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KayGeeBee15 t1_j3y5ocd wrote

I work at the front desk of the hotel here at Vib/The Wheelhouse! The front of house person at The Wheelhouse buses the lobby. If you are feeling extra nice you are welcome to bring the plates up and set them on the bar. No pressure to do so!


Dbol504 t1_j3xcfun wrote

I go in the back and wash mine for them. /s


Punnchy t1_j3xbh6e wrote

I've generally cleared my table up to one end of the bar when dining in.


Gingersnap5322 OP t1_j3xccju wrote

That’s what I did, I also awkwardly walked around with my empty dishes for a minute


cdkzfw t1_j3y35g8 wrote

I like to bring them to the bar if there is space where someone isn't sitting, but I do that to be nice. I think you are fine to leave them.