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22TopShelf22 t1_j4b8ss5 wrote

Reply to comment by nleachdev in shameless repost. by discodeathsquad

Liberals need to argue like this... they lack arguments and this is the best they've got.


00112358132135 t1_j4bmg6v wrote

This is literally what liberals have been saying for a long time. Like the past ten years has just been liberals saying literally “Jesus would have been socialist, republicans are hypocrites and their religious justifications don’t add up.


nleachdev t1_j4belf2 wrote

Well ironically this isn't a great argument


jmoney1587 t1_j4bg5x4 wrote

I'm sure you're wife not having sex with you and your shitty marriage is a liberals fault too.


lenroy_jenkins t1_j4bye7j wrote

How conservative of you to not give a fuck about people after they are out of the womb.


22TopShelf22 t1_j4ou8b3 wrote

I don't care about people that chose to live a homeless lifestyle and do not wish to change. I guess you need to regulate how they love too? You can't help those not want to change