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topflight8000 t1_j4xbfls wrote

A cult?

A secret church with members who mostly wear a dark aesthetic........yes


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j4xhiwc wrote

Stop talking about it!


420shaken t1_j4xwf7h wrote

First rule of snob club:. Don't talk about the poor and unfortunate. They will go to H E double hockey sticks anyways.


420shaken t1_j4yd2n9 wrote

Interesting. I got a notice of 5 up votes but at this moment I only have 4. Did I offend someone in the cult? Please don't pray for me. The blood of jesus is difficult to wash off when it's soiled with greed and misguided piety.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j4yp71l wrote

Reddit uses vote fuzzing, refresh a few times and you'll see that your vote count goes up and down a little.

Also, we weren't talking about that kind of church. We were talking about something... else. Something secret. Something wonderful. Something terrible. It is forbidden to say more, hence my admonition to stop talking about it.

Now I must go listen to Cradle of Filth and make my night complete.


kamiseizure t1_j4xgkef wrote

NoBoDy WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe


CurrentlyNude t1_j4zb9sm wrote

People: bro, the cost of gas has gone up

Companies: Yeah, cost of business, man.

People: bro, the cost of food has gone up

Companies: Yeah, cost of business, man.

People: bro, the cost of living has gone up, I need better wages

Companies: Now hang on just a minute. How's that our problem?


Bootdaddy247 t1_j500704 wrote

Literally the place my husband works was like "why do you ask for a raise at every review?" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🥴🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


Round-Track-9132 t1_j4xdakp wrote

Yes, try Meek Integrative Health Center. Formerly known as "Meeks chiropractic" until they joined scientology. Now you can get treatments to raise your thetan levels...

Sorry, I wish this was a joke.


SnooMaps5167 t1_j4xhaxm wrote

Nooo wayyyyy hahahaha


probably_inside t1_j4xjo76 wrote

Anyone selling stem cell treatments is in bed scientology.


jeebus0027 t1_j5b26dq wrote

They are selling stem cell treatments?


probably_inside t1_j5bduz7 wrote

They were. I think the state attorney general office told them to lay off it. But i could be wrong.


Individual-Crow5080 t1_j51fy3g wrote

How many Scientologists can there really be in Springfield?? Springfieldians aren't typically scientology-rich. Or do they have discounts now?


elaborate_hoxha t1_j4y26ce wrote

A quick search on says there’s 8,940 job listings in the Springfield area. Now finding one of those that pays a living wage, that’s the tricky part.


Trixxxxxi t1_j4xha5t wrote

What kind of work are you looking for?


funkmonkfrog t1_j4xlx8l wrote

We redditors have no context to try and help you, but the first thing that comes to mind is SRC. Like, you can probably get hired pretty quick at least.


mrd247 OP t1_j4xprua wrote

Just saying just finished my 4 year degree to find better oppurtunities after 20 years turning a wrench in the Army and after that working shit jobs around here.


moon_family t1_j4yh4wu wrote

Have you looked at to leverage your veteran status for exclusively posted positions with preferential hiring?


Longjumping-Ice-8814 t1_j4xrlik wrote

I’m so confused. So many places are hiring. What type of job are you struggling to find?


kayteebeckers t1_j4xvkh8 wrote

Places that are hiring that also intersect with places that pay a living wage are a struggle to find.


Longjumping-Ice-8814 t1_j4y2bfh wrote

That’s absolutely understood, but OP hasn’t given us context. There might be one of us silly ole redditers that could have an opportunity in the bag for him. I.e. niche areas and small businesses tend to not pour tons of money in hiring costs, but go by word of mouth…like social media and such.


PinchePoderes t1_j4xrqn1 wrote

Check the school districts, they like military for maintenance and supervisors. Some pay really well if you negotiate.


Daabree t1_j4y3o32 wrote

So you get an army retirement check… you could get any job and make a decent living!


jeepinlife89 t1_j4yaef1 wrote

Turn wrenches on what type of equipment? What is your major and degree?


mrd247 OP t1_j4yaour wrote

I was a Bradley Mechanic amd anything with a gun and tracks and a BA in General Studies


jeepinlife89 t1_j4yb7v5 wrote

You should consider Prime Trucking. Their corporate office love to hire Vets. Thanks for your service.


