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banjomin t1_j4cjtga wrote

It was JOB


gohomechal t1_j4f640i wrote

😢 I used to work there… best service job i’ve ever had surrounded by amazing people


ItsWatney t1_j4qft93 wrote

Unless I'm mistaken, JOB is still open?


aujii11 t1_j4vhqs9 wrote

The owner passed, and I think that's that on the bar/restaurant. Such a shame. I loved JOB and heard Danny was a good guy. Never met him but he left an impact.


ItsWatney t1_j4vi6co wrote

I was just there a couple weeks ago, they also are open according to Google. Sad to hear about his passing, I do love the place.


mug023 t1_j4c02y3 wrote

MudLounge is good as long as it's not too busy


alrightyxxaphrodite t1_j4d2abm wrote

Tap house is nice! Pinball in the back, lots of Baird games, and the bartenders are super friendly. If JOB reopens (rip Danny) that bar was also so nice!


UranioMetriaPrincess t1_j4c3z1i wrote

Best of Luck Beerhall! Board games, ski ball, corn hole. Massive selection of beer and cocktails, some of the best food too! Despite all that, it’s relatively quite and easy to make a space for yourself.


lincoln3x7 t1_j4c9rm7 wrote

Mud lounge, just don’t park anywhere downtown where the lot is a tow zone. They are fast and expensive.


notnotpegbundy t1_j4du7d4 wrote

Lindbergs. Nice cozy atmosphere, live music some nights, incredible food, and not downtown.


UhtredaerweII t1_j4bzz9p wrote

I like Tabak Co for cocktails, myself. The best scotch options are going to be at the bar at Everyday Thai, last I checked. Best tropical drinks would be Golden Girl. I go to Dublin's Pass for beer.


JedLoomis t1_j4eay26 wrote

Scotch at Everyday Thai? Tell me more!


UhtredaerweII t1_j4eo36r wrote

I know, right? Well, the bartender there worked at a nice bar before covid, was friends with the owner of the Thai place, and asked to do things his way. It's a damn respectable bar and he's a very good mixologist, but his real love is Scotch. He has 5 or so really solid options. Like scotch snob stuff. And he's knows whiskey. You can talk for hours with the guy. I loved that as much as the selection.


JedLoomis t1_j4ep4jy wrote

Very cool. I’ll have to check that out.


mylifeissoperfect t1_j4df2o1 wrote

417 Taphouse is great if you’re looking for somewhere to just hang out. Lots of space, some board games, pinball, good food.


scharpfuzz t1_j4c2lz0 wrote

Cellar + Plate has one of the coziest atmospheres around town


Tia_Freyre t1_j4cz1jj wrote

Mudlounge, Cellar and Plate or Tie and Timber


Cold417 t1_j4cddzg wrote

Farmer's Gastropub. So chill you could probably snooze in a booth.


purplepompkin t1_j4en9hp wrote

I actually just went to a place called Wire Road tonight and they were great! Family friendly with food trucks, dog friendly outside, live music and a beer/wine bar that had great selections!


SeabeeSeth3945 t1_j4exwm4 wrote

Carries, if your feeling slightly feisty


[deleted] t1_j4ezzls wrote

Golden Girl Rum club, 417 Taphouse, & Mudlounge


RDIIIG t1_j4gfc9u wrote

Skinny slim’s


jcb33x15 t1_j4e0nkr wrote

The Warehouse Bar


katietonz t1_j4h0qz5 wrote

My fave spot is Bob and Ike’s, but I wouldn’t describe it as chill, more like Cheers.


Reflexeos t1_j4k5zyv wrote

Mud lounge! Their are picnic tables out back with heat lights too.


ItsWatney t1_j4qfvum wrote

The Flea & JOB are my favs, Tie and Timber is a great brewery too and you can go get some Skully's ramen and bring it over to eat while you imbibe there.


four_q t1_j4elq1i wrote

Dennis place


Demmetros t1_j4ecsdv wrote



sallad2009 t1_j4eq63u wrote

Lol no


WendyArmbuster t1_j4h0idc wrote

I haven't been in a while, but when I used to go out, Stepchilds was pretty chill. "Best" is pretty subjective, and although most people wouldn't put Stepchilds in the best of anything category, it used to serve our purposes well. Strong sense of regulars, community oriented, it felt like a chill house party where everybody either knew each other or was only one or two degrees away from knowing each other.