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aujii11 t1_j3xzp4r wrote

A comment in that thread sums it up nicely.

>All it took was 8 months, a lawyer, local media, and public shaming.

I just feel bad for the family at this point. Shitty situation for them, no matter how you look at it.


Several_Attorney5642 t1_j43y5rs wrote

Exactly. I don’t feel that he “made it right”. He wrote paragraphs making himself look like some kind of hero for doing the most basic thing possible. He didn’t even round the amount up LoL.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3xvldk wrote

It took three posts for him to ask his supporters not to attack the family. The family didn't even end up taking the money despite the fact many were saying they were money hungry. Doesn't change the fact that Peter ghosted the family and seeked out a lawyer for "deformation".

Never meet your heros folks.


Jimithyashford t1_j3xzlst wrote

In have to ask, what would a guy who made this fella's mistake need to do to make it right? At least according to you.

Like me, let's pretend I did something similar. I had offered a % of my intake towards a local family or cause, and had gotten preoccupied with other things and totally forgotten to actually cut the check for $1200 or whatever it was.

Ok so, I realize I've made this terrible mistake. Realize I've caused harm, and want to make amends and do the right thing to atone for my mistake.

What is the right course of action?

I think most people would say very publicly owning up to the mistake with no excuses other than pure failure on your own part, and then immediately following through with the money you'd pledged would be the right thing to do.

I think most people would consider that to be the right and proper thing needed to atone for the mistake.

But you seem to not think it's enough. So then I must ask you, what would be enough in your view? Not to make you not angry at the person, anger takes time to go away, but for you to say "They've done everything they can to make this right and atone properly for the mistake they made."

I don't know the Thai Express guy. I've never eaten there. I have no loyalty to him whatsoever. But I do know that people fuck up, and when they do they should be able to make amends, assuming the fuck up isn't something unforgivable.

My entire stake in this conversation is trying to understand why some people think the guy hasn't done the right things to make amends, and understand what more people expect in a situation like this? Obviously the most ideal answer is "not have fucked up in the first place"....but that's not reality. People will always fuck up.


stone500 t1_j3y9ojg wrote

Also once lawyers got involved, you gotta be really careful with what you say about anything. Him making a post at all until the matter was resolved was probably a bad idea by itself.

In any case, criticism to Nett on this matter is fair. He's gonna have to take it on the chin and do better moving forward


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3y1bkx wrote

People were literally shitting on the family in the post he made. And he said nothing about it until the final post. That's not a good look.

Before any of this happened he tried to lawyer up and stop the story from coming out.

A family who lost their child had to deal with harassment from his community because he was initially cryptic about the story.

There is nothing he can do to move past it and be forgiven. He has to move forward and move past this. Do better in the future.


Jimithyashford t1_j3ybtrr wrote

So it’s literally impossible for him to make amends and be forgiven? At least by you?


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3ydl7a wrote

What he did was despicable. Like I said once already I'm not boycotting the restaurant or anything like that. I believe he obviously fucked up and what he did is unforgivable. It's a family who never sought him out, whose name was dragged through the mud because he chose to dodge them for months on end. If it was Mike Hikman that shit would be brought up every time one of his restaurants was mentioned in the comments here.


Jimithyashford t1_j3yf8iz wrote

You are correct, when speaking of Hickman, that people with malicious beliefs and a history of shitty behavior are not as easily forgiven as otherwise good and productive members of the community when they make a mistake.

But that's exactly appropriate and as it should be. Serial offenders and dick wads get cut less slack that mostly good people who make a rare terrible mistake. That's a very normal thing and a healthy social dynamic.

So, I dunno, I guess we are talking about personal perception and there is no arguing someone out of an opinion.

To me this is a bad thing the guy did, he is rightly deserving of the criticism he got. He owes an enormous apology to the family, which he gave, owes the proper delivery of the funds, which he did, and the family certainly has the right to bear a grudge against him for a long time.

But otherwise, for just some other John Q Public member of the community to deem this unforgivable....seems silly to me.

But it's what you feel, so it is how it is.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j4022li wrote

You were pursuing a similar line of thought with me in the other thread.