Glittering-Bake-2589 t1_j4yolk0 wrote

How do you expect to find a job with a Bachelors of General Studies?

Why did you not study Project Management, Accounting, IT, CompSci, Stats, Finance, Education, or just anything specific?

Everyone is looking for employees with those skills. There is a labor shortage from everyone dying during COVID.

You just don’t understand the point of higher education. It’s to specialize.


recetas-and-shit t1_j50hj1b wrote

I mean… something like half of all college graduates don’t even work in the same field as their major, so I don’t know if it is truly that important.


Glittering-Bake-2589 t1_j50q9u4 wrote

That’s okay, but the thing is, he doesn’t have a major. He took random ass classes and thought that it would be good enough.

He can’t work in a different field, as compared to his major, because his major doesn’t exist.


mikedmayes t1_j4xxzgc wrote


Be like this guy. Hold out for a management position.


Ok_Manager_2425 t1_j4xs0vt wrote

Apply online at AWG they will hire you starts at $19 something an hour and the insurance is really good and they don’t take any money out of your pocket for it


CheffRick t1_j4zfwzz wrote

I'm sure hes not considering that a living wage. Considering you can make 16.50 starting at McDonald's. Or 25 working for most any reputable auto shop. Which will usually hire heavy equipment mechanics in a second. Especially military trained ones. Sounds to me like he may be on here winning because he doesn't have enough money to buy a brand new Tesla or a million dollar house. A living wage is different than a wage that will support your preferred lifestyle. A living wage means you have to sacrifice creature comforts that most people do not want to sacrifice. A living Wage does not mean your employer pays you enough to eat doordash every day. While driving a brand new car. I think him for his service but advise him to wake up to reality. Just like all of you that keep on bitching about living wages. That don't understand what a living wage is. There is a huge difference in a living wage and a wage that will support most wanted lifestyle. As a business owner it is my responsibility to provide you with a living wage. Not a lifestyle wage. If you want a lifestyle wage work somewhere for more than 10 years to earn it. Or open your own shop. Quit trying to make employers make you just as comfortable in life as they are. They are taking all the risk and you are taking none. They have put in the work and earned it you have not. You are not special and you deserve nothing your parents lied to you. I'm sorry the truth smacks you in the face when you get to the real world. An yes I know I'm going to get more negative karma because I'm telling the truth. People don't want to hear the truth they want to live in their delusions. While crying about their life. I am ex military I opened my own businesses and I earned my own way. Because I wanted a lifestyle not a living wage. And it's nobody else's responsibility to give me that lifestyle.


Starportalskye t1_j50uqki wrote

You’re incredibly dense and ignorant. Your version of a living wage is incomparable to that of the 70s, 80s, and 90s generations. Sounds like you’re the one crying about hard life’s been for you. As a collective we need to get ahold of our projections and bias of what we’ve lived through thus far in order to change the way we interact with our economy because clearly both sides of the coin aren’t happy.


Peteyistick t1_j51pmdg wrote

Negative karma not for the “truth” but maybe the way you delivered it?


lemler3 t1_j4xhlv2 wrote

go to any temp staffing agent ,to get a temp job till u find something


robzilla71173 t1_j4xj6ib wrote

I spent the first decade of my career in one of the factories in the area. Our practice was to bring in new hires as temps from an agency, and then we could see how they did for a few weeks and offer permanent jobs with full benefits to the ones that seemed to click at the work. I would assume we weren't the only place that did this.


tomassean t1_j4xtjjw wrote

Cthulhu will welcome you with open ... er ... arms!


iHateAsphalt t1_j4xz838 wrote

Cox is hiring, especially EVS. No experience needed and I make about $17 an hour full time.


SMcDubs91 t1_j4zrhrw wrote



Television_Wise t1_j525og5 wrote

They mean janitors. I have no idea why Cox feels the need to tiptoe about it being janitorial work, there's nothing wrong with being a janitor.


