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Emotional-Fail-2868 t1_j4d4if1 wrote

I used to work here. It is a great example of a good crew, but shitty management. Having worked in the industry since I was old enough to work, one GM (no assistant managers or supervisors) running two locations doing the volume of business they are, is simply not enough. A fine place to eat, but an exhausting place to work.


Bwoody1994 t1_j4d5w7b wrote

It’s fine. I’ve had it a few times. Wouldn’t never pick it over some other breakfast restaurants.


Why_T t1_j4d83sv wrote

> some other breakfast restaurants.

What are your favorites?


Dbol504 t1_j4d9947 wrote

On the south side around there Roots has excellent food and coffee and is a local business on top of that. For chains First Watch and Big Biscuit are better.


foxmom2 t1_j4eapwg wrote

If you head to Nixa, try Morning Day Cafe. Their Hot Mess Breakfast is my favorite!


Fresca_667 t1_j4et83u wrote

Didn’t see anyone mention Druffs. My favorite for sure. I think a lot of people don’t realize they have breakfast.


Zestyclose-withiffer t1_j4j5gbg wrote

I only like their breakfast. I wouldn't go there for anything else. Not that it's bad I just only like their breakfast.


Bwoody1994 t1_j4dj4yp wrote

The big biscuit and gailey’s are my top picks in town.


[deleted] t1_j4dtlxn wrote

Nothing to get eggcited about.


Kodysoldmyhome t1_j4dfzoz wrote

Nothing special feels like a generic IHOP

I'd pick gaileys , morning day cafe or Cedars over Jimmy's egg any day of the week.


armychemsoldier t1_j4dec7y wrote

The average of what everyone here says. I’d try locally owned places if you’re looking for a great breakfast.


JonnyG24 t1_j4e30nm wrote

This is the most unified this sub has ever been.


TWR3545 t1_j4ddsrg wrote

Decent breakfast, solid coffee. Busy.


dannyjbixby t1_j4e2b0k wrote

Doesn’t even make it into the top 10 breakfast spots in town.


Extreme-Inevitable84 t1_j4epvru wrote

What would you say the top ten are?


dannyjbixby t1_j4er9xa wrote

Early bird Gaileys Van Gogh’s First Watch Waffle House Cedars Big biscuit Brew Co Progress Aviary Cherry Pickers


No_Raspberry_5527 t1_j4etczi wrote

I use to work at both locations, and I ended up leaving after a month because I felt discriminated for being pregnant and the kitchens were extreamly disgusting and found several health code violations that they were in no rush to correcting.


dtjayhawk t1_j4d1d0c wrote

Perfectly pleasant


Tough-Ad-9319 t1_j4dr9wd wrote

We love this location. Great breakfast in my opinion.


Beastimor t1_j4fi6ws wrote

I think Jimmys egg has got it going on.


Cold417 t1_j4cz6ey wrote

It's a chain restaurant. I've never been.


MartonianJ t1_j4d0kv0 wrote

Our opinion is not great


Guardias t1_j4djsix wrote

They make a solid Cubano. Can't speak to the rest of their menu.


armenia4ever t1_j4drd6z wrote

Not terrible, but overpriced for the quality of food.


Acrobatic-Yak-1574 t1_j4ejs6f wrote

I used to live in that area and it was my favorite breakfast chain. Haven't been back in a few years. Always loved the meat lovers omelet and coffee.


slk1722 t1_j4eurc5 wrote

I have eaten there since it moved there not long after I graduated. are there a bunch when I was pregnant. They were great at first but it’s always so crowded. the regular staff I see have been in burnout mode for a while. the last time I ate there they gave me a cold cinnamon roll with a string of icing on top - not like them. pretty sure the pandemic has impacted them a bit. I haven’t gone back in months because it’s always at least a 45 min wait (It’s typically me and one other person). I think they should move to a bigger space. food is usually pretty good.


saleiusbassus t1_j4jlc91 wrote

Never been, but the name definitely creeps me out. Not sure why, but it just icks me.


Television_Wise t1_j4kwph4 wrote

Well, eggs can be slang for testicles so there's that element to it. Also, humans don't usually lay eggs, so it makes Jimmy sound vaguely threatening, as if he's an alien or a monster. Or a giant homicidial anthropomorphic egg, if the sign is anything to go by.


saleiusbassus t1_j4ljl1j wrote

Yeah I guess that pretty much nails it. The egg holding a knife and smiling doesn't help.


External_Staff_300 t1_j4dyt8h wrote

overpriced eggs, I'm glad the North Kansas location closed


kkisaqt t1_j4ewt6u wrote

1/10 they have given me food poisoning I was pissing out my butt don’t go there


Spiffy_Dude t1_j4h3y36 wrote

Not worth the price, but I really liked their coffee blend.


samoan23 t1_j4hahcw wrote

It’s alright it’s not far from where I live


MissryMan t1_j4hf4r3 wrote

Good food, not great. Kind of expensive


lifepuzzler t1_j4jwypo wrote

Better than Daniel's Hashbrown I guess


RayMan89477 t1_j4d7l37 wrote

Went there once years ago, pre COVID. Walked out because service was just that bad. My family went there another time and said the food was not any good. That they should have went to Ceders


growth-or-happiness t1_j4dokgk wrote

Expensive in my opinion for what you get. Village Inn is great in my opinion. Dennys is awesome and so is ihop. I have never eaten at St. George.


Comma-toast t1_j4g78qz wrote

It is mediocre. If you want a good diner experience, georges. If its the weekend and you want foodie breakfast, split or lindbergs. Morning day is the best around. Another good diner on the southside is scramblers. Gaileys is a springfield staple. The order across the street has the best coffee in town and its roasted special for them by coffee ethic. The food used to be divine but they changed their menu a while back. This town breakfasts right. Dont waste your time and a chain that is just okay.