As far as I'm concerned now, he delivered the money, he apologized, he took responsibility publicly, so he's done all he can. It's not like he has a time machine, and his previous actions indicate that he started this to help the family, not to score social media points or profit from it.

I don't find anything he did unforgivable, or even close to it. I've made mistakes in my life, I don't know anyone who hasn't, so I try to extend the same grace to others that I would have extended to me.


timewreckoner t1_j445wis wrote

>People were literally shitting on the family in the post he made.

Wow, that must've been really gross for them.


merrythoughts t1_j3yzp3k wrote

Not waiting a goddamn 8 months. Actually addressing the family directly. Not allowing the weird fan-bois be fuckin internet bullies.

As a person looking in with no interest in either party and much better food options in a major metro, this guy did shitty shit. Don't portray him as a victim, that's so lame lol


Nerzugal t1_j41zv55 wrote

Yeah, I get that people make mistakes but he had time to make multiple posts on social media asking for money, set up a donation option for in store payments, etc... but then after the fact it slipped his mind because he was too busy/struggling to keep the restaurant open. And then even after people asked questions it was radio silence.

Sure that is a possibility but it just seems strange that if you have time to setup a fundraiser and all of the extra work associated with it (the stuff that benefits yoyr business), you might also have time to pay the family or at least reach out to them (the stuff that benefits the family).

He can get back in good graces but it was a pretty major screw up.


22TopShelf22 t1_j40afin wrote

You must be a relative of the guy. Fix the problem before it got to this point. It was so simple. You seem to be trying to cover for the guy


Substantial-Guide625 t1_j4g3xcg wrote

I didn’t read your post but what would he have to do in my eyes to be forgiven?

Admit publicly he did use the child’s death for publicity and profit, admit he tried to hire a defamation lawyer to stop the story from being ran and no one would pick up the case, admit his ego got in the way of paying the family due to being called out for making their daughters death about his new resturaunt, admit he pushed his father out years ago with a made up story about abuse and resign from the company.

That would be about it for me and I feel a majority of springfieldians. This is after 20 years of going there 2-3 times a week.


Jimithyashford t1_j4j30rt wrote

But what if that’s not true? Are you demanding he lie in order for you to forgive him?


periodbloodsausage t1_j3y0s63 wrote

Stop. So, now he is responsible for everyone else's hot takes on Facebook about the issue? He inquired for a lawyer rec to help guide him through the process, not to sue anyone. He admitted he was wrong, made several posts about how he failed in this instance and was making it right and ended up making it right. What more do you want from the guy? You have every right to not be a patron of Thai Express, but to continue to disparage the man's character after he admitted and owned up to a mistake reflects more about you than him. Being a successful, well-known business owner doesn't exclude you from failure; it just shines a brighter light on you when you do fail. And the dude didn't scurry away like a cockroach.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3y2glz wrote

It's his community and he was very aware of the comments. Yet nothing was said. And he only confronted it because the fucking news got involved. Before that he ignored it. If the news never got involved he would of cockroached it up for the rest of his life.

I'm not even going to stop going to Thai express. All i'm saying he's a shady dude. I'm not even that invested in this. The facts are the facts. I will give him credit for not censoring decent towards him in his community, that gives him a leg up over Mike Hikman.


merrythoughts t1_j3yzvnk wrote

Uhhh he scurried for 8 months. There are consequences for being shitty


TwentyTwelve1 t1_j3ze8ny wrote

Actually, yes. He knew the whole time per the letter he received that the family was not seeking the money nor had they "hired" a lawyer. The lawyer worked pro bono to send a couple of cease and desist letters on their behalf, and then to organize communication between the two parties. But he didnt bother to say that and instead allowed his supporters to push that narrative and leave a barrage of victim blaming comments insinuating the family was "out to get something" and overall bad people. The father addressed this in his post on fb today. Apparently they have even received nasty messages and the like. He did not post the truth about their intentions or implore people to leave positive comments until today, I suspect after he spoke to them and they asked him to.