Andy_Dufrane_ t1_j5278c5 wrote

They are not tiptoeing around calling janitorial EVS. That is the term used in healthcare.


Television_Wise t1_j52a2rv wrote

Wrong. Some places may use that term, but it's not universal throughout the field. Some hospitals call it housekeeping, some label the role as custodian, and some, like Cox, call it EVS. But they chose EVS for a reason when they could have used a more straightforward term.

You don't see people asking "What's a janitor?" but you see people wondering WTF EVS means.


Extreme-Inevitable84 t1_j4xpbfb wrote

What type of job? What are your skills, interests and qualifications? There’s a broad range of jobs.


notnotpegbundy t1_j4xk4q0 wrote

What are your requiring in your job? Like are you needing something with full benefits? Are you looking for something temp to get you through? Do you have a special set of skills?


sikki_nixx t1_j4xsyn4 wrote

What kinda work you looking for?


WendyArmbuster t1_j4ymhk2 wrote

Here's a list of job openings from a company I used to work for. They're a great company to work for, and I owe so much of what I have now to them. They don't really have a reputation for paying the very highest in the field, but when people left for higher pay at other companies, they often came back for the supportive culture. I loved it. The owners are awesome, my co-workers were awesome, and the work was interesting and challenging.

I left to be a high school teacher, teaching the skills I used at this company, and I love that even more. It's a dream job, honestly. I'll tell you what I tell my students: There's no place in America for the unskilled. Not today, and not in the future. We can work to change the system so that that isn't the case, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Can you program PLCs with ladder logic? Are you a process engineer? A machinist? A CAD designer? A TIG welder? Awesome! All of those jobs are in high demand, and are among those in the link above. Do you have a high school education only and years of experience in retail or restaurant work? You're in a tough spot.

High schoolers: Get your A+ scholarship and go to OTC for free, learning to do all of those high demand skills. You've only got to graduate with a C GPA, do some mentoring, and pass your Algebra EOC. Do your math and science homework. DO NOT GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL WITHOUT A PLAN FOR ADDITIONAL TRAINING AND EDUCATION! We have a surplus of those people already.


tghjfhy t1_j4yzqgx wrote

Reason 237 I moved to a different area


00112358132135 t1_j4xj7bn wrote

Plenty of jobs, they might be tough or shitty, but there’s plenty.


Marqueso-burrito t1_j4xnq5e wrote

Been looking for months, can attest there’s not many jobs for people who aren’t in dire straights


VaderTower t1_j4y47bh wrote

Months? Theres no less than 3 people here sharing opportunities for work starting at $17/hr for no experience.

Idk what a livable wage is to you, but a single person making $35k or two adults making $70k is livable. Not long ago I made $35k and supported a significant other going to school full time. Things were tight but we made it by just fine for several years like that.


Marqueso-burrito t1_j4y4p1u wrote

Cool, now McDonald’s workers make that and I have a kid on the way, my current opportunity is paying 85k a year and is work that I’ll likely kill myself doing. It doesn’t matter what I want cause the baby gotta eat so guess what, I’ve been looking for months to find something that will be liveable. Assuming you don’t have many responsibilities aside from you and your s/o, as well as it sounds like you have room mates, our situations are not the same.


VaderTower t1_j4y66gf wrote

What difference does it make if McDonald's workers make that? Good for them, damn.

$85k great take it, that's much better than SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE. You know the median income for an entire household in Springfield is $40k?

And you're damn right, you have kids, you have to feed them, pay for doctors, pay for school, pay for everything. You're a parent, suck it up, they're relying on you.

I have more responsibilities than you'd imagine, spouse, kids, job, second job, keeping employees alive, volunteering, home renovations. Don't complain to me, I'd kill to take $85k and ONLY have one job with a wife and a kid.


Marqueso-burrito t1_j4y7k92 wrote

Okay so at this point you’re saying the same thing as me, only difference is you don’t understand how the economy works apparently, McDonald’s workers make more, then others demand more, then minimum wage gets raised, then cost of living goes up, then everyone is making the same percentage they were. So no not good for them except for a few months to a year they make more than the average Walmart employee. Not knocking anyone I’m just saying that money is rough to come by and jobs are scarce as hell right now, this coming from someone who just spent three months making $14 an hour trying to find even a part time job. I literally have years of experience at restaurants and I couldn’t even get a call back from Taco Bell.


