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Ganrokh t1_j3imanl wrote

I'm not on Mint Mobile specifically, but we're on Google Fi, which uses the same T-Mobile towers that Mint does, as well as US Cellular towers. It's been great. My wife and I are in rural areas a lot because we're the only ones of our families to convert to city folk, and the only area we've had service issues is this one stretch of a dirt road south of Joplin. Otherwise, it's been flawless, in town and out.

That said, if you're sticking to a network using only T-Mobile towers, we were on them until ~5 years ago, and the rural connection was pretty spotty. The US Cellular towers bring included in Fi helps immensely rurally. I'm not sure how T-Mo is now, but their buyout of Sprint should help, Sprint used to have a good rural connection here.


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_j3kp2bd wrote

Yes, if you go anywhere rural coverage is always a concern. I wanted to try Mint but my husband looked at the coverage map and pointed out it didn’t cover most of Texas County, where his family farm/hunting camp is. Would it only affect us one week a year? Yeah, but it’s the week people are running around the woods with guns and knives, so we decided not to switch right now.