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elaborate_hoxha t1_j69tqym wrote

There’s Skateland in Webb City and Skate World in Branson. RIP Skate Port and Skate Corral.


MartonianJ t1_j69u4hi wrote

I had a few birthday parties at Skate Corral when I was a kid. I still refer to certain types of music as “Skate Corral music.” The song “Tootsee Roll” is one.


kentfrostphoto t1_j6d7sgf wrote

lol Skate Corral tried to be “Roller City” for a short while before it finally closed.


[deleted] t1_j6aj2my wrote



jonjonjay t1_j6dp8wu wrote

Between Nixa and Springfield? It's in Springfield and no it's not closed