VaderTower t1_j4yvwvy wrote

Not at all. You're complaining and wallowing in your own self pity.

Get the fuck out of here with your classist bullshit about how you somehow are better than McDonald's or Walmart workers, and how they need to keep their wages low so you can be superior.


Marqueso-burrito t1_j4yw27z wrote

Wow. Went completely over your head. Bye.


Starportalskye t1_j50xlvo wrote

I completely understand your point. There’s more complexity to that too but I’m not even going in on that considering the responses.


Marqueso-burrito t1_j510khh wrote

Man I’m just tryna support my family and give them a better life than I had. I can’t do that working at McDonalds, Walmart, Taco Bell, or any of the other jobs I had, but I guess that makes me a bad guy.


[deleted] t1_j52fweb wrote



Marqueso-burrito t1_j52g2we wrote

I literally have a job now I’m no longer searching I have a great opportunity that I’d be an idiot to turn down. It’s not good work, but it pays damn good.


doctorbaloney4204 t1_j4xrpd0 wrote

That's why I work on the road but live in Springfield


GundleFly t1_j4xwt07 wrote

What skills, certifications, and/or degrees do you have? What type of work are you looking for? What do you want to be paid?


Z00tNT00tN t1_j502alh wrote

I bet if you start a cult it would be a pretty cool job. It’s Springfield, people will follow you and give all their hard earned cash if they think you’re a prophet.


Fallout_NewCheese t1_j50vi35 wrote

I'm not gonna lie I've considered starting a cult/church more than once. With the surplus of idiots tripping over each other to donate to churches as is, it's tempting to take advantage


Live_Oak123 t1_j4xoooo wrote

Only if you want to work at JRC


New_Boot_Goofin11 t1_j4y396q wrote

Actually it probably wouldn't hurt to be a member of James River Church.


nittoka t1_j4y6epc wrote

T-Mobile is hiring!


mikemcclain8 t1_j4ykxz4 wrote

Bureau of Prisons loves vets…FedMed might be a good opportunity.


ljohnson266 t1_j50f9zh wrote

I believe you have to be 35 or younger to get hired at FedMed.


flojo2012 t1_j50xsx6 wrote

If the cult pays then fuck it. I’m a space Alien or whatever


Individual-Crow5080 t1_j51gsg4 wrote

Cult pay is notoriously low and the hours suck, I'd shoot more for a leadership position. You'll need a beard and some more guns.


BrilliantFunny3943 t1_j4xwrq6 wrote

So many posts trying to help, not one response from op, he just wanted to complain.


thearticulategrunt t1_j4yz5zl wrote

I feel you brother, took me a good 2 years to find something after I got out of the Army. Kept getting told I was "over qualified". I can get you an interview where I work, send me a PM and let me know what you are looking for and I'll tell you what we do. (Starts between $16/hr to $20.50/hr depending upon department and such.)


Past_Win6798 t1_j6cp0xq wrote

Where do you work? Any full-time hours?


thearticulategrunt t1_j6gtz6l wrote

ARC of the Ozarks. Full time and part time available.


Past_Win6798 t1_j6m37x8 wrote

Is there a set place you commute to or do you have to drive to your clients homes? For instance, I work for Burrell youth residential and we have a set building the youth are already at.


mrwhite120555 t1_j4zglvy wrote

I hire entry level at Mercy hospital. What kinda work are you looking for?


mrd247 OP t1_j4zv8rt wrote

Sonething that doesnt involve a assembly line abd a desent paycheck lok


mrwhite120555 t1_j4zz58b wrote

Decent paychecks are relative? What are you thinking is decent? $15 per hour or $50?


mrd247 OP t1_j502295 wrote

Guess it depends on the job. People make 15 a hour working fast food now.


