Submitted by Zarrotox t3_10a7yxc in springfieldMO

Hey everyone

Figured I'd put this out there, I'm a local Twitch Streamer of little to no renown. But I've been on the platform for a few years and have been playing Tarkov since 2018.

I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone wants to go into some raids together on or off stream.

My normal group is pretty inconsistent most every day of the week.



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Dsmfa t1_j42tx1m wrote

I’d try the discord groups and look there I’m sure there’s plenty of guy on there that need some teammates. The tarkov and maybe the Springfield one too


Zarrotox OP t1_j42u8pl wrote

I didnt know there was a Springfield Discord!


Zarrotox OP t1_j46qf3w wrote

Joined the Discord. It's awesome in there


Dsmfa t1_j47hs3m wrote

Haven’t joined myself. Is it worth?


HoboScabs t1_j431qjw wrote

I need to build a new PC, so many good games I've missed out on.


Ganrokh t1_j469grm wrote

Same! I had been throwing a little bit of money into a side account each month specifically to build a new computer since I got a new job in 2021. It's finally enough to build something beefy. I'm just waiting for AMD to straighten out the heating issue with the 7900XTX, and to see how the new Ryzen 7000X3D chips benchmark.


VubScrub7 t1_j44zvae wrote

I would 100% be down, I will warn that I am new to the game and still learning but shoot me a dm if you'd want to play!


Zarrotox OP t1_j46qos6 wrote

Mmmk I cannot DM you for some reason


VagrantAuthor t1_j46dhyn wrote

I love the idea! Do you have a schedule? My time is limited for a few reasons, but I'm up for joining on the regular if schedules allow.


Zarrotox OP t1_j46quwp wrote

Also cannot DM you!

Shoot me a message! Haha