Medicat t1_j3yqn0v wrote

That group is essentially the Patrick Nett fan group. It’s cringy to me


Content_Idea t1_j40cwk6 wrote

I’ve always thought how strange it was that they all worship him as if they are all personally involved in his life. “I know Patrick he’s a great guy!! He would never…” Just because you saw him in his restaurant doesn’t mean you personally know him. Like you’re just another customer… 😂


Substantial-Guide625 t1_j4g3hep wrote

Sounds like the WTF Springfield Group and their worship for Mick Hickman and Brad Calbert, even though the latter is a confirmed creep.


Several_Attorney5642 t1_j4xv4bo wrote

They’ve tried to turn a group that roasts strangers into a business venture to promote their businesses. Gross.


Several_Attorney5642 t1_j4xvjdt wrote

Hickman gets a comment on the Eat Springfield Mo page & literally blasts her. “Cancel culture”? I’ve never eaten there & never will, just for his pitiful attitude.


erichkutslilpp t1_j40ui8x wrote

Its not much different than this sub. Its really weird and doesn't seem organic.


KingHalfrican86 t1_j3y9krl wrote

Wait hold up what am I missing? I don’t watch much news and deactivated FB so I haven’t seen what’s happening


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3yagm6 wrote

Owner of Thai Express offered to raise money for a family whose child died. Never paid the family despite the family reaching out. Family goes to the news. The owner of Thai express tried to stop the story legally before finally owning up to making a mistake.

Owners Facebook post was to a group who worships him. Group largely starts attacking the family the fundraiser was for saying they were after money. Owner stays silent over people's attacks of the family whose child died. Owner finally paid up, by donating the proceeds to a charity that the family chose. Owner finally asked people to stop attacking the family after a long silence.


AmcillaSB t1_j3yq788 wrote

Moral of the story is: Don't fundraise on the behalf of others without their permission.


-Valued_Customer- t1_j3ybhll wrote

Yikes. That sounds suspicious as hell. Did the owner explain why this all happened?


kitsunenyu t1_j3zjkbo wrote

He was trying to keep business open, that was when food costs spiked up and he tries to pay his employees fairly as well. I've been a patron of the business since I was a child and I'm 30+ now and it's one of my fav places so I watch his updates - I say this to express not that he is blameless but I am aware of what he was struggling with. He had just opened a new location months prior, that plus rising costs created a lot of chaos and he was working every day multiple shifts to keep business afloat.

In multiple posts he expresses guilt and expresses a lack of organization and not hearing back from the family initially basically let it drop to the wayside as he's human and tired. He later acknowledged he will always ask permission in the future and has profusely apologized for adding to their stress/trauma.

Patrick has a clear record of helping the community over the last decade - especially in covid when food and toilet paper were scarce he sold it at cost not taking profits and has donated multiple times to people in need, to people struggling with food, etc. He has a decent track record as far as I am aware this is his first big screw up.

Again, he isn't blameless, he screwed up, he allowed procrastination and disorganization to hurt someone he intended to help. He's done the groveling, he's paid up, unsure what else he can do other than keep his nose clean and move forward. If this was a trend I would be willing to condemn the place and eat elsewhere, however he's a small business owner trying imo to do his best and treat his people right which is very hard to find these days, especially locally lol.


Got2bkiddingme500 t1_j4l27tx wrote

He has a point of sale system. Every POS system easily and instantly spits out a weekly sales report. To calculate 5% from that and write a check would take less than 30 seconds. All of these excuses of being “too busy” to fulfill a promise HE made to a grieving family is utter bs. Yeah, owning a business can get busy and stressful, but he didn’t have 30 seconds at any point during those several months? GTFO.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j3ybna1 wrote

Something along the lines of his finances being messy back in May and then him ignoring the family.


Several_Attorney5642 t1_j43xq0v wrote

Ugh. He’s still talking. Ironic that it’s about not talking about HIS family. The MO Welcome page run by Greg B. has set him up to get sooooo much publicity there. Greg must get some good perks.


7empest7711 t1_j41wymu wrote

I thought this post was going to be about massage places in the area


patricknett t1_j3zuc80 wrote

I’ve said my piece all over the internet. Those that still continue to send negative comments, bash, etc. I totally understand. I accept responsibility for my actions, and understand there are consequences. If my restaurant suffers from it, or whether I keep getting hate comments, etc. I understand, those are the consequences.

