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Wolf_of_Westmarch t1_j69qm6t wrote

*Insert rant about Skateport and how great it used to be*

Yeah, Skateland is all that's left.


AutomaticPi1 t1_j69rsbw wrote

As others have said, Skateland on S. Campbell past James River Freeway is it. I'd like if we could get another one back, though. I've had to miss the adult skate nights on weekends because of lack of parking - and unless they changed something, you can't just go and park early because the kids' skate is before that and all the spots will be full from that. So it would be nice to have options for places to go and skate.


elaborate_hoxha t1_j69tqym wrote

There’s Skateland in Webb City and Skate World in Branson. RIP Skate Port and Skate Corral.


MartonianJ t1_j69u4hi wrote

I had a few birthday parties at Skate Corral when I was a kid. I still refer to certain types of music as “Skate Corral music.” The song “Tootsee Roll” is one.


kentfrostphoto t1_j6d7sgf wrote

lol Skate Corral tried to be “Roller City” for a short while before it finally closed.


[deleted] t1_j6aj2my wrote



jonjonjay t1_j6dp8wu wrote

Between Nixa and Springfield? It's in Springfield and no it's not closed


Soon2beBrideMelisa t1_j6cvm24 wrote

Springfield skate land I go there all the time nice place