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nickcash t1_j5ddqry wrote

I understand all the words you are saying, but the phrase "shrek rave" simply does not parse for me


nickcash t1_j5hsqpd wrote

wait what I meant to say was "sounds the the shrek rave is all ogre now"


four_q t1_j5ce82s wrote

Yes :-( they dont have a liquor license yet


helloporator t1_j5cpf7s wrote

Outland still doesn’t have a liquor license lol They’ve canceled a lot of the drag shows there too


Punnchy t1_j5fdukv wrote

Outland lost it's liquor license and i found out by a post about raves? First the drunken monkey, what's going on?


Individual-Crow5080 t1_j5fsriu wrote

What happened to The Drunken Monkey?


Punnchy t1_j5gq9hr wrote

They said sometime late last year they where no longer serving alcohol on the fb page.


Dbol504 t1_j5kp8gx wrote

Yeah, they were sharing with Hour House and lost it when the liquor control found out. Hour House has had their license for months now, not sure what Odyssey's problem is.


Dbol504 t1_j5czrhr wrote

Yeah. They need to find a new venue for edm stuff. Odessy’s sound system sucks. The lsdream show at the venue at sunset and Kansas was awesome. They should do more there.


helloporator t1_j5e9ukn wrote

Classic rock? They host cop lunches so I don’t love giving them my money lol


Dbol504 t1_j5fswon wrote

Whatever you do don't call those nasty cops the next time your house gets burgled or you get assaulted.


helloporator t1_j5ft202 wrote

I won’t because the last time it happened they didn’t doshit about it! Need some ketchup on the side for licking those boots?


StrongPlan3 t1_j5feinf wrote

Dude, when the fuck was lsdream here???

Liquid stranger at the riff was tight but he travels with his pk sound system


Dbol504 t1_j5fpnmk wrote

Oop got them mixed up. I meant Liquid. On that note I wish we had a better promoter for this town than Johan. We should get some better acts more often and no one seems to even try.


StrongPlan3 t1_j5fq96l wrote

I think Springfield could definitely pull any artist on a tour that brought them to KC or st Louis and there's definitely enough of a demand for it. If a place had a nice sound system and some decent screens I would pay a decent amount of money to see them.


Preston-C123 t1_j5cbtyl wrote

Wait for real? That's quite a bummer..


Dawnydiesel t1_j5f9qhr wrote

I would totally go to a Shrek rave.


JathanC t1_j5fitks wrote

Op I’m sorry but I would love to hear if you find out when and where this shrek rave is, I would be forever in your debt.