SharksForArms t1_j509wcp wrote

He asks what kind of work you're looking for and you say something with a decent paycheck. He asks what you consider a decent paycheck and you say it depends on the kind of work.

Lol is this how you answer questions in a job interview?


mrd247 OP t1_j50b3oy wrote

Of course thats what I say in a job interview.... What I implied was in typical Springfield fashion you get a job here making 30k a year but anywhere else in the country your making over 40 or 50k even.


Starportalskye t1_j50wlad wrote

Trust me though it doesn’t make a difference when housing is over double. I lived in co Springs for 3 years and living wage was fine, housing made the wage comparable to equal jobs in Springfield, whether its medical or retail or whatever. Springfield is top notch for affordable housing.


Starportalskye t1_j50w0iv wrote

Fuck yeah it depends on the work? someone who can successfully do many jobs wouldn’t be considering their pay per labor? Idiocracy.


2lstsolswmmngnfshbwl t1_j4zjwl5 wrote

Honestly.... I almost went into the navy with over 200 credits and 2 degrees.they lied to us bro, a college degree really doesn't matter anymore unless it's directly attached to a job, like teacher, nurse...etc. U will be over qualified for damn near everything.... However, two places hire vets over anyone.... Lowe's and AutoZone..... Retail fun right?


Stonedprincess0912 t1_j50haz5 wrote

Basically, yes. I had applied for over 50 jobs and only three of them called me for an interview including ones like McDonald’s, CSLLC, and gas stations. Even entry-level basic ass jobs are doing that shit nowadays


mrd247 OP t1_j510wim wrote

Wow I opened a can of beans but obviously there is a huge problem in Springfield with pay like there always has been, and possibly the influx of people from other states infuencing the local job market and hiring processes.And when people say Springfield has a low cost of living..... compared to LA yeah but I was stationed in Tx I could for example get a job there paying 10k or more than the same job here, with a lower cost of living!


kellsybellsy t1_j51zo62 wrote

Remote work is where it’s at. I’ll never work for a Springfield-based company again cause they all get away with paying shit.


qdrllpd t1_j53hgpi wrote

how the hell do you get into that?


lightsrage85 t1_j5ffn91 wrote

I haven't found a job either. but I think it has to do with my disability they don't like to hire the blind around here it seems. I called cta and they never called me back. I called them they said they liked me but surely did not act like it. I am so frustrated. I want to move out of hud. and with no job I can't. If i could find a house me and my bf and a friend could move into for say seven hundred a month that would be great. the only other problem is that we are in a credit report crunch. so yeah. I need to pay bills and get that straight. and I cant exactly work remotely from here because of noise in the hallway and my modem is stuck in my bedroom so I gotta use wifi to connect to the net and some jobs want you to direct line to the net. yeah I need a job bad.


lightsrage85 t1_j5fgm3d wrote

I live on social security i get less than 1k a month I want call center work. I have experience in it. preferably something from home where access express cant say well we cant get you to work today that way I don't get written up for missing work. I can work from home and wont be absent for stupid reasons that are out of my control.Yeah I missed work once due to para transit not running for a quarter ench of snow once. yep life sucks and I got a write up. I don't know what they expected me to do cabs werent running or anything that morning. SSo yeah. disabled people love remote work. I tried zip recruter and they give me jobs in wi indeed just well yeah and career builder gives me scams and other things like that.


nuts316 t1_j5oyzsg wrote

Coke and Pepsi both start $20 and up


RayMan89477 t1_j4xzh62 wrote

Jobs are not hard to find. Look down the street. Signal gas station hiring, Wendy's, Cheddars, Bass Pro shops, mowing yard businesses, any quick lube tire shop is hiring like Big O. Hospitals are hiring for maintenance and floor care but that takes a month to finally start. Delivery driver for pizza, Habitat restore is hiring. Those are just a few off the top of my head I know are hiring.


Imactuallyadogg t1_j4ygd9j wrote

Have you tried selling meth? Lots of people in the area make great money doing that.


daleearn t1_j4yjv4g wrote

Probably can only find one that requires showing up everyday and working You looking for one that you just get paid for not doing anything? You can try giving Plasma!