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Snekathan t1_j6in6eb wrote

I’ll never understand it, they call off for snow but not for ice, which is obviously much more dangerous? And the vast majority of students are young and new drivers, yet they expect them to drive to show up to class.

I do online classes so I don’t have the problem, but personally I would be skipping


necronicone t1_j6infpv wrote

OTC called off and most every k-12 did as well.... Is weird


c75940 t1_j6iotqw wrote

Campus seems dead, I bet most people have just decided to play it safe and stay in today.


Tiny_Fly_7397 t1_j6is4nh wrote

Yeah I work on campus and straight up told my boss it wasn’t gonna happen today


reidict t1_j6iz9yu wrote

Springfield and mishandling the same winter weather we get every year, name a more iconic duo.


vainamo- t1_j6j0f5t wrote

They blew their wad on the one last week and they have a policy of not calling off too many days for weather.


EcoAffinity t1_j6iioq3 wrote

Yeah, last week's call for a lot of schools was weird to me. It had been so warm in the days prior, and only snow was projected, I figured the roads would be just like they were. But it's a lot of pressure, and people are able to enjoy "snow" days more at home than ice days.

Ice though, ice I don't mess with. There are so many commuters, and the roads are not great. Unless they've salted gratuitously every stair and sidewalk on campus, I'd be worried about that too.


WandererDynamic t1_j6j59vy wrote

I think Drury played it smart. Call the late start and then you have to time to really assess. I agree we probably could’ve come in last week, but they made the right call today. I’m not sure I could’ve gotten out my drive, and almost certainly couldn’t get back in now. I’m just glad they didn’t call it off any later than they did, I was walking to my car when I got the text.


nobile t1_j6iinwm wrote

I've noticed the call off during snow but rarely with ice..


Capable_Pin_536 t1_j6k5rhv wrote

Aaaand now they've cancelled classes after 6pm.

Like who is in charge of those calls. Do they just walk outside for one minute and see what they see? Like a "snow groundhog day" and say nahhh hit them books.


Mechanicallvlan t1_j6k8oho wrote

We had a massive snowfall during finals when I was in school there 20+ years ago, and they didn't cancel. It sucked; I lived miles from campus.

Springfield public made us go to school in an ice storm when I was in high school. Then they were like "wait... this was a bad idea," so they released us in the middle of the day, like that was going to make it better.


chrispvj t1_j6jygpt wrote

i went to my 9 am this morning and regretted it… only 6 people showed up and it was an absolute pain driving


goldencrisp t1_j6ik6tl wrote

The road to work was worse to drive on this morning than that snow day was. Thankfully a few people decided to not risk it.


mutantxproud t1_j6lp3mb wrote

Welcome to MSU. When I lived on campus during snowpocalypse, they didn't cancel a single day. The dining halls were closed bc they didn't have any food to serve and yet campus and classes remained open. I still to this day can't believe it. They couldn't feed us but expected us to get to class? Yep.


Preston-C123 t1_j6ipsox wrote

I agree...luckily my Professor "technically MST" records all his lectures live on zoom.


catchthebreezee t1_j6jwqwt wrote

Calling off school for snow but not ice is absurd, based off the continuous sleet today and the fact that it’s not going to reach above freezing until Wednesday- I hope school is at least cancelled tomorrow


VoidDemon0226 t1_j6key48 wrote

It's annoying how a lot of everyday life doesn't allow us to pause and relax. Uni, jobs etc. Doesn't matter how slick the ice is you gotta go anyway.


the_last_crouton t1_j6k86gn wrote

Missouri state is so weird. Like the threat of snow is so much more dangerous than the snow to them. I woke up this morning like no I'm not doing this lol


zenaa21 t1_j6jjaw8 wrote

Yeah its kinda odd, especially after last week. My professor sent out an email that he would not being holding class. Stay safe and don't go in.


Ordinary-Video-512 t1_j6k68ex wrote

midwest tech only canceled night classes and that was around 12/1pm


turbulance4 t1_j6jernh wrote

When I went I was upset it was ever called off at all. like, I'm paying an exceptional amount of money to attend, and your professors can't handle a little snow? Do I get a refund for the lectures I wasn't allowed to attend?


c75940 t1_j6ji69g wrote

Well you are usually given supplemental materials online to help prepare you for the next class. Most professors will also provide pre-recorded lectures they used during COVID.


turbulance4 t1_j6jj6qx wrote

yea, I went pre-covid too. So maybe I'm not used to how they are running things now.


Chitwood74 t1_j6kq58t wrote

I don’t get it when adults get upset when a university DOESN’T cancel classes. Aren’t you paying for those classes?

If you don’t feel safe going, then don’t go.