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bobone77 t1_j5w017u wrote

Sorry OP, you’re either disingenuous, or not smart enough to see what this bill doesn’t do. It allows stock and security trading through a blind trust, except, we all know that people who are fine with insider trading aren’t going to play by those rules. This whole bill is designed for one thing, “owning the libs,” which it doesn’t do, because even a cursory reading reveals it to be utter garbage, and not capable of preventing the most basic corruption. Pair that with the fact that Hawley is a seditious piece of shit, and you have a recipe for…absolutely nothing of consequence.


turbulance4 OP t1_j5w0gjf wrote

The previous bill sponsored by the Dems (text) also had carve outs for a "blind trust." What else did your cursory reading tell you that it is utter garbage?


bobone77 t1_j5wbyko wrote

Why do you think both bills can’t be garbage?


turbulance4 OP t1_j5wdbo0 wrote

Previously you said:

> This whole bill is designed for one thing, “owning the libs,”

So do you also think the previous bill was designed to "own the Republicans"?


bobone77 t1_j5wdxuq wrote

That statement is clearly just referring to this particular bill, by the shit stain Hawley. Look at the name of the bill. You can’t possibly make the case that “owning the libs” isn’t the point. The previous bill was performative though. Make an attempt to look like you’re trying to curb corruption without really doing anything. I’m not going to reply all night. Contribute to the conversation by asking interesting questions or don’t expect a response.