2 things I will say, and I will just leave it at that and hope we can all move on from this.

  1. Please keep my family out of it. Wishing death upon my kids is crossing the line. I get wanting me to suffer, or my business to suffer, but kids are innocent, let’s leave them out of it. (No, no one from Reddit. But FB has had a couple)

  2. No matter how much negativity or shade is thrown my way, it will not change who I am or what I do. I will continue to do good by our community. I will pray and wish everyday that most can find it in their hearts to one day forgive me. Those that gave me a chance to make it right and were able to forgive me, I appreciate you. I’m sorry if I made anyone doubt my intentions, and I promise you my heart is and always will be in the right place.


Substantial-Guide625 t1_j4g4foy wrote

So you will continue to profiteer on tragedy? Patrick, I have been a customer of yours for 20 plus years. This whole incident knowing both sides and seeing you dance around doing what you said you would do for months after you inserted yourself unasked and unwelcome to tragedy and made it worse has destroyed any credibility you have with myself and many other Business and Social leaders in Springfield Missouri.

I remember when I was going to college and was car less after the military and would pass by Thai Express on Bennett and Glenstone when biking to school or work, your Father always made sure I was fed and safe, he even helped me get rides when it was raining that fall. He never asked for a dime beyond the standard 5-6 bucks for a plate of noodles and chicken.

Amazing how far the apple has fallen from the tree, sad.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j4271t9 wrote

What about the family who got death threats from your cult on Facebook?

All you do is me, me , me. You did everything you did to be cryptic and spread hate. All you had to do was...

Hey I promised a family money from a fundraiser I did 8 months ago. I forgot about it got behind on stuff and it caught up with me in the most embarrassing way possible. I apologize and have written a check for money owed plus an additional $500 for being aloof. In the future I will do x y and z to ensure this doesn't happen again.

But no, you posted a cryptic post and made things 100 times worse.

Poor You!

Go cry to your cult of personality page.


EcoAffinity t1_j4296v2 wrote

I didn't see death threats to the family. Certainly very shitty comments from shitty people who probably go to a mega church on Sunday and generally feel proud of themselves, but I didn't see death threats. You keep saying you don't care, and this whole situation isn't going to keep you from going to the restaurant, but man are you committed to commenting on everything like it's your own personal vendetta.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j42bonm wrote

You're right. I told myself I was done with this and then I got a notification of this comment and it rubbed me the wrong way. I just found it to be incredibly douchey. That's on me, I should just let it go. Let the man be a douchebag.

Obviously there is something I'm taking personally about this and that's a personal fault.


[deleted] t1_j3zzwtx wrote



patricknett t1_j400e5e wrote

I can’t win here. I have received at least 10 comments from people to stop posting because everyone thinks I’m using it for my publicity. Then if I’m more quiet, I get more comments like yours. It doesn’t matter what I do, everyone that’s upset with me will find a reason to fault me again, and again, and again.

What’s important here is i did right by the family. They accepted my apology, and I have offers my support to them letting them and their lawyer know that I will be there for them for anything they need.

I don’t expect you to understand not being in my shoes. But I’m doing what I can for the family, whether you see it or not


the_honeyman t1_j41nkow wrote

Man, fuck the haters.

Your track record speaks for itself. You fucked up, took responsibility for it when called out, took your lumps, and made it right. I hope this doesn't discourage you from continuing to do what you do for the community.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j41w4zb wrote

I saw the comment Patrick is responding to last night before it was deleted or removed. That person was completely out of line to the point of unhinged. He shouldn't spend any time worrying about their opinion.


DanieTheManie t1_j3yeer8 wrote

Fuck this guy! What a piece of shit.


jesusrocksnads t1_j3yzgyo wrote

who the fuck are tim and nancy and what the hell happened here?


Punnchy OP t1_j3zdvv4 wrote

Daughter died before father's day of this year. See the most previous ky3 article shared about this...


Cold417 t1_j3yukt0 wrote

No good deed goes unpunished.