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Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3ydl7a wrote

Reply to comment by Jimithyashford in A happy ending?! by Punnchy

What he did was despicable. Like I said once already I'm not boycotting the restaurant or anything like that. I believe he obviously fucked up and what he did is unforgivable. It's a family who never sought him out, whose name was dragged through the mud because he chose to dodge them for months on end. If it was Mike Hikman that shit would be brought up every time one of his restaurants was mentioned in the comments here.


Jimithyashford t1_j3yf8iz wrote

You are correct, when speaking of Hickman, that people with malicious beliefs and a history of shitty behavior are not as easily forgiven as otherwise good and productive members of the community when they make a mistake.

But that's exactly appropriate and as it should be. Serial offenders and dick wads get cut less slack that mostly good people who make a rare terrible mistake. That's a very normal thing and a healthy social dynamic.

So, I dunno, I guess we are talking about personal perception and there is no arguing someone out of an opinion.

To me this is a bad thing the guy did, he is rightly deserving of the criticism he got. He owes an enormous apology to the family, which he gave, owes the proper delivery of the funds, which he did, and the family certainly has the right to bear a grudge against him for a long time.

But otherwise, for just some other John Q Public member of the community to deem this unforgivable....seems silly to me.

But it's what you feel, so it is how it is.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j4022li wrote

You were pursuing a similar line of thought with me in the other thread.

As far as I'm concerned now, he delivered the money, he apologized, he took responsibility publicly, so he's done all he can. It's not like he has a time machine, and his previous actions indicate that he started this to help the family, not to score social media points or profit from it.

I don't find anything he did unforgivable, or even close to it. I've made mistakes in my life, I don't know anyone who hasn't, so I try to extend the same grace to others that I would have extended to me.