 t1_j3r6p8z wrote

it works anywhere t-mobile works. so if t-mobile is great somewhere ment will be too according to a friend of mine who has/had them now we have consumer which is cheap but not as cheap because they do not outsource there csrs or anything and they sell at target too verses existing totally online. so they are a tiny bit more. I love consumer cellular. I can tell the reps there I am blind without them saying i am sorry. I mean its all good when people say that but I always have to wonder why are they sorry its all I have known.


ScuffedOperator t1_j3x6mfq wrote

If you like Verizon but not Verizon prices give Visible a try. Verizon network and I pay 25 bucks a month for unlimited everything.