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Icy-Tangerine6465 t1_j431kyk wrote

Yeah that was a trip!!! I still hear the sounds of branches breaking from the weight of ice buildup


flojo2012 t1_j43fsg3 wrote

I still remember being a month without power. Spent my nights in bars playing cards mostly. Went to Walmart to play video game demos. We got creative


Icy-Tangerine6465 t1_j43fyqq wrote

Yep, our weather head got broken and we went 13 days without power, had to section off the house and camp in the living room with the fireplace lol


flojo2012 t1_j43gd7h wrote

I really do look back on it somewhat fondly because we pushed through and it was a good story. Of course, many people were really hurt or killed. But it was wild


Icy-Tangerine6465 t1_j43guus wrote

I remember driving around that evening and seeing all the trees down and power lines so low you could barely pass under them, it was a trip, pretty sure I still have pictures uploaded to the cloud of it lol


carterburgers t1_j44ddxt wrote

Damn the video game demos was a smart idea to pass time!!


TGov t1_j432jzc wrote

I found my pictures of this storm the other day when searching some old hard drives for something. Incredible the damage to the trees. Was like a warzone in my neighborhood. 2 weeks without power sucked hard.


Cloud_Disconnected OP t1_j436onb wrote

You should post some if you feel like it. I'd be interested to see them, and I'm sure others would as well.


Low_Tourist t1_j43g42p wrote

It was a beautiful warzone. That's how we described it.


Mechanicallvlan t1_j431xbk wrote

Bad storm, but at least it didn't happen again for... about a year.


flojo2012 t1_j43fxru wrote

The best part about round 2 was all the trees were freshly “pruned” so it wasn’t quite as bad.


slossages t1_j437k2u wrote

Senior year of high school. Missed two weeks of school and didn't have to make it up because we were graduating. Made a bunch of money going around cleaning peoples yards as well. Good times.


vearson26 t1_j43qlss wrote

Yep, senior year for me too. We missed so many days that treat that I think they ended up adding days on to the following school year to make up for it, or at least that was rumored.


EyeOk389 t1_j4341k5 wrote

14 days without power for me.. got to get to know the people around me pretty good. If I remember correctly, the hospitals had a baby boom nine months later 😂.. gotta stay warm I guess.


Lachet t1_j4371f3 wrote

Yeesh, it's old enough to drive. There's my "great, now I feel old" for the day.


pssssn t1_j43p8s6 wrote

I drove from Sunshine to Chestnut on Kansas Expwy without seeing a single light on, including the traffic lights.

Earlier I almost ran into a large tree that was just laying across Chestnut in complete darkness.

Crazy times.


Bright-Lion t1_j4sclj6 wrote

I remember this vividly. I was a kid and I rode with my dad north on S. Campbell into town. The top of that hill south of JRF on the way into town, you could look out all the way down Campbell and it was nothing, all dark, hardly any other cars that I can remember. That stuck with me. I can’t say I’ve experienced anything like that since.


DaltonTanner1994 t1_j43fmrr wrote

I remember cooking food on our grill, using kerosene heaters inside, even used the fireplace that was barely used ever. Had break the ice on our pool to get water that wasn’t frozen to fill it up so we could flush the toilet. What a strange two weeks without electricity.


sstruemph t1_j43voqc wrote

I guess you were peeing in the pool in a roundabout way


Low_Tourist t1_j43gk2o wrote

That was my first year here. A week without power, then when it came on, several pipes burst and it was about 10 days without water and a month without hot water. I never appreciated a shower so much.


BubbaJ34 t1_j4456rf wrote

Longest month of my life. I spent so many hours at the firehouse it was insane.


pizzaburtito t1_j44z02y wrote

Sat on my glasses in the dark.


vearson26 t1_j43qycv wrote

We lived out in the country and had to go stay with my grandma for 2 weeks because she still had heat. My gf was with us when it hit, so she ended up being trapped with us for most of that time as well. Had to wake up early one morning to rush all over town and try to find a generator to keep our pipes at home from freezing.


Gingersnap5322 t1_j455coy wrote

I was out of school for a whole week!!!


Ganrokh t1_j468kyz wrote

This was the same week that Burning Crusade released! Our power actually came back on release day. My brother had ordered his copy online while I reserved a copy at GameStop. His copy came in the mail that day, but GameStop was still without power, so I had to wait a few days.


somekindofhat t1_j46v3w8 wrote

Two weeks without power and two very small children. Super exhausting! Thank heavens for gas powered water heaters, though. And thankfully it wasn't too cold.

We used an inverter to keep the house warm-ish, but still had bad condensation and had to repaint the entire indoor part of the house once the power came back on.

We lived less than a mile from City Utilities corporate office at the time and were one of the last 3% to regain power. The prior July I had asked them to come out and trim the trees over the power lines. A guy came out and said it looked fine and left.


Love-Being-Empty t1_j46ycn7 wrote

My cousin was out of power for 3 weeks. Made chili on the Webber grill, made breakfast on the Webber grill that grill saved her.


birdcrime t1_j48uji0 wrote

9 days with no power. I had to break fence with a shovel to get to my dog. My fish died.


DirtyOldSamurai t1_j499dmt wrote

Shit that was a wild time in my childhood. We didn’t have power for 11 days. Lights came back while I was pinching off a turd and the whole house went up in cheers


katietonz t1_j4h182r wrote

My 16 year old was a teeny tiny baby and I was still on maternity leave. What a wild time!