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socialistpizzaparty t1_j3w3h2x wrote

Just let the person enjoy their diarrhea. Haters gonna hate, ain’ters gonna ain’t.


Punnchy t1_j3vyrkh wrote

That's a crappy joke.


cbduck t1_j3x7csb wrote

Traveled to Springfield to visit family a few weeks back, and passed a PT Cruiser with a Punisher sticker on it, next to the Punisher sticker were the words "I have to poop."

Well okay then


undecidedquoter t1_j3wf42q wrote

Demetri Martin is ticklish, and he has diarrhea


Tough-Ad-9319 t1_j3x76kl wrote

I am not sure why anyone would want to announce this to the world unless they are Poking fun at people who put things on stickers like baby on board, co exist, we all need cetera et cetera. Guess I don't get it.


Imactuallyadogg t1_j3ukngr wrote

That’s just as dumb as those “locally hated”stickers. They’re trying too hard to be funny. I would probably hate that person’s personality.


Born2fayl t1_j3v8ya1 wrote

I always thought dogs were more accepting of people. Sad. I agree though. This is dumb.


Imactuallyadogg t1_j3vxz6f wrote

Well we’re a good judge of character is all. Most people are good or at least try to be. This stuff is just tacky. It’s not even funny