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Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j4271t9 wrote

Reply to comment by patricknett in A happy ending?! by Punnchy

What about the family who got death threats from your cult on Facebook?

All you do is me, me , me. You did everything you did to be cryptic and spread hate. All you had to do was...

Hey I promised a family money from a fundraiser I did 8 months ago. I forgot about it got behind on stuff and it caught up with me in the most embarrassing way possible. I apologize and have written a check for money owed plus an additional $500 for being aloof. In the future I will do x y and z to ensure this doesn't happen again.

But no, you posted a cryptic post and made things 100 times worse.

Poor You!

Go cry to your cult of personality page.


EcoAffinity t1_j4296v2 wrote

I didn't see death threats to the family. Certainly very shitty comments from shitty people who probably go to a mega church on Sunday and generally feel proud of themselves, but I didn't see death threats. You keep saying you don't care, and this whole situation isn't going to keep you from going to the restaurant, but man are you committed to commenting on everything like it's your own personal vendetta.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j42bonm wrote

You're right. I told myself I was done with this and then I got a notification of this comment and it rubbed me the wrong way. I just found it to be incredibly douchey. That's on me, I should just let it go. Let the man be a douchebag.

Obviously there is something I'm taking personally about this and that's a